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    Giveaways on Instagram: How to make a successful giveaway?

    Giveaways on Instagram: How to make a successful giveaway?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 10, 2022 | Instagram | 8

    You've certainly participated or been tagged by a friend in giveaways on instagram. This type of action is extremely common on the social network and is part of the marketing strategy of many businesses.

    The intention, almost always, is to publicize the brand and attract followers to the profile. And it usually works. With more than 1 billion users, there is no entrepreneur who doesn't see great advertising potential on Instagram.

    The fact is, with so many people using this social network, there is also a lot of content being produced. This makes the competition for users' attention fierce. One way to get ahead is by offering something to attract the public.

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    Given this, promotions and sweepstakes emerge as a great option. Mainly, because they tend to have a low investment, with a large and fast return.

    Despite these advantages, it is not possible to do this type of action in any way. It is necessary to think strategically and in the long term. All to ensure that your draw will bring the expected results and not a huge headache.

    Why do giveaways on Instagram?

    A sweepstakes is a marketing action carried out by companies, in which one or more participants receive a prize. To participate in the draw, it is necessary to fulfill a series of requirements or rules.

    On Instagram, sweepstakes work like offline promotions, where you deposit a coupon in an urn. The difference is that who will draw the winner is an application. For those who participate, the benefit is the possibility of receiving a product or service for free.

    For those who promote giveaways on Instagram, it can mean benefits such as:

    • Increase number of followers
    • Increase in engagement rates
    • Growing the base of people interested in what the business has to offer

    However, for all this to happen, some care must be taken when promoting the draw. So, to help you, here are some important steps and points of attention you need to have when promoting Instagram giveaways.

    How to do giveaways on Instagram?

    If you're thinking about doing a giveaway for your followers, it's important to know that there are a few steps you'll need to take to be successful with this action. Check out some tips to boost this digital marketing strategy.

    1. Define your objective

    The first step is to identify and be very clear about what you hope to achieve with the Instagram giveaway. Start your planning by defining what kind of return you want and need this action to generate. This will help you know what to do in the next steps.

    Some common goals are:

    • Increase number of followers;
    • Generate engagement;
    • Promote a product or service;
    • Capture leads.

    It is important to note that one objective does not exclude the others. You can, in the same action, achieve more than one type of positive result.

    2. Set the prize

    This is probably where brands make the most mistakes when promoting giveaways on Instagram. This is because, when having the idea of ​​giving away something, we usually think about what people are interested in winning and things that can attract a large audience.

    The point is that if you have a bakery and you do a giveaway for an iPhone, for example, you will attract people interested in the cell phone and not necessarily your sweets. If you expect your giveaway to generate future results, not just likes, the ideal is to give away a product of yours or something that is directly related to your business.

    By doing this, you can know that the people participating in the promotion have an interest in your business.

    3. Set the rules

    When launching a sweepstakes, it is very important that you have all the rules well defined. Here, it is important to recover the goals you set at the beginning. For example, if you want more followers, one of the rules should be that participants follow your profile.

    Here are some examples of rules you can adhere to:

    • Follow your profile: this is one of the most basic and even indispensable rules. Asking the user to follow you should undoubtedly be the first rule in an Instagram giveaway. You can also ask them to follow your Facebook page, for example;
    • Like the post: if one of your goals is to get engagement, nothing is fairer than asking participants to like the publication of the draw;
    • Tag a friend in the comments: this is an excellent rule to help you spread your giveaway even more. A tip is to add to the regulation that fake or famous profiles will be disqualified;
    • Answer a question: this is a rule that helps a lot in the engagement of your post. Also, depending on the question you ask, it can be a great source of social proof for your business;
    • Leave an email or contact: this is one of the rules we consider most important. The idea is that the participant leaves you an e-mail or contact phone number, preferably a cell phone. You will understand in the next steps why we give so much importance to this requirement.

    Describe each of the rules and make it clear what can happen if the person drawn is not following any of them. It is also important to make it clear how many people will be awarded and how the award will be given.

    Also explain how the contact with the winner will be. Preferably, already inform which profile, phone or email you will use to contact him. This prevents criminals from trying to apply some kind of scam by impersonating you.

    4. Follow the rules

    Participants in your Instagram giveaway aren't the only ones who must follow rules. You should too.

    From Instagram

    Instagram itself has a guide with guidelines you should follow to create a giveaway. Generally speaking, you are required to release Instagram from any liability related to your promotion.

