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    Online market: 10 best apps to buy without leaving home

    Online market: 10 best apps to buy without leaving home

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 11, 2022 | Shopping |

    With the development and expansion of delivery, leaving home to shop is no longer necessary. Before, this was more suitable for meals like lunch and dinner, however, now we have several online market options. Making the purchases of the month is something that takes time, organization and planning, and with the rush of each day it can be very difficult to get everything done.

    Despite this, the online market has come to help you in these moments, since with the right apps, you can make your monthly purchases quickly and conveniently without leaving your home. The online market allows you to use supermarket delivery apps to receive your purchases at home through a delivery man, no longer having to go to the market to buy the products.

    To help you with this, we have separated some tips for you to buy, in addition to the best online market options available on the market. 

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    Tips to help you when shopping in online markets

    Although shopping online can be much more practical and easier, you need to be careful when buying cleaning products, food and personal hygiene products, so we've separated some tips for you.

    1. If possible, don't make impulse purchases.: always before confirming the purchase, check your home, especially your closets to see if you are buying it just because it is something practical and you don't have to leave the house, or if you really need what you are buying.
    2. Build a list before you buy: after checking your dispensation, as we suggested above, you will already know whether or not you really need to make purchases for your home. If the answer is yes, then the next step indicated is to put together a list of things you need, instead of buying straight away. Start with the essentials you can't forget, then move on to the most unnecessary.
    3. Don't assemble the list randomly, separate by categories: when assembling the list, separate the options by categories. Assemble orders between personal hygiene products, cleaning products, foods such as cold cuts and fair and etc. This is just a suggestion, you can organize it the way you think is best, it's just not recommended to assemble the list randomly. 
    4. Always compare prices before buying: as purchases are being made in the online market, comparing prices is much easier than shopping in person. Then look across all markets and apps for prices for the same products in different markets and for different brands. With that, you can save a lot of money.
    5. Always check promotions: Markets usually have days when certain products are cheaper, such as meat day, market day and so on. Try to shop on these dates to save a lot. The online market also usually has promotions when shopping online, try to know details about it. 
    6. Try not to stock products: have a plan to buy only the amount of products you need for a certain time, thus not making stocks. You can buy non-perishable products to last longer, and fruits and vegetables to last a shorter period of time.
    7. Beware of the delivery time: always be aware of the delivery time of your products. That way, you'll always know the forecast to have the products on hand.
    8. Check if the online market charges delivery fee: It is normal for some online markets to charge delivery/shipping fees. So, before finalizing your purchase, check if the delivery will be made for free or if you will need to pay extra for it. Depending on it, it may even be more advantageous to buy from another online market, as often the high shipping costs are not worth it.
    9. Pay attention to payment methods: Before placing the products in your cart, try to find out which payment methods are available on the online market. Know which payment method you want to use and see if it is available, avoiding disappointments like this.
    10. Follow the recommendations for more delivery security: if possible, always try to pay online, avoiding contact with delivery people and other people as much as possible. See how the purchases arrived packaged and how they were delivered, in addition to sanitizing all products before use.

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    Online market – The best options

    Now that you know some tips to buy in the online market, it's time to know the best options available online for you to use. 

    1- Pão de Açúcar Mais

    Online market: 10 best apps to buy without leaving home

    Available on the App Store for iOS devices and on the Play Store for Android devices, the Pão de Açúcar Mais app is a great option for shopping in the online market. 

    This app offers three types of purchases, in the traditional one you can make your purchase normally, assembling your cart and choosing the address where you want the delivery to be made. Express purchase allows up to 150 products in your cart, and after payment approval you will receive your order within 4 hours. And finally, we also have the option to pick up at the store, where you make the purchase online and just go to the store to pick up. 

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    2- Extra Club

    Clube Extra works very similarly to the aforementioned online market application. With three purchase modes available, you can use the traditional one with a scheduled time to make your purchase digitally, the turbo option to receive your purchase within 4 hours after payment approval and with a limit of up to 150 products, and for Last but not least, the option to pick up your orders from the market in person. The app is available for iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Play Store, respectively. 

    3- Carrefour our country

    Carrefour Our Country is an online market application that is available for iOS and Android devices in the appropriate digital stores. In this option, you can request deliveries throughout our country, so whenever you add a product to your cart, the application itself will inform you if that product is available for delivery in your region.

    Delivery operates weekly from Monday to Friday during business hours, with the exception of holidays. You will pay shipping, but the amount will depend on where you live. A tip we can give you is to always follow the online market app, since at times you can find free delivery promotions.

    4- Mambo Delivery Supermarket

    The Mambo Delivery online market application is more suitable for residents of our great city, being totally focused on delivery. After making your purchase online, the delivery time can be scheduled in two or three different periods, thus ensuring that you always receive your order. The app is available for devices with Android and iOS systems, in the Play Store and App Store digital stores, respectively. 

    5- Superprix Supermarket

    Online market: 10 best apps to buy without leaving home

    Superprix supermarket is also an online market option that delivers to your own home and is available both on the Play Store and on the App Store for devices with Android and iOS systems, respectively. Being a suitable alternative for cariocas in Rio de Janeiro, the application has several offers that can be excellent when you assemble your cart.

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    6- Supermarket Now

    This is a startup that works directly with several markets, also enabling online purchases in the app that is available on the App Store and Play Store. You can choose the market you want to make your purchase from among the available options, creating your shopping list and making the payment digitally. Delivery will be made by a courier within 2 hours or by appointment. 

    The application makes deliveries in the cities of our city, Alphaville, Guarulhos, Osasco, Jundiaí, Taboão da Serra and region. In addition, the online market is also available in the cities of Santa Maria and Porto Alegre.

    7- Rappi

    Rappi is one of the most popular delivery apps on the market, and can be accessed on Android and iOS devices. The application goes beyond snacks and restaurants, and you can make your monthly purchase in the markets registered in the service. Rappi allows you to assemble your shopping list from pharmacies and markets, being able to receive purchases at home and make payment online. You can also choose to pay at the time of delivery to your home.

    8- iFood

    iFood, like Rappi, is one of the best-known delivery options, but it doesn't just deliver meals and snacks, you can access the "Markets" tab and make your monthly purchases through the app. The service allows you to pay online or when the purchases are being delivered to your home. iFood is available on both the App Store and the Play Store.

    9- James Delivery

    James Delivery is part of the distribution company GPA Empresa, which is also responsible for deliveries to the Extra and Pão de Açúcar online markets. Available on the App Store and Play Store, you can order the delivery of goods available at pharmacies, markets and restaurants, if they are partners with the service.

    The application works in different locations in the five regions of our country, as a direct competitor of Rappi, for example. You place your order and can pay online or when the service is delivered to your home. According to the company, delivery can be made in up to 35 minutes of waiting, which is much less time than in the options mentioned above. 

    10- Wholesale Tent

    Online market: 10 best apps to buy without leaving home

    The application network of the online market Tenda Atacado is available on the Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices. The app allows the user to make purchases on the wholesaler network, which offers the most competitive prices on the market. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the app does not deliver, and you need to pick it up at a physical store after completing your online purchase. However, even with this limitation, this is an excellent option to save money.

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