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    Party hairstyles: 50 models to inspire and rock

    Party hairstyles: 50 models to inspire and rock

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 31, 2022 | News |

    Check out the 50 party hairstyles that we separate for you to rock! Get inspired by these models below and choose the one that best suits your style and look of the day.

    Hairstyles are an easier way to change your look without necessarily making big changes to your hair length. Regardless of the type of hair, volume or size, we can give a look up with simple details.

    In this text we will try to focus on party hairstyles, from the neatest to the simplest. Long hair, short hair, fastened with accessories, choose what your type is. Now on to the inspirations!

    Party hairstyles: Bride

    The wedding ceremony is an unforgettable moment for both those who marry and those who attend. But it is also an event that requires a more careful preparation of the look.

    Guests should dress in a more formal way and the bride needs to think about several details for that day, as she will be the main piece of this event.

    Choosing the ideal dress, shoes, makeup and hairstyle are part of the super production for that day. In this text we will help you to look stunning with some of the most coveted hairstyles by brides.

    It is important to remember that the bride needs to be elegant, but not extravagant. So remember not to overdo the production of makeup and hair, because ideally, it looks as natural as possible.

    The detail that we must pay attention to is for the good fixation of makeup and hair, so that it remains intact for as long as possible during the ceremony and the party.

    We separate some examples of looser and more relaxed buns, others more defined and some types of braids most used for brides. You may notice that the accessories are highlighted for the brides.

    Brilliant tiaras, or with a simpler style are some of the possibilities with accessories. For braids and looser hair, we have the option of adding embellishments that refer to flower arrangements or bright spots of light. It all depends on the style that the bride prefers to adhere to.

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    Party hairstyles: bridesmaids

    As per the above mentioned, the wedding guests also need to be dressed up for the party with the proper attire. In this case, the bridesmaids must be even more stunning.

    The bridesmaids were chosen by the bride and groom to attend the wedding in a special way and they need to buy the dress according to the criteria established by the bride. Then, from the analysis of your outfit, you check which hairstyle matches your look.

    We separate some semi-updo hairstyle options and others with a bun. Check it out in the image below.

    Party hairstyles: 15 years and graduation

    Occasions such as a 15th birthday party or a graduation call for a more glamorous and at the same time modern style. If you are a debutante or are about to graduate from your university course, keep an eye out for the tips in this item.

    These are some of the hairstyles chosen by young people to highlight their curls and give their hair more volume. Buns with braids are also bolder options for those who like a more differentiated style.

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    Party hairstyles: Birthdays and more informal events

    Here you will find in general which hairstyles can be used in the most common situations. Unlike weddings, graduations or 15th birthday parties, we will offer you options on how to look stylish at more relaxed events.

    Social gatherings at work, between friends or with a crush ask for an extra flair in the look and that's why we've separated examples of hairstyles that are easy to reproduce.

    Curly or afro hair

    Unfortunately when we look for hair inspirations in the media we see a pattern aimed at models with straightened locks.

    But, if you have afro or curly hair and want to upgrade your look, we are going to show you some inspirations to enhance your beauty, without having to surrender to the use of chemical products.

    There are braids, buns and so many other ways to innovate the look, which go beyond the classic black.

    Come check out the various options we reserve for all types of hair. Get inspired by these photos and choose the one that best reflects your style. Check out the numerous accessories that can be used to compose your look.

    Hair accessories: Bandana and scarves

    There are numerous types of possible ties to create different hairstyles with the same accessory. The bandana is an item that was used a lot in the 70s, but nowadays it gains a lot of strength in casual looks.

    Hair accessories: Stylish embellishments

    Hair clips, bobby pins, bows and tiaras are also trendy accessories. These embellishments are used to complete the look and show style.

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    Now that you've checked out all these types of party hairstyles The time has come to show your style on any occasion. When you're called to an event, you'll have no more doubts about how to rock the look and locks.

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