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    Million cashback: how to participate in the Magalu promotion?

    Million cashback: how to participate in the Magalu promotion?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 27, 2022 | News |

    Cashback of the million is a promotion carried out by Magalu where participants will compete for weekly prizes of 100 thousand reais and a grand prize of 1 million reais in the final draw.

    How to participate in the million cashback?

    To participate in the promotion you must purchase any participating product on Magalu between 05/09/2022 and 30/11/2022. After purchasing, you must activate your MagaluPay digital wallet account on SuperApp Magalu.

    Activation of the MagaluPay account is mandatory as all prizes from the Cashback do Milhão promotion will be delivered in credit to the MagaluPay digital wallet.

    Million cashback: how to participate in the Magalu promotion?

    How to activate your MagaluPay digital wallet

    1. Open the Magalu SuperApp and tap on the MagaluPay item – Activate your account

    2. Tap on “Enter your email or CPF” and your CPF number

    3. Enter the password and tap Continue;

    4. Select the option “Activate my free account”;

    5. Enter your phone number and tap “Send SMS”;

    6. Enter the code you received by SMS.

    You can participate as many times as you like. Once payment has been confirmed for your purchase, you will be able to participate in all sweepstakes. If you have already purchased products on Magalu and won lucky numbers, make sure you have activated your MagaluPay wallet, because if you are drawn and do not have the wallet activated, you will not receive the prize.

    You also need to keep your personal data valid and updated on Magalu, as they will be used to identify and locate each winner of the promotion and consequent delivery of the prize. If your details are incorrect and it is not possible to contact you if you are the winner, you will forfeit the prize.

    How the Million Cashback promotion works

    You buy products on Magalu and each one becomes a lucky number. The more products you buy, the more number you get and the more chances you have to win. It is important to be aware when making the purchase because the CPF registered in the MagaluPay digital wallet must be the same used for the purchase.

    Increase your chances to win

    You can increase your chances of winning Cashback do Milhões by purchasing products from Magalu's partner brands. When accessing the Magalu SuperApp you will find stamps participating in the products and these stamps have information on how many more lucky numbers you get when you buy the product.

    Brands such as Samsung, Multilaser, Arno, Brastemp, Consul among others are participating.

    Million cashback: how to participate in the Magalu promotion?

    You can also increase your chances by being a Gold Customer, where with each order you get another lucky number. When making payments with the Luiza Card, Magalu Card or MagaluPay you get another lucky number for each order.

    And if you buy in a physical store or directly with a cell phone salesperson, you get 3 more lucky numbers for each order.

    Million cashback: how to participate in the Magalu promotion?

    Regardless of how many lucky numbers you have, you can only win each prize once. That is, if you win the prize of 100 thousand reais on 29/09/2022, you will no longer compete for the prizes of 100 thousand reais, but you can still compete for the prize of 1 million reais on the 08/12/2022.

    When will the raffles be

    The draws will be held weekly from the 15/09/2022. The prizes of 100 thousand reais of the cashback of the million will be drawn on the days:

    • 15/09/2022

    • 22/09/2022

    • 29/09/2022

    • 06/10/2022

    • 13/10/2022

    • 20/10/2022

    • 27/10/2022

    • 03/11/2022

    • 10/11/2022

    • 17/11/2022

    • 24/11/2022

    The 1 million reais prize draw will be held on 08/12/2022.

    The draw will be based on the result of the federal lottery, as provided for in the regulation. All numbers drawn and their respective winners will be informed on the promotion's official website within 10 working days after each draw.

    To know more details about the operation of the promotion, which products are part of and all the rules of the promotion, it is very important that you read the regulation.

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