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    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 11, 2022 | Shopping |

    If you are looking for an electric toothbrush, you must have already found the most diverse models out there. Companies like Oral B and Colgate often lead on the shelves, but they don't always lead on one fundamental item: value for money. At this point, the Oclean brand promises to innovate at its sink with new technologies for its products. Check out some of the most economical electric toothbrushes of the year below.

    The history of Oclean

    The brand focuses on offering products for oral hygiene. Their products range from electric toothbrushes, sterilizers and water dental floss. Oclean is a branch of the well-known Xiaomi brand that specializes in oral hygiene equipment. The company has also been recognized by several design institutes for the beauty and originality of its products. You can learn more about Oclean on the official website. 

    Oclean products on offer at Festival 11.11

    November 11th is becoming increasingly known as China's Black Friday. The so-called Singles Day is already a popular shopping date in China, and with sites like AliExpress, Shoppe and Shein coming to our country, the event is also becoming popular here.

    In 2022, Oclean has separated several special offers on 11.11. They started on the 11th and ended on the 13/11. The featured product at the event is Oclean Xpro, but below you can check out more featured products and also coupons to pay less when buying your electric toothbrush.

    Oclean Xpro on sale

    One of Oclean's most outstanding products is, without a doubt, the Oclean Xpro brush. One of the cheapest options on the market in its category and brings several innovations that not even the big brands in the sector offer. Among the main differences are:

    Tela LCD touchscreen

    How about controlling various actions of your brush through a touchscreen? That's what the 0.96-inch screen lets you do. Through the screen you can monitor your brushing, check a report if your brushing has reached every corner and much more. All on the brush screen.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    Powerful motor

    Another highlight of the Xpro is the Maglev engine. It delivers up to 42 movements per minute. This allows you to have more control over the intensity of your brushing and offers more comfort.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    blind spot detector

    It looks like a car thing, but you might have a brush detector in your mouth. Oclean Xpro has a gyroscope that identifies if any area of ​​your mouth has been brushed not very well. It is able to identify the angle, pressure and movement and let you know if any corner is left out.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    32 brushing intensities

    One of the great advantages of Oclean Xpro is the amount of brushing intensities offered. There are 32 intensities and 3 modes (cleansing, whitening and massage). The Oral-B IO 8, for example, has only one intensity. Plus, the Oclean mobile app lets you create up to 14 brushing modes your way.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    30 days of battery life

    With a full charge in 2 hours, you can use your Oclean Xpro brush for up to 30 days. It comes in the box with a USB charging cradle and a clip to attach the brush to the wall. Check out in the video below all the main functions of Oclean Xpro.

    How to buy Oclean Xpro at a discount?

    The official Oclean store on AliExpress has some very interesting promotions between the 11th and 13th of November. Check out some of the promotions below:

    • Between the 11th and 13/11, when you buy an Oclean Xpro you participate in the draw for a Xiaomi G9 Vacuum Cleaner
    • Between the 11th and 13/11, being one of the first 50 to place your order, your toothbrush can be free.

    Buy your Oclean Xpro at the official brand store on AliExpress

    You can also use the FAST5GO coupon and get more benefits on your order. Also keep an eye out for coupons that AliExpress is offering on campaign days. You can get even more discounts. Also, use cashback sites to earn cash back on your purchases. Check the link below:

    Learn more: Earn cashback: what it is and 3 cash back programs

    Oclean air 2

    If you're looking for a more normal looking electric toothbrush, the Oclean Air 2 might be for you. The model is focused on offering a quieter, if not the quietest user experience on the market. Also in the Oclean offer group on AliExpress, the Air 2 model comes in 4 colors and has many differentials for those who want to have complete oral health.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    noise reduction

    This is one of the biggest differentials of the Air 2 model. It comes with noise reduction technology. Thus, the traditional noise of electric toothbrushes, which is around 65dB, here does not exceed 45dB. The advantage of making less noise is that you won't disturb other people in the room when you wake up early and go brush your teeth.

    40 thousand vibrations per minute

    The noise reduction didn't impact the Air 2's power. With 40 vibrations per minute, it's a powerful and super silent brush. The best of both worlds.