    For this, when creating the regulation of your giveaway, one option is to insert an excerpt stating that Instagram has no connection with it. Therefore, in addition to the text of your giveaway, you need to enter the text for the giveaway on Instagram,

    A possible model for this is:

    As per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered or associated with Instagram. By entering, participants confirm that they are over 13 years of age, release Instagram from liability, and agree to Instagram's terms of use.

    It is also advised that its rules do not lead users to inappropriately mark content. For example, asking participants to tag themselves in photos they don't appear in.

    from the federal government

    A lot of people skip this part, but we couldn't forget about it. To avoid problems such as fines and even loss of your Instagram account, if any competitor reports you, you need to ask for authorization from the Federal Government to carry out your draw.

    For this, it is necessary to request an authorization from the Ministry of Economy. This can be done through the website of the Secretariat for the Evaluation of Public Policies, Planning, Energy and Lottery – SECAP. You will have to pay a fee, which varies according to the value of the prize, and be accountable at the end of the action.

    5. Share the giveaways on Instagram

    With all that in place, it's time to start promoting your promotion. There are two ways to do this.

    You can let things flow organically or invest in ads to reach even more people. Around here, our tip is always that you don't be held hostage by organic reach and set aside a budget for ads. For sure, your draw will bring even better results.

    One tip is to use a flashy image to promote your business. If you don't have a designer at your company, sites like Canva are great for helping you create an image. Create an “Official” image of your giveaway.

    6. Turn your Instagram giveaways into an event

    In our opinion, it is not enough just to disclose the result of the draw. It is necessary to turn the process of defining the winner into an event. This is a tip that we consider extremely relevant.

    Because it's an online promotion, you can leave a live scheduled to do the draw. The idea is to make participants interact with you at that moment, with the aim of promoting more engagement on your profile. In addition, this action helps to make your draw transparent and shows that there was no fraud in choosing the winner.

    7. Deliver the prize

    An important point is also the delivery of the prize. It can generate excellent social proof for your business and can turn the winner into a “promoter” of your brand. Therefore, be concerned about the experience that the winner will have upon receiving the product. Another tip is to document and publicize this process.

    draw">8. After the draw

    The time has come for you to understand why we recommend adding as a rule that the participant informs an email or telephone number.

    The idea is that when your giveaway ends, you can still reap the rewards. Considering that you chose a product of your business as a prize, the people who participated in the Instagram giveaway are potential customers for your business.

    That way, using the email rule, you'll be able to keep in touch with these people and offer a special condition for them to buy from you. For those who didn't win, you can, for example, send an email with the title “You also won” and in the content offer a discount coupon.

    And not only that, you can also use contact information to create custom audiences and reach those people through ads. This, for us, should be the main objective of your Instagram giveaway: build a list of people interested in what you want to sell.

    With this, your draw does not end when the prize is delivered. You will spend a long time being able to connect with participants through your sales funnel.

    9. Measure from creeping

    As with any marketing action, a good idea at the end of the process is that you measure the results and evaluate if the draw was worth it. If with the promotion you managed to reach the expected goals or even went beyond them, our tip is: REPEAT. Improve what you need and promote other Instagram promotions and sweepstakes.

    Instagram sweepstakes apps

    Now that you know the steps to make your Instagram giveaway, you must be wondering: what tool or app can I use to define the winner?

    We have separated 2 options of raffles that can help you with this:


    This is one of the most used platforms for Instagram giveaways. In it, just enter the URL of the promotion post and the tool will present a list with the comments of the publication and will number them.

    Giveaways on Instagram: How to make a successful giveaway?

    Then, just click on “draw number” to find out who was the lucky one. In it, you can still configure some parameters, such as: how many numbers to draw, whether or not to consider more than one comment per person and whether to consider only comments with a certain keyword.


    This is a more “manual” option for doing giveaways on Instagram, but it can still be useful. In the Draw, you enter a range of numbers and it chooses the winner. However, it doesn't do the process of “pulling” the comments. You will need to manually save and number the holdings. He's just a number picker.

    Conclusion: Sweepstakes on Instagram

    Now, you already know how to do a giveaway on Instagram. This is an action that can bring excellent results for your business, however, remember: you have to plan!

    So, before you go around launching any kind of giveaway, carefully follow each of the steps we teach you here. So, tell us if you're already planning to do an Instagram giveaway for your followers.

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