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    3×4 photo app: which are the best to use?

    3×4 photo app: which are the best to use?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 20, 2022 | Technology |

    3×4 photos are in great demand, whether to be hired on a job, present some document, register in several places, create cards or request documents.

    So it's always good to meet someone 3×4 photo app.

    Many people, when they need this type of photo or a similar size, usually go to stores that perform this type of service.

    However, you can take the photo at the proper size yourself with your own cell phone.

    Among the 3×4 photo app options, we have some for iOS devices available on the App Store, others for Android devices, available on the Play Store and even options that are compatible with both systems.

    To make your life easier, we've put together a list with some 3×4 photo app suggestions that are easy and practical to use, check them out below.

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    3×4 photo app: The best options for you

    1. Passport and identification photographer – ID Photo

    Our first indication of a 3×4 photo app is for users of mobile devices with Android system.

    The Passport and ID Photographer – ID Photo app is available for download from the Play Store virtual store. 

    This program stands out for being one of the most complete when it comes to 3×4 photos.

    The app supports documentation from different and different countries in the world, not just our country.

    When selecting the document for which the photo will be, the application itself will automatically set the size. 

    With this 3×4 photo app, you can upload media directly from your phone gallery or snap a photo right away to use in your document.

    You will still have access to editing tools, being able to remove the background of the image, but this is a paid option of the application.

    Before sending it to the printer and printing the image, you can select more than one photo and program it to print various sizes of paper on the page.

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    2. Photo 3×4

    Users of iPhone devices or others with iOS system are not left out, and our second recommendation for a 3×4 photo app is for them.

    Available on the App Store app store, you have the option of the Foto 3×4 app, one of the best on the market.

    If you want a simple and more basic but effective 3×4 photo app, then this is the best option.

    With it, the user can generate a photo with an image by taking photos directly with the camera and distributing them on a sheet in the app itself, which supports up to eight images, then just send it to print and highlight each one. 

    Another feature that Foto 3×4 has is the possibility of creating an image with the size 10×15, in addition to the 3×4 format.

    To print this version, you can send it via e-mail to print directly from your computer, or print it on devices available with AirPrint.

    Although this app is mostly used on iOS devices, there is also a version for Android phones, which you can download from the Google Play Store if you're interested.

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    3. Photo for Documents

    Photo for Documents is another 3×4 photo app option aimed at users of devices with Android system and that can be downloaded from Google's online application store, the Play Store.

    Although it is very popular, this application is quite simple and only fulfills its primary function, but excellently.

    To make your photo 3×4, the user can choose and send an image that is already in their gallery or take a new photo on the spot.

    With this, it is also possible to specify the size of the photo, which can be changed according to the document that the photo would be attached to, for example.

    If you have a printer connected directly to the network, you can print the page with your photo through the application in just a few steps, without having to send it to your computer in advance.

    In addition, Photo for Documents also has some basic editing tools.

    It is a free 3×4 photo app. 

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    4. ID Photo-Passport Photo maker

    Last but not least on our list of recommended 3×4 photo apps, we have one more available on the App Store, for iOS users.

    ID Photo Passport Photo Maker is very basic and simple, but very efficient when it comes to creating a 3×4 photo.

    The tool has a filter to correct some details, as well as other additional features for you to make your photo perfect.

    The 3×4 photo app also has the possibility to add stickers that have the shape of clothes, so you can edit and transform a more informal photo into a more formal one. 

    Despite being free, you can also use the application to change the background of the image, depending on the purpose of the photo, in addition to being able to leave it without a background, being one of the best among 3×4 photo apps.

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    Tips for taking a good 3×4 photo

    Now that you have some 3×4 photo app options, you also need to know how to take a good photo, as some care needs to be taken.

    To help you take a proper photo, we have separated some tips that can be very useful to have a good 3×4 photo.

    Check below:


    Always try to have a more closed clothing, such as a blouse without a neckline, t-shirt or jacket.

    Normally, the background of the image is light.

    So for greater contrast, also wear darker clothes, like black, gray or brown, for example.


    It's important to keep your neck normal, don't stretch it too much and don't lift your chin, keep it straight, as well as your spine, so you don't get a hunchback in the photo.

    Don't make a smile too big, although a slight smile can be indicated and fit well in the photo.

    However, some agencies end up not allowing a smiling photo, so inform yourself in advance.


    A tip that can be excellent is to use a compact powder or a foundation, this ends up preventing your skin from shining, especially for those who have oily skin, this being valid for both men and women.

    If you want to wear more makeup, look for lighter shades, preferably in the skin tone, avoiding brightly colored lipsticks and eyeshadows. 

    hair and beard

    If you have long hair, be careful that it doesn't end up covering your face.

    Always try to leave it behind your ear or secure it with something, thus leaving it in a more rounded shape and showing your entire face.

    Before the photo, try to leave your beard trimmed, in the format you use daily, so that it doesn't differ too much over time.


    The camera needs to be fixed so the image doesn't come out shaking, so use a tripod or gimbal, thus having a fixed base.

    Your face has to be well defined, so test the camera ahead of time to find the correct distance.

    Furthermore, the camera needs to be of good quality. So don't use any cell phone or camera, find one with good quality. 


    Always try to have a completely white background, if not, use one that is as light as possible, never use a background with a dark tone.


    Your face cannot be shadowed and must always be well highlighted and sharp.

    So, take the photo in a bright environment and know how to use the flash, since if it is misused, it can make your face dark. 

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