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    Online Countdown: 7 Best Websites for Timekeeping

    Need a countdown or stopwatch tool? Know that there are options available online, which you can access through your mobile or PC browser, without having to download anything. These timers can be useful for everyday activities, exercise, event or travel planning, and more.

    has gathered the best options to time everything wherever and whenever you want. Check out!

    1. Online Clock

    Online Countdown: 7 Best Websites for Timekeeping

    O Online Clock is an easy-to-use service that brings together four tools. They are: clock with time in different cities around the world, alarm clock, timer and, of course, stopwatch. The options are available in the side menu, on PC, or in the sandwich menu (icon formed by three lines) on mobile.

    The stopwatch counts the time in milliseconds and, to start, just press the start button. If you want to time back-to-back moments within a sequence, just tap around. Thus, it is possible to know how long it took to complete a series of exercises and how much was the total minutes of the activity.

    The timer provides countdown or progress. It is possible to use one of the several pre-set times or customize yours in hours, minutes and seconds. The user is also able to set the completion sound and if, when the countdown is zero, the timer will be restarted or ended.

    2. Timer Online

    Online Countdown: 7 Best Websites for Timekeeping

    O Timer Online delivers exactly what it promises. With a colorful look and large numbers, it offers just one button to start timing and reset.

    It is possible to do everything through keyboard shortcuts. Tap the spacebar to start the timer and the Esc key to stop. To enter the time that must be counted backwards, just click on the numbers 00:00 and enter the minutes and/or seconds.

    3. Inverttext

    Online Countdown: 7 Best Websites for Timekeeping

    O invert is a site that offers a wide variety of free tools online. There are options for text manipulation and analysis, storage, sweepstakes, QR Code generator, date and time and much more (really!). But the issue here is the countdown feature.

    For those who need something along these lines, the service has a stopwatch, countdown timer and a day counter. In the countdown function, the user can create a name for the event and enter the day and time of when it will happen.

    Then just start. Each event gets its own page that can be shared with whoever the user wants.

    The stopwatch is also super easy to use. Just tap Start and the time starts. Here, it is also possible to flag the laps, to score moments within the observed time period.

    4. Timer Tab

    Online Countdown: 7 Best Websites for Timekeeping

    O Timer Tab It's a very practical option. After all, the user doesn't need to keep accessing the page to check how much time is left for the timer to end. The countdown is displayed on the page's tab thumbnail.

    In addition to the common countdown, the service also offers an alarm feature, with the presentation of the remaining time until the stipulated time. There is also a count up option.

    By default, the Timer Tab features a classic look, focusing only on the information that matters. The user, however, can customize the layout, changing the theme and color and inserting a background image.

    Ringtone can be chosen via YouTube video. The result can be shared with friends through the link generated after customization.

    5. Online Stopwatch

    Online Countdown: 7 Best Websites for Timekeeping

    The site Online Stopwatch brings together various countdown and stopwatch tools that are out of the ordinary. Traditional clocks are replaced by animations. You can choose between rocket launch, dynamite explosion, an hourglass, among many other options.

    There are also models called sensory. They show the passage of time through movements that refer to bubbles, lava lamps, rings of color and more.

    The user also finds a countdown to world holidays and a section of timers specifically designed to be used in tests and tests. What is lacking is variety.

    6. Pomofocus

    Online Countdown: 7 Best Websites for Timekeeping

    O Pomofocus is an online version of the famous pomodoro timer time management system. The technique created to help increase focus and productivity is to intersperse production periods and breaks.

    Originally, it consists of 5 25-minute cycles, with 5-minute breaks in between. At the end, there is a 15-minute break and then the user does 5 more cycles and remains so until the task is completed.

    In Pomofocus, however, it is possible to customize all these times and receive on-screen notifications and alarms that inform you about the end of each period. It is also possible to decide whether the following cycles are started automatically or manually.

    7. Tabata Timer

    Online Countdown: 7 Best Websites for Timekeeping

    Tabata is a physical training method that consists of doing the same exercise 8 times for 20 seconds with a 10-second break in between. The proposal promises efficient burning of calories by increasing metabolism.

    Of course, every exercise requires the supervision of an expert. If this is your case and you intend to train at home, the Tabata timer could be a great option. In it, you can choose the warm-up, interval, exercise time, the number of rounds and how many tabatas you want to do.

    So, just press Start and start moving.


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