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    Next Layers of Fear gets a stunning teaser using Unreal Engine 5

    When it announced its partnership with Konami, Bloober Team confirmed that one of its projects in development was a new entry in the psychological horror series Layers of Fear, which is one of his most successful projects.

    The game still doesn't have many details, but the developers promise a high level of emotions within an engaging and unique narrative, which is based on aspects and ideas that already exist in the Layers of Fear originals. Taking advantage of advanced technologies provided by the new graphics engine U, the Bloober Team aims to increase the immersion offered in horror games.

    Check out a brief teaser of the project, which gives us a small taste of what they are preparing with the U.

    Bloober Team's idea is that the story revolves around a character that the player can identify with, with an intimate narrative that delves into the theme of madness. As the player survives, the player will discover more about the protagonist's story and the details he will encounter during the game will shape its outcome.

    The next Layers of Fear does not yet have a release date, but is expected for 2022. The platforms have not yet been revealed.

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