    Three-dimensional bristles with signs of wear

    Its three-dimensional bristles promise a better fit in the mouth and offer a deeper and more thorough cleaning. According to Oclean, its cleaning power is up to 20% above competitors. To complete, the bristles, when they need to be changed, become more faded and allow you to keep the quality of your brushing always up to date.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    Simplified use

    Unlike the Xpro which has a number of features, the Air 2 is simple to use and control. With just one button, you can perform all the tasks available on the brush. Press and hold for 2 seconds to change the brushing mode from soft to stronger, according to what you want.

    Fast charge

    In just 2h30 your Oclean Air 2 brush will be 100% charged. According to the manufacturer, the battery life can reach up to 40 days. Charging is done via a wireless charger with USB connection.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    Light and easy to take

    The Air 2 justifies the name Air. With only 95g, you can buy a travel case. Anyway, in the box it comes with a bristle protector to put on the brush and take it on your travels or wherever you want every day. In addition, it received the IPX7 water resistance rating. This means that, according to the manufacturer, you can brush your teeth while taking a shower, if you're in the shower crowd.

    4 color options

    If you like design, then you will really like the Air 2's color options. There are 4 variations that go from pink, purple, white and dark green.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    How to buy Oclean Air 2 at a discount

    The Oclean Air 2 Electric Toothbrush is available from the official Oclean store on AliExpress.

    Access this link and make your purchase at a discount until 13/11. 

    You can search for some discount coupons on the website and check if there are more discount coupons available at the time of your purchase. You can also use the code FAST5GO and, depending on your order, get even more benefits.

    Oclean W10 Water Flosser

    Despite the name in English, the Oclean W10 Water Flosser is what we call in our country an oral irrigator or even water floss. That's because, it serves to clean the small spaces between the teeth and get where only good floss can.

    However, with the power of its motor, the Oclean W10 will do a much deeper and more thorough cleaning than a regular dental floss. That's because, it has a high capacity motor that will offer from a complete cleaning, to a gentle care for your gums.

    Five cleaning modes

    The W10 model offers five cleaning modes. They range from the most aggressive and fast, to the softest and intended for those who have gum problems and need more care when flossing ordinary or water. The available modes are:

    • Intensive
    • Standard
    • Gentle
    • Button
    • On-demand (according to your preferences)Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    1400 pulse motor

    The fact that you can control the massive water release capacity is super important. With the Maglev motor and Dupont bristles, it delivers 1400 pulsations per minute at a pressure intensity of 300 to 100 psi. The 4 tips that come with the W10 also help you get the best out of the engine's water-releasing power.

    Side shift timer

    If you care about doing complete oral hygiene, know that if you spend more time on one side than the other, this can be harmed. Therefore, Oclean W10 warns you when changing the side being cleaned. With the 15-secs Quadpacer feature, you can be sure you'll devote the same amount of time to cleaning every nook and cranny of your good.

    Battery that lasts up to 30 days

    For those who like to travel or simply don't want to worry about charging their Flosser, the good news is that the W10 has an estimated battery life of 30 days. That's enough for those who have a busy life and don't stop. In the box it comes with a charging cable with USB-C port.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    Capacity of 200 ml

    The water storage capacity of the W10 is 200ml. This should be enough for a good cleaning. In addition, the reservoir is removable and can be cleaned easily. Competitors like Waterpik, for example, have some models that are almost impossible to clean. Limbo accumulation ends up making use very unpleasant.

    In addition, the model has IPX7 water resistance standard. That means you can even use it under the shower. Which isn't a bad idea, as cleaners usually cause a big mess if you're not careful.


    Another detail that draws attention is the look of the W10. With a very modern design, it comes with a strap to hold and carry. Available colors are green and peach pink. The model even won the Reddot 2022 award, an international design competition.

    Oclean: the 3 most economical electric toothbrushes of the year

    How to buy Oclean W10 Water Flosser at a discount?

    The sprinkler is available for sale at the official Oclean store on AliExpress.

    During Festival 11.11 you can find several discount coupons to secure yours. It is worth keeping an eye on the website and seeing what offers are available.

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