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    Black Friday 2022 deals: where to stay on top of promotions?

    Black Friday 2022 deals: where to stay on top of promotions?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 29, 2022 | Shopping |

    Discover on our website where to find the best ofertas Black Friday 2022 and how to take advantage of promotions (both in physical stores and online) on the most anticipated day of the year by consumers.

    Black Friday is a day when retailers of large and small companies offer offers with gigantic discounts on their products and services, making them more accessible to their customers and making their sales take off and bring profit for both: the store for selling more and the customer for paying less.

    This event takes place once a year in November, more specifically on the fourth Friday of the month and originated in the United States, where it also takes place on the last Friday of November, right after the Thanksgiving holiday and opens doors for Christmas shopping. .

    The American tradition emerged in the mid-90s, but only gained strength from the year 2001.

    In our country, Black Friday was a hit in 2010, after supermarkets offered discounts and influenced other businesses to adopt the same idea.

    Over the years, this movement took on a much greater proportion and currently it can be said that almost 100% stores sell on this date. Both large and small companies, from every imaginable branch.

    On Black Friday 2022, consultancy Ebit | Nielsen reported that two days of sales accounted for about 4 billion reais in e-commerce.

    Although this event has already received harsh criticism in our country, because many stores offer false discounts, it is still the most awaited date by those who want to buy cheaper.

    And precisely because of this great demand from people interested in buying and saving at this time of year, there are several websites that are intended to monitor discounts, in addition to making price history available so that no one is deceived.

    In view of this, we made a list of these sites and also of those that pumped the most on this great date.

    Stay with us and check out the best sites to discover Black Friday 2022 deals below.

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    Sites with the best Black Friday 2022 deals

    For you to stay on top of all the promotions that take place on the most awaited Friday of the year and make the best of it, we list tools that are discount search engines that help you stay on top of the best prices and that are updated in real time.

    An important observation to be made is that consumers should pay attention to the offer, in the store and try to do a more accurate search on the seller before making the purchase, to avoid falling into a trap. So stay tuned.

    1. Promobit

    Promobit works as if it were a social network, as the users themselves register the promotions.

    These records are evaluated by the website to know the reliability and veracity of the products and the promotion.

    Therefore, it does not show the exact price of the products of each store, but the product of the store that has the lowest price.

    In addition, the site has discount coupons with partner stores and there you can make a wish list. As soon as a product selected by you is priced lower, you are notified.

    The platform is also available as an app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

    2. Buscapé

    Buscapé is a pioneer in digital e-commerce and the site was launched in 1999 and is one of the most successful.

    In 2022, monthly accesses to the platform reached 60 million and the site was considered the leader in this segment.

    Through it, you can compare prices and search for promotions.

    The products that are there are from several different stores, from the more traditional stores to the smaller companies.

    On the site you will find several categories, such as telephony, computers, appliances, fashion and accessories, furniture and decoration, sports and leisure and much more.

    It is a major contributor to Black Friday that highlights the items most sought after by consumers.

    There is also an app version for Android and iOS.

    3. Zoom

    Zoom is also one of the most reputable price comparison sites in the country.

    In 2022, the Group acquired Buscapé and Bondfaro. Despite this, all three sites work separately and all have good reach.

    On Zoom you can find the best deals on each product, it always shows you the stores where an item is cheaper.

    In addition to being able to compare prices, you can see the history of the average value of the last 6 months and draw your conclusions.

    You can create price alerts for a product you have your eye on but are waiting for better deals.

    The lowest prices are labeled “bargain” and can be found on the homepage of the site.

    Zoom makes its app version available for Android and iOS.

    4. Bondfaro

    The Bondfaro website is another price comparator that appeared around 1999 and in 2005 was bought by the former owners of Buscapé.

    Currently, as we mentioned, it belongs to the Zoom Group.

    On the platform we find the products that are in high demand among users and the best discounts in diversified categories, from home appliances to fashion.

    5. KaBoom

    KaBum is a great price comparator and is the biggest technology e-commerce.

    Its website has items such as cell phones, computers and games, but it also has other departments such as furniture, appliances, home and garden, sports and leisure and much more.

    There is an app version available for Android and iOS.


    Black Friday is a website our country's official event in our country.

    It is possible to find discount coupons from different stores, and the site even shows a report with the Top 10 offers from large stores.

