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    Neon credit card: how to apply?

    Neon credit card: how to apply?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 17, 2022 | Credit Cards |

    O neon credit card It is suitable for people who seek less stress and more practicality in their routine.

    Through the application, you can solve the main financial problems. 

    From now on, we are going to show you a complete step-by-step guide for you to learn how to apply for this credit card and enjoy all the benefits.

    In addition, we are going to give you some tips to increase your chances of approval. 

    So, keep reading this article and stop suffering from annuity payments and limited services in your routine.

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    How to apply for the Neon credit card? 

    The process is quite simple.

    It is suitable even for those people who have no experience with the digital environment, since the interface is intuitive. 

    Initially, you can download the app, which is available for free to consumers.

    Then select the Neon app credit option. 

    Now it will be necessary to wait for an analysis period.

    The system will be responsible for collecting all your information from various sources that are accessible in the market:

    • consumption history, 
    • Credit;
    • Payment on time not only in the institution's application, but also outside of it. 

    This process is important to define whether the registration will be approved.

    In addition, it is possible to establish the limit offered to the consumer.

    This step is usually completed within five business days. 

    The most interesting thing is that the consumer can monitor the approval process through the Credit tab.

    One of Neon's main advantages is that it is a very transparent company.

    How to get approval on Neon credit card? 

    We know it's not always easy to get a credit card approved.

    Therefore, we decided to list several tips for you to learn how to be successful during the analysis in this financial institution. 

    1. Activate your account 

    Neon credit card: how to apply?

    Let's start our guidelines talking about the importance of activating your Neon digital account.

    This step is quite simple.

    Just perform a deposit or bank transfer. 

    The positive side is that the institution does not charge fees for account activation.

    And the amount will be available to be used by the consumer for any purpose.

    Now, you must wait a few days for the company to send the debit card to your home, which contains the technology approached, paid (contactless).

    In it, it is not necessary to enter the password in a card machine to complete a purchase, bringing more agility to your routine. 

    It is never too much to make it clear that the consumer does not need to receive his Neon card to use the account.

    Once the deposit is approved, it is possible to use the virtual card in the debit function.

    It allows you to purchase products and services through e-commerce and applications. 

    On the other hand, here is an important warning.

    To make purchases in the debit function, the amount is immediately deducted and it is not possible to pay in installments.

    Therefore, it is necessary to have available balance to complete the operation.  

    2. Move your account 

    Generally, a customer opens a new digital account for the sake of convenience.

    After all, all processes are done online, with no bureaucracy and fee collection.

    However, ignoring her during the routine is a practice that can make her approval more and more distant. 

    It is best to use this account to carry out all banking operations.

    If possible, choose this alternative as the main option in your routine. 

    The objective of this centralization of actions is not a simple competition for the competition. On the contrary.

    The more information Neon has about your relationship with money, the easier it will be to identify which limit best matches your profile and if the customer can have a new credit alternative.  

    3. Make salary portability 

    Salary portability is another strategy that cannot be ignored on our list.

    This process helps to move your account, ensuring a more trusting relationship with the bank. 

    4. Pay your bills through the app 

    You can also pay your consumer bills through the app.

    In addition to increasing your chances of approval, this practice helps you manage personal finances more efficiently and without stress. 

    Gone are the days when it was necessary to write down all expenses in a notebook.

    Now, through this technology, the customer can track expenses with an organized interface. 

    5. Invest in CBD Neon

    Anyone who thinks that investment is a restricted subject for a certain group of society is wrong.

    CDB Neon allows you to start in this market with an investment of R$10.

    It is a great alternative with fixed income and daily liquidity. 

    When the user makes investments, he shows the bank that he has financial organization and healthy behaviors, positively influencing its credibility. 

    Is the Neon credit card worth it? 

    Yes. It brings several benefits to the consumer.

    The first of them is the absence of annuity.

    Plus, you don't have to worry about monthly fees or hidden charges on your bill.

    Another positive point of the credit card is the approval of purchases, even without limits.

    Through Elastic Limit, the company performs a free credit analysis for a given acquisition.

    If you are not interested in the service, it can be turned off at any time. 

    With the virtual credit card, you can purchase products and services through the internet.

    It's a unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Spotify, Netflix, Uber and iFood.

    Contrary to what many people imagine, the data is safe in the system.

    The cost of the purchase is forwarded directly to your invoice.  

    The customer also has the option of activating the automatic debit payment feature.

    It's less worry for your routine. 

    What is the Neon Bradesco card? 

    This is a partnership between Neon and Bradesco, which brings several interesting benefits to the consumer:

    • Neo Relationship Program;
    • 50% off Cinemark;
    • 50% discount at Teatro Bradesco;
    • Free application to manage all costs. 

    Neon credit card review 

    The Neon card is good and offers several benefits to the customer, such as: zero annuity and practicality to control finances through an application.

    It belongs to Neon, one of the safest and most reliable institutions on the market.

    The company has a team of experts to help consumers in the market where they need it most.

    Neon chat is a feature that works 24/XNUMX.

    It is available on the company's app.

    You can also solve your doubts in other ways:

    • By mail:;
    • Through social networks;
    • By phone 0800-326-0844. 

    The Neon credit card is as efficient as the Next, Nubank and Marisa credit cards. 

    about neon

    It is an online account that hit the market with the aim of evolving and changing people's relationship with their money.

    With Neon it is not necessary to go to a physical branch to solve financial problems.

    Everything is done in a few clicks, through an application. 

    The Neon account offers several interesting benefits to the customer.

    In addition to the physical card, it contains a virtual card, allows payments and deposits, offers cashback and consumer loans. 

    Neon PJ is another option to open a free digital account for the MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur) and develop your business with more security and practicality.

    It contains several interesting benefits for customers such as:

    • Receive payment from consumers, even by machine, directly on the account;
    • Free debit card;
    • Account with card and no monthly fee;
    • Withdrawal released on the Banco24Horas network. 

    After discovering the main information about the Neon credit card, get to know more details about the Digio credit card.

    Another interesting possibility for your financial planning. 

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