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    Prefab houses: 7 inspirations to build yours

    Prefab houses: 7 inspirations to build yours

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 28, 2022 | News |

    As prefab houses are indicated for those people who are concerned with economic alternatives, but also with issues related to the environment.

    In most cases, they can be found in different types of materials and formats. One of the main advantages is the assembly system in modules, since they allow the creation of projects that are more in line with the customer's profile. 

    Manufactured with bricks, wood, concrete, prefabricated houses contain a high standard and are quite safe. After all, they are developed with a plan focused on improved energy efficiency. 

    This means that the idea is based on several aspects. Among the most common are: insulation and thermal heating, capture and use of rainwater, among others.

    This type of property contains simpler and more modern options. The construction process is less stressful than conventional alternatives as it can be completed quickly. 

    From now on, we will explain what are the benefits of prefab houses. You will also know several models to serve as inspiration when building your own. 

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    Is it worth investing in prefab houses? 

    Yes. There are several reasons why you should invest in prefab homes:

    • The materials sent in precise sizes and quantities ensure more productivity for the construction, in addition to the labor being more economical;
    • Safety of materials against damage caused by natural phenomena, including against theft;
    • The artifices, technicians and assemblers make up the same team. This facilitates the control of all construction details, such as: quality, durability and comfort;
    • It is not necessary to budget for materials and construction in isolation. All are made on a single budget, ensuring more control;
    • It never hurts to remember that it is possible to find cheap prefabricated houses. Therefore, it is worth knowing which models are available.

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    What are the best prefab homes? 

    From now on, we have developed a list of several prefabricated houses, explaining how they work, positive points, measurements, among other issues. 

    1. Rio de Janeiro Model House in autoclave pine

    The total area of ​​this property is 150m². With a 15-year warranty against termites, the durability of autoclave pine wood can exceed 70 years. 

    One of the main advantages of this house is that it has two floors. The ground floor has the following measures:

    • Suite 1: 4,33 x 4,24; 
    • BWC suite: 1,24 x 2,30; 
    • I will wash: 1,29 x 1,44; 
    • Service area: 1,29 x 2,00; 
    • Kitchen: 2,33 x 3,24; 
    • 1,80 x 2,62 ladder; 
    • Dining room: 3,43 x 2,47; 
    • Living room: 6,30 x 3,47; 
    • Garage: 2,70 x 7,60;
    • Servants: 2,40 x 2,50.

    The upper part has the following measures:

    • Suite 2: 4,40 x 4,40; 
    • Suite 2 balcony: 1,27 x 2,99; 
    • Suite BWC: 1,23 x 2,24; 
    • Mezzanine room: 3,00 x 2,35; 
    • Master suite measuring 3,50 x 3,71; 
    • Master Suite BWC: 1,29 x 2,29; 
    • Master suite closet: 1,65 x 2,29;
    • Mezzanine 2,64 x 2,63. 

    2. Camboriú beach style house

    Prefab houses: 7 inspirations to build yours

    The total area of ​​the property is 111,76m². To give you an idea, the internal area has 101,60 m², while the external area has 10,16 m² of external area. 

    The prefab wooden house can also be found with autoclave pine or angelim stone materials. The footage is 7,17 x 8,22. See below for prices for other rooms in the house:

    • 1,50 x 717 balcony; 
    • 1,35 x 4,00 balcony; 
    • Suite room with 3,65 x 3,70; 
    • BWC of the suite with 1,33 x 2,83; 
    • Closet de 3,04 x 2,40; 
    • Bedroom 2 with 3,04 x 2,99; 
    • Private room of 2,98 x 2,46; 
    • Kitchen measuring 2,85 x 2,37; 
    • Social BWC with 1,33 x 2,83;
    • Room of 3,49 x 7,05. 

    3. Wooden board model kit

    The next option on our list has a total area of ​​30m². The house has two bedrooms, living room and kitchen and BWC. The kit consists of the following elements:

    • Male and female fitting partitions;
    • Right foot with H, T, L, U fitting;
    • Lining;
    • Lining battens;
    • Roofing rafters;
    • Clay tile batten;
    • Half scene for finishing the lining;
    • footers;
    • Wood for garage and balcony;
    • Lining for the eaves of the roof;
    • Lining for the garage and balcony. 

    It is essential to make it clear that there are optional items available:

    • Floor;
    • Internal semi-hollow angelim doors with frame and view of Cambará;
    • Cedar external door and cedar view;
    • Sliding cedar windows, without shutters and with cedar views. 

    In the list of available woods, there are: natural pine; autoclave pine; Cambará and Angelim.

    4. Prefabricated house model Alto São Bento

    The internal area of ​​the pre-molded house has 37,40 m². In the external area, the value is 3,40 m², with a total of 40,80 m². 

    The property is made of natural pine wood; autoclave pine; Cambará or Angelim Pedra. There are four rooms available:

    • Quarter of 3,27 x 2,95; 
    • Kitchen measuring 1,75 x 2,70; 
    • 1,20 x 1,84 BWC;
    • Room with 3,35 x 4,89.

    5. Prefabricated house with a total area of ​​21,00m²

    Prefab houses: 7 inspirations to build yours

    Popularly called the Ilhota model, the property is made of Cambará wood, natural pine, autoclaved pine or angelim stone. See below the footage of the property:

    • House: 7,00 x 3,00;
    • Kitchen: 2,94 x 2,88;
    • BWC: 1,25;
    • Quarto: 2,44 x 2,88.

    6. Masonry prefabricated house: functional design in structural masonry

    The hidden roof and modern architecture are the main features of this property. The house is compact and functional, with 142,00 m². The American kitchen is associated with the dining room. 

    You also have a sliding garage door, which transforms into a spacious ballroom. In addition, there is a suite with dressing room; 2 bedrooms; social BWC; laundry room with access to an internal garden and 2-car garage.

    7. Itapoá model prefabricated house

    If you are looking for prefab wooden house, the next option is a great alternative. 

    Property with 48.00m² of internal area. The external area has 9.00m², with a total of 57,00m². 

    The house was made with four types of wood: cambará, angelim stone, natural pine or autoclave pine. See the footage of the house below:

    • House: 6,00 x 5,00; 
    • Servants: 1,50 x 6,00; 
    • Quarto: 3,00 x 6,00;
    • Living room and kitchen: 6,00 x 5,00.

    In the property, there is also a bathroom adaptable by the consumer at the back. 

    Before starting the process of building prefabricated houses, it is essential to research all the details about the builder.

    At this moment, it is worth understanding better the time of existence in the market, in addition to the opinion of customers on social networks and on websites, such as Reclame Aqui. 

    An interesting tip is to visit houses that have already been created by the construction company and ask questions related to deadlines, supervision and quality of service. 

    You should also do other types of verification:

    • If the builder only supplies the kit or the ready-made house;
    • Whether the company has responsibility for assemblers and contractors;
    • List of materials that are part of the project;
    • Whether the value is provided based on m² of covered area or built-up area;
    • What are the guarantees provided by the builder. 

    Last but not least, it is worth seeking help from an architect so that the professional can answer your main questions about prefabricated houses.

    Prefab houses price: what is the value?  

    The values ​​of prefabricated houses vary from state to state, and can be found with a minimum price from R$20.000,00 to R$110.000,00. 

    In addition, the value may vary depending on the size of the house, type of material, workmanship, house standard and finishes. In this scenario, remember to research the values ​​to find the best alternative for your profile and your pocket. 


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