    It is not a shopping site. He just compare prices during the busiest Friday in the market.

    To do this, just register on the site with your best email and receive the offers in your inbox.

    7. JáCotei

    JáCotei is another alternative to keep an eye on the best offers and compare prices within a certain number of months and check how much the product in question was before and its variations.

    To further highlight which items are the cheapest, the site differentiates between products labeled “Real Discount” based on prices over the previous months, which is completely helpful to not fall for false discounts.

    JáCotei has an app for Android and iOS.

    8. CupoNation

    At CupoNation, you can sign up to receive offers by email.

    Within the site you can search for the product you want in category or search for the name of the store where you prefer to make the purchase.

    There are several segments and partner stores and the site has an area specifically focused on Black Friday.

    9. Lojas Americanas

    Lojas Americanas is one of the main retail chains in the country and has more than 1300 establishments throughout our country.

    On Black Friday, the Lojas Americanas website has many benefits, including offers with the best discounts at the store itself and at partner stores, coupons, cashback purchases and free shipping.

    Through the app (Android | iOS) it is possible to create a wish list and favorite your products. When it's lower priced, you're notified.

    10. Magalu

    Magazine Luiza's website is also among the most popular, with special offers in all categories of the website, such as home appliances, cell phones, fashion, beauty, sports, among others.

    Through the Magalu SuperApp (Android | iOS) you can bookmark the products you want to buy and activate notifications to be informed when prices drop.

    11. Submarine

    Submarino is yet another highly successful shopping site and it would be no different during Black Friday.

    The site guarantees lots of offers, cashback, product referrals and free shipping.

    And you don't have to wait until the last Friday of November to find good discounts, the site guarantees that you will have a warm up with many promotions.

    They tell netizens to also keep an eye out for “Wow Deals!” which has low prices every day.

    App version for Android and iOS.

    12. Google Shopping

    Google, through its “Shopping” tool, has more complete filters for product and price searches.

    You can search and refine through search filters, where you can choose the price range, brand and seller.

    You can also compare values ​​between different platforms.

    Depending on the product, Google Shopping allows the consultation of the technical sheet and its photos.

    In addition, the tool has an alert for users when the selected product has a higher discount.

    13. Google Chrome Extension: Bilometer

    For those who use Google Chrome, this can be a very interesting tool.

    This is a browser extension that helps you discover Black Friday discounted products.

    To add the extension, just go to the Chrome Web Store store page and search for “add extension” and finish the process.

    Bilometer has an automatic coupon tester, which means that if it finds a coupon that generates a discount, it will be applied automatically.

    With it, it is also possible to compare prices in several stores, in addition to monitoring and being notified by email whenever an offer appears on the chosen product.

    It also has analysis of price changes and their histories.

    14. Shopee

    Shopee is a famous social media shopping platform that was founded in 2022 and has a global reach.

    Despite “little” time on the market, the site has become one of the biggest references for online purchases.

    The Black Friday 2022 deals on Shopee will start on 25/10 and heat up on 11/11.

    The great promotions will take place on the last Friday of the month (26/11) and have incredible offers.

    It's discount coupons, free shipping with no minimum value, low truth prices, double shopee coins and much more.

    Through the app (Android | iOS) it is possible to prepare a wish list and view rating stars and comments from other consumers on products, which may or may not be national.

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    15. Black Friday for real

    In order to ward off the fame of Black “Fraud”, the real Black Friday website came to innovate in the promotional campaigns of this event and bring legitimate discounts with security and transparency on the part of companies.

    The site also gives an award to stores that stand out in e-commerce and are well evaluated, which makes it easier for customers to analyze whether the store is safe for them to buy.

    Tips to get the most out of Black Friday 2022 deals

    It's easy to end up surrendering to all kinds of promotions that fall into our laps on Black Friday, going too far and hurting your pocketbook.

    So the first tip is: keep in mind what you really want and/or need.

    A month before, start making a list of what you want to buy at a more affordable price, assess the real need for this purchase and especially if it will fit into your budget.

    Try to find out about your rights, such as repentance and return of the purchase within 7 days or even exchanges.

    Some exchanges or returns are not guaranteed. So try to stay inside so you don't go through any unpleasant situation.

    Before making a purchase, research the website/seller you are buying from and their reputation.

    Also keep an eye on shipping and stock and don't wait until the last minute to buy, as the best deals will surely be sold out.

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