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    Craftopia will come to Xbox with all its action and survival mechanics

    craftopia It is a crafting game with infinite possibilities, it has a beautiful open world filled with action and survival mechanics. It even expands its possibilities by adding the multiplayer element to the equation, as well as features like dungeons, taming, hunting, farming, hack-and-slash, construction, automation, and more. As revealed at the ID @ Xbox, this whole proposal is on its way to Xbox.

    The Japanese independent studio Pocketpair wants to mix different possibilities to fill the fun of the players. In craftopia it will be possible to cut trees, mine stones, cultivate and harvest as in agriculture, hunt monsters and creatures, fight hungerā€¦.Another important factor in the game is to explore the world in search of precious resources in dungeons, where you can put combat to the test hack-and-slash of the title and still cast spells like in a fantasy RPG.

    Among some curiosities of craftopia we can also highlight the animal taming system, which is not restricted to just common animals like cows or deer, for example, but also expands to most monsters. As for the dungeons, they change shape every time you enter them to explore, and at the end of them there will be a challenging boss to defeat. The Skill Tree has more than 100 skills to learn, giving the player freedom to create a character with the characteristics they like.

    craftopia does not yet have a release date on Xbox, but it is confirmed to arrive on Xbox Game Pass on the same day as it is released.

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