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    Motivational talk: 10 inspirational videos for teams

    Motivational talk: 10 inspirational videos for teamsMotivational talk: 10 inspirational videos for teams

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 19, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    The study of psychology says that no one is able to motivate anyone. In fact, this is true. Motivation for something must first come from within ourselves. However, there are external factors that can inspire and strengthen our purpose, such as, for example, a Motivational Speech.

    Many organizations use this resource to encourage their employees to seek a goal.

    This is because this type of content is capable of stimulating teamwork and increasing the synergy of a team.

    If you are looking for this type of result within your company, you may choose to hold an event to present a motivational speech. This might be simpler than it looks.

    To help you in this quest, we are going to list some of the most well-known speakers, along with the work they offer.


    • Leading by example;
    • Examples of overcoming and how it is possible to make it work;
    • Improvement in the organizational climate;
    • Increased team synergy;
    • Reflexion moment;
    • Break in routine;
    • Increased creativity;
    • Social interaction between different teams.

    Some professionals charge a fee to go to the organization and give a lecture. However, today we can find many motivational talks available on the internet, on YouTube itself.

    How about getting your team together and presenting them with motivating content aligned with one of your organization's goals?


    1. Tony Robbins – Why we do what we do

    Tony Robbins is a very famous coach, so much so that he has served many world celebrities. His content focus is on performance.

    In our statement, he talks about how we can change our most ingrained habits. Click here to watch the full presentation.

    2. Jorge Paulo Lemann – Endeavor Day1

    Jorge Paulo Lemann is a very successful businessman from our country. In 2022, he was considered the second richest man in the country by Forbes Magazine.

    In his talk, he gives us a valuable hint on how we can learn from our mistakes. After all, mistakes and difficulties are part of any process in our life. They are the main responsible for our learning. Click here to watch this life testimonial.

    3. Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts

    In this wonderful video, Susan Cain debunks the myth that to be successful, you need to be uninhibited. She, who is a writer and has written a few books on the subject, says that you can be heard without having to speak loudly for it.

    In her presentation, she talks about the talents that shy people have and how this can be nurtured. If you have a shy team, here's how to encourage them.

    4. Dan Pink – The Motivation Puzzle

    Dan is a career analyst. In this presentation, he treats motivation as something more palpable and objective and not as a utopia. A kind of Science of Motivation.

    He explains that most of the rewards offered by organizations are not motivating factors. This is an ideal motivational talk for team leaders and managers.

    5. Sheryl Sandberg – Why do we have few female leaders?

    Sheryl Sandberg is CCO at Facebook. She believes that the more women occupy leadership positions, the better the world will be.

    This talk is an incentive and recognition for the women on your team.

    Learn More: Female Entrepreneurship: 6 women for you to be inspired by

    6. Steve Jobs – How to live before you die

    Steve Jobs needs no introduction. Everyone knows his achievement in being one of the founders of Apple. This video is a free motivational talk he gave as a keynote speaker at a Stanford University graduation in 2005.

    Here, he talks about the importance of pursuing our dreams with determination. As he describes in his speech, work will be responsible for consuming a huge part of our lives. That's why we need to do what we dream of.

    7. Paul&Jack – The Magic Speaker 

    You know that funny motivational talk that breaks the heavy day-to-day atmosphere?

    So, that's the goal of the magician Paul&Jack. It aligns humor, magic and motivation. Its main focus is sales teams.

    Paul&Jack has performed on several shows in our country and is well known in the field. To learn more about his work, click here.

    8. JK Rowling – The benefits of failure and the power of imagination

    JK Rowling, the famous author of Harry Potter also shined in motivating students at Harvard University.

    Keeping the mood, she also talked about how mistakes are inevitable and important in the construction of our being. See this inspiring moment:

    9. Angela Lee Duckworth – The key to success? Determination

    Angela left a high-profile position to teach math to children. It was then that she realized that it wasn't IQ that determined who was a good student and who wasn't.

    After raising this point of attention, she began to study human behavior. Her study concluded that determination can be more valuable than intellect in various contexts of our life. See your testimonial.

    10. Romero Rodrigues —Believe in the impossible

    Romero is our countryman like us. Founder of Buscapé, he predicted the importance of the online market long before many of us thought about it.

    In his motivational talk, he tells how difficult it was to start his business and what risks he took. An inspiring story of persistence and overcoming.

    How about taking advantage of one of our tips above, to organize a different day and play these inspiring stories with your team?

    Now, if organizing events isn't your thing and you want to hire someone to speak in person for your team, don't worry!

    Below we will list great names of motivational speakers from our country, who will be able to do this for you.


    1. Mario Sergio Cortella