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Released in 2009, League Of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) developed and published by Riot Games that takes place in the Runeterra universe, where different civilizations live together and have characters of the most diverse types available for the player to choose from during matches.

Currently, LoL, the acronym by which the game is known, is one of the most popular competitive games in the world, with hundreds of playable characters, each with different skills and ways of playing, and more than 180 million monthly players.

The popularity of the game extends to the competitive esports universe, as League Of Legends has one of the most famous and structured competitive scenarios, with leagues in different countries of the world and world championships, which bring together the champions of each national league and have awards. millionaires.

 The game's matches are cooperative, composed of teams with 5 players that aim to destroy the enemy nexus, which is a structure located in the center of the opposing team's base. To get to him, the team needs to destroy other structures, such as towers and inhibitors, as well as being able to kill jungle shows that grant the team advantages and help it to be able to kill opposing players and destroy their structures.

But to start your journey through League Of Legends it is necessary to create a Summoner Name, which is what the game's nicknames are called. To help you decide, we've prepared a list of nick ideas for LoL, check them out below.

Nickname ideas for LoL

If you want to specialize in a specific champion, a good nick idea is the name of the desired champion followed by adjectives such as:

  1. [champion name] King
  2. [champion name] Queen
  3. [champion name] Master
  4. [champion name] Pro
  5. [champion name] God

It can also be interesting to use name puns for your nick in LoL, like: 

  1. MAUphite
  2. aJax
  3. Bruce Lee Sin
  4. unreal
  5. Miss [Desired Name]
  6. Joker (in reference to Shaco, character characterized as a clown in the game)
  7. Te Ashei (reference to champion Ashe)
  8. I'll Burn You (reference to fire characters) 
  9. Jelly 
  10. Ice cold
  11. Ice cold
  12. Frozen

Following this line, it is possible to make some “jokes” and come up with creative names with jokes included, whether internal, that is, within the game's universe, or external.

  1. our yellow country
  2. egg car
  3. Jungler More or Less
  4. Top More or Less
  5. Adc Half Mouth
  6. Unbearable
  7. I can not stand anymore 
  8. Brain Damage
  9. Just Game of Maguinho
  10. Point-blank Shooting
  11. Lolzeiro Maguinho
  12. Captain Hook
  13. I'm going to kill you
  14. hema takes
  15. Mira Cake
  16. Sou Lixxo
  17. No idea
  18. Enemy's Terror
  19. Noob Alert
  20. Maguinho killer
  21. ADC Killer
  22. Killer for Hire
  23. Prince Of Persia
  24. Princess do Mid
  25. master of evil
  26. Emperor of Roraima
  27. king of chaos
  28. Terror Two Mid Laners
  29. Corre ADC
  30. Zezin Summoner
  31. Terror da Top Lane
  32. The hunt
  33. invoked
  34. I'll hack you
  35. Is it Script?
  36. Dawn terror
  37. Xin Zau au
  38. error 404
  39. Erroou
  40. Ih Errei
  41. I'll pull you
  42. dragon thief
  43. Red Thief
  44. Blue Thief
  45. Baron Thief
  46. Top Damage

It is also possible to use creative names that use other languages ​​or word junctions to give an interesting effect, such as:

  1. TrailBlaizer
  2. Sun Streak
  3. Fury Streaks
  4. Fast And Furious
  5. Smokescreen
  6. Insec King
  7. Inception
  8. Out Back
  9. Silver Champ
  10. The Champion
  11. Black Mamba
  12. Black Panther
  13. Night king
  14. Black light
  15. Breaker Hulls
  16. Anti Tank
  17. annihilator
  18. Optimus Player
  19. CarMen
  20. Mandrake
  21. Cyber Spy 
  22. Mr [your name]
  23. Dracarys
  24. Prison King
  25. The ninja
  26. Ninja turtle
  27. God Slayer
  28.  Snow storm
  29. Kobra King
  30. Noob Killer
  31. The Specialist 

How to change your nickname in LoL

Now that you've checked out ideas and decided what name you want to put on your summoner profile, you need to know how to put your chosen name. If you are creating the account, the process is simple and intuitive, being one of the steps present in the creation process.

But if you already have an account and want to change your summoner name, you can do so through the League Of Legends client store. Follow this walkthrough to find out how to change the summoner name in LoL.

Step 1: Access the “Store” in the League Of Legends Client, located in the upper right corner of the window.

2nd step: In the upper right corner, access the “Account” menu, next to the “Gifts” menu.

3rd step: On the page that will open it will be possible to modify the summoner name, but the process is not free. The change can be purchased for 13.900 Blue Essences, which is the currency acquired in-game as the player gains levels and chests, or for 1300 RPs, or Riot Points, the currency that is purchased for real money.

4th step: With this amount, just click on the option “Change Summoner Name”, enter the desired name so that the system checks if it is available and, if confirmed, finish by clicking on the way you want to pay the change, in Blue Essences or PR. 

League Of Legends game modes

Riot Games' MOBA has different game modes, including some special ones that are enabled for a certain period of time, celebrating a special event in the game, for example.

5V5 em Summoner’s Rift

The main game mode is located on the Summoner's Rift map, and it is the traditional 5×5 on a map with 3 routes, the mid, middle in Portuguese, the bot, or bottom route in Portuguese and the top, or top route in Portuguese. , in addition to the jungle, full of monsters that give gold rewards and, some of them, also give advantages within the game, such as the Blue Effect that gives increased mana regeneration and the Red Effect that gives a damage buff based on percentage of health of the enemy.

The top, middle and jungle are individual lanes, while the bottom lane is made up of a marksman and a support. This game format is the most popular among gamers, and is currently the main game mode played in professional leagues in the competitive League Of Legends scene around the world.

Four different game modes are available on this map. The "blind pick" is an unranked mode, that is, it does not count points or affect your position in the general ranking, and has no order of picks, bans or pre-established positions, being a more casual game mode for players who do not want to take a chance on ranked.

The other two modes available are ranked, where each match is worth points known as LP, or League Points. These have pre-defined positions, chosen before the start of the match, as well as champion bans and an order of picks determined randomly by the system. One of these modes is Solo/Duo, which only allows you to play alone or in pairs, while the “Flexible Ranked” mode allows you to play solo and in groups of 2, 3 or 5 players.

5X5 ARAM em Howling Abyss

Acronym for All Random All Middle, which, in Portuguese, All Random All Middle, is a game mode located on a map called Howling Abyss, which has only one route, with only 2 towers and 1 inhibitor. As its name implies, the game mode does not allow the player to choose which champion he will play with, randomly selecting teams at the beginning of each match, but allowing some exchanges for other characters, but also randomly.

The game mode is more casual and for fun with friends, and the map is set in the cold lands of Freijord, one of the regions of Runeterra, the universe in which the game takes place.

Special Modes

Periodically, Riot Games makes temporary modes available, which are available for the player to venture into for a limited time, and feature new game mechanics that exploit abilities or features of created maps.

Some examples are the URF, All For One and Nexus Blitz, which were released and gained a lot of popularity, including being available again after a while after requests from players for the return.

URF is the acronym for Ultra, Fast and Furious, and is characterized by chaotic gameplay, in which champions' abilities cost no mana and have an 80% reduced cooldown, making it possible to use multiple abilities in a row. The game's map was also modified in this mode, introducing a cannon that launched players to their chosen place on the map and changes to the jungle monsters.

The success of the mode brought an alternative version of it to the game after some time, called URFEA, which followed the same frenetic gameplay but players could not select their champions, being randomly drawn at the beginning of each game, similar to the mechanics of ARAM .

Nexus Blitz was another temporary mode with a very frantic playstyle, set on a different map than the traditional Summoner's Rift. Based in an Ionian forest, the map only had two routes and the jungle, as well as several random events throughout the match that rewarded players who won and made the gameplay amazing.

There were numerous rewards, such as dragon soul effects, gold, empowered minions, among others. The only event that didn't happen randomly was Death Rise, in which the nexus, structures located at the base of the teams, rose to battle in the middle of the game, marking the last moments of the game to decide the winning team.

The All For One mode was more similar to the one already known by 5V5 players, but all players on the team played with only 1 champion, chosen through a vote at the beginning of each match.

TFT (Team Fight Tactics)

A very different mode from the traditional one, TFT was created a few years ago by Riot Games and was successful among players, conquering its own competitive scenario, with community, national and even world championships, and permanently installing itself as one of the League modes Of Legends.

It works as a kind of automatic chess with the characters of League Of Legends, and is based on strategy and PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE rounds, in which the player faces machine-controlled monsters to win rewards, such as items, champions or gold.

The objective of the game is to assemble a team with LoL champions and defeat enemies, equipping items and combining characteristics to form the strongest team possible to stay alive and eliminate opponents.

Each player starts the game with 100 health, and for each lost step the player takes damage equivalent to the amount of enemy champions alive, until only 1 remains. very different and original themes. 

Despite the similarities with the traditional universe of LoL, such as champions and scenarios, the game mode is almost a game apart from the traditional one, and even has exclusive characters, such as Silco, villain of the Arcane series, launched by Netflix and based on the League Of Legends universe.

League Of Legends Expanded Universe 

Speaking of Arcane, it's one of many products based on the League Of Legends universe that were released after the game's success. With series, animated shorts and even other games for different platforms, Riot Games has expanded its range of content and further increased its followers and fans.

One of them was the animated series Arcane, which tells the story of the sisters Vi and Jinx, two playable characters in LoL. In addition to them, several other characters found in the game are in the series and have their origin stories told, such as Ekko, Caitlyn and Jayce.

In addition, the company has developed other games that stray from the MOBA style with Runeterra's characters and environments, such as Legends of Runeterra, a card game with League Of Legends champions and items, Ruined King, a turn-based RPG available for consoles. like Xbox Series X, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and League Of Legends: Wilds Rift, a version more similar to the traditional game but for Android and iOS smartphones.

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