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    Photo Slimming App: Best Editors (Updated)

    It is possible to lose weight in photos with the help of applications and editors that have options such as reshaping, slimming the body, making the waist slim and the belly flat. In smartphone app stores the options are vast with numerous features to edit every inch you want.

    Some are easier to use, others require the user to have more skills to get a more real result. There are also apps that only have the function of looking thinner in photos, without any extra functionality, which makes the process easier for those who use them.

    Discover below nine options of editors that allow you to lose weight in photos, available for Android and iOS.


    • Perfect me
    • Body Tune
    • Retouch Me
    • Fotogenic: Photo editor
    • Cymera
    • AirBrush – Photo Editor
    • Hotune – Body and Face Editor
    • Body Shape Editor
    • Body Editor
    • Photo and Selfie Editor
    • Photo Editor - Montage

    Perfect me

    The app Perfect me is one of the favorite editors for slimming photos. In addition, the application makes it possible to make the person in the image look taller, but it is important to note that the exaggerated use of the slimming function can leave some details of the image distorted and thus the use of the editor is noticeable, so be careful!

    It also allows the user to make adjustments to the skin tone, reshape the body shape and face details, such as nose, mouth and eyes, for example, in addition to adding details to the skin, such as a tattoo.

    The app provides the main functions in the free version, which ensures that the user makes several changes to their photos. However, Perfect Me also has paid features that guarantee better results for editing.

    Perfect me is available for:

    Android iOS

    Body Tune

    Body Tune is one of the editors that allows the user to change only body details. The app offers the option to slim the waist, make the person taller, change the size of the breasts and buttocks, change the skin tone and even change the angle of the image.

    However, the editor functions only work optimally on images captured with the subject's body facing all the way to the front. Otherwise, the adjustments to the body will be very distorted and the image will look distorted.

    Body Tune is available for:

    Android iOS

    Retouch Me

    O Retouch Me allows the user to make body adjustments to already captured images. The app has tools to reshape the belly, face, add makeup and accessories to the image.

    Although it is one of the apps that gives the most real results, since the image goes for analysis and is modified by the editor, almost all its functions are paid.

    Retouch Me is available for:

    Android iOS

    Fotogenic: Photo editor

    Fotogenic has the options “thinner” and “beauty”, to lose weight in photos. In them are available body transformations such as making the waist thinner, making the abdomen defined, increasing height, whitening teeth and even softening the marks on the face.

    Although Fotogenic has several tools for slimming photos, many of them are only available in the paid version of the app. Even so, it is already possible to make some changes using the free editor.

    Fotogenic: Photo editor is available for:

    Android iOS


    The Cymera application has the beauty option, in which the user can thin the waist, reshape the breasts, make the legs more defined and even appear taller in the image. This is another photo editor that is quite complete with functions that allow the user to edit the tonality, saturation, contrast and other details of the image.

    Cymera is available for:

    Android iOS

    AirBrush – Photo Editor

    In AirBrush it is possible to reshape the body, which makes the waist thinner and gives a slimming aspect to the image. With it, the user can modify the tone of the images, resize them, make the skin uniform, whiten teeth and even brighten the look.

    AirBrush – Photo Editor is available for:

    Android iOS

    Hotune – Body and Face Editor

    In addition to providing the user with “lose weight” in the photo, the hotune app also has tools that help you increase your breasts, reduce your waist, stretch your legs and even put tattoos – a complete app!

    Hotune – Face and body editor face appis available for:


    Body Shape Editor

    This app is a body enhancer, allowing many touch-ups and the way you prefer. Besides, it's an excellent photo editor that allows you to cut, decorate and mix photos.

    Body Shape Editor – Skin Color Change is available for:


    Body Editor

    With Body Editor user can change body shape easily. That's because the only functions available in the app are to change details of the face, adjust the waist and modify the size of the breasts and buttocks, in addition to changing the hair, height and even adding tattoos to the skin.

    Body Editor is available for:


    Photo and Selfie Editor

    Photo and Selfie Editor is a very complete app. With it, the user can change the image's lighting, saturation, contrast, make skin retouches, enlarge the eyes, add makeup and even look thinner and taller.

    A differential of it to the other applications is that in it the entire image is reduced to create the slimming effect. Thus, the effect is somewhat compromised.

    Photo and selfie editor is available for:


    Photo Editor - Montage

    The Photo Editor also allows the user to transform the body shape. It is possible to thin the waist, change the size of the breasts and buttocks, make muscles more apparent and even modify details of the face. In the editor's “body” function, it is also possible to add tattoos to the skin and place accessories such as glasses and necklaces.

    Photo Editor – Photo Montage and Collage  is available for:


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