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    Online credit card approved instantly: know the 7 best

    Online credit card approved instantly: know the 7 best

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 20, 2022 | Shopping | 1 comment

    It's not fake news. You can have access to an online credit card approved on the spot. From now on, we will list several alternatives, highlighting their benefits and how they influence financial planning. 

    When creating this list, we took special care to choose options with multiple benefits. So, read on and learn how to make a credit card online now. 

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    What is the best online credit card approved online? 

    From now on, we are going to show you a complete list with online credit card approved on the spot. You will have access to all the benefits that are offered by each alternative. That way, it will be easier to make a decision according to your needs. 

    1. Méliuz Card

    Let's start our list of approved credit cards on the spot by talking about the Méliuz card. It is an alternative that offers an option with no annual fee and up to 1,8% cashback. 

    To give you an idea, the customer has the possibility to earn 0,8% cashback on purchases and 1% extra cashback on purchases made at partner online establishments, which are initiated by Méliuz

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    You also get all the benefits of an international Mastercard card. In the PAN application, the customer can monitor the purchases that have been made, check the limit, create a payment code, replace the password, modify the invoice due date, among other features. The credit card limit is defined according to the company's partner, PAN bank. 

    One of the main advantages of the credit card is cashback. It works like this: the client uses Méliuz. Then the cashback of purchases is recorded on the card statement. After the invoice is closed, the cashback amount is reported on the statement. The amount is confirmed after payment of the invoice. When the customer completes R$20 of balance, he can redeem the amount to his checking or savings account for free. 

    You can use the credit card at any establishment, even those stores that offer their own card to customers, including: Americanas, Casas Bahia, Carrefour, Marisa, Renner, Ponto Frio, Submarino, C&A and Magazine Luiza. 

    2. Santander SX Card

    Another interesting tip for an online credit card approved on the spot is the Santander SX. It is suitable for those people who prefer an international version with several advantages. With this card, you get a limit from R$250 and discounts on the loyalty program, which is called Esfera. 

    To guarantee exemption from the annual fee, simply consume R$ 100 in purchases per invoice or register your CPF and mobile number with Pix keys. However, the customer cannot withdraw the registration from the financial institution, otherwise the tariff will be charged again to the consumer. 

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    When opening an account at Banco Santander, the minimum income to apply for a credit card is reduced from R$1.045 to R$500. It is a great opportunity to guarantee incredible benefits for your routine, such as: an online card for shopping, before physical version arrive at your residence; all the advantages of the Visa brand and the possibility of gaining more limit on your credit card. 

    3. Nubank

    The next option on our list is a customer favorite. The purple one, as it is called by Nubank customers, offers special conditions for consumers. The success of this alternative can be explained by several reasons, including: modern, free and practical. 

    The annuity fee waiver is not the only benefit of this credit card. A lot of people don't know, but it allows you to increase the limit easily. Just order through the app. Customer service is also one of the company's differentials, which is available over the phone (0800-608-6236) and online chat. 

    Consumers can also make withdrawals at any bank 24 hours a day, block the card through the app, closely monitor the invoice and even anticipate payment of the bill to guarantee a special discount. 

    Founded to bring less bureaucracy to the financial system, Nubank is a company that does not stop bringing news to the consumer. After the launch of the credit card, the customer now has access to a payment account, loan, PJ account and life insurance. 

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    4. Itaucard Click Visa Platinum

    Undoubtedly, Itaucard Click Visa Platinum is one of the best online credit card options approved instantly. It allows you to increase the limit from the third month. To have more chances, the customer must use the card every month, pay the bills by the due date and not get a dirty name. 

    Another positive point is the Itaucard application. In it, you can monitor your expenses over the internet, pay the invoice and even check available discounts. 

    Want more? With this credit card, you can register your Itaucard Click card in Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, free of charge. Consumers can still make contactless payments using their mobile device or watch, bringing more convenience and agility to their routine. 

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    We know that online safety is one of the things that people are most concerned about these days. Therefore, Itaucard offers a temporary or recurring card through the Itaucard application. It helps protect your physical card information from cyber attacks. 

    Those who like loyalty programs have the possibility to participate in iupp. You earn three points for every R$1 spent at this mall.  

    The Iphone forever program is one of the differentials of this credit card. In it, you can purchase the long-awaited iPhone in the Itaú, Itaucard and Personnalité apps, using your credit card. And the best: interest free. 

    5. PAN Bank Card

    It is not enough to have an online credit card approved on the spot. It is essential to have an alternative with many benefits, isn't it? And the PAN bank card shows that this is possible. In the offer club, the customer guarantees exclusive discounts on travel, restaurants, stores and various online partners. 

    You also have up to 25% off at Drogaria a minha cidade and Drogarias Pacheco. It's an economy that comes at a good time, especially at a time when food and other commodity prices are soaring. 

    The customer can request an additional card for someone else. It also has no annual fee. The positive side is that consumption is only recorded on the holder's invoice, who manages the additional limit. That way, you can control expenses with practicality and efficiency. 

    You know those months when you spend more than you earn? So, on this credit card it is possible to split the bill into up to 18 fixed installments to better manage financial planning. To top it off, users can redeem rewards in the Mastercard Surprise program and can also answer all their questions at support, which has exclusive 24-hour service. The card has no annual fee. It's a great Mastercard credit card. 

    6. Atacadão Card 

    With this credit card, you can enjoy exclusive discounts and installments at Atacadão establishments. To help you control your financial planning, the network offers even more time to pay for your purchases. 

    It is essential to make it clear that the customer can make purchases not only at Atacadão stores, but also at establishments that are accredited under the Mastercard and Visa flags, in our country or abroad. 

    To find out if the invoice is closed, the latest releases, the available limit and the best purchase day, just contact João, the establishment's virtual assistant. The number is (11) 4004-5626. 

    Atacadão card customers have access to exclusive installment payments on products that are flagged at Atacadão stores. In addition, you can pay in up to 10 interest-free installments at Drogarias Atacadão. Payment of medicines and beauty products in up to 10 interest-free installments is also available at Drogarias Atacadão. 

    It's really not easy to keep up with the changes of the last few months. To help you, the Atacadão card offers more time to pay your fuel. The benefit is granted at Atacadão stations. It is important to remember that it is safe to use a Mastercard credit card. 

    7. Credicard Card 

    Let's finish our list of online credit cards approved on the spot by talking about the Credicard card. It offers zero annuity, forever; discounts at more partner stores and application available to control your spending. 

    Here, we mention a complete list of instantly approved online credit card. However, it is essential to make it clear that the best alternative is the one that meets your needs. Then, analyze the characteristics of each one to choose the option that corresponds to your financial planning. 

    There are customers who are getting an approved credit card with a low score and even a credit card for negative credit. It is worth requesting yours and enjoying all the benefits. 

    After discovering an online credit card approved instantly, get to know the iti credit card with no annual fee: how to order yours. Another interesting possibility for your pocketbook. 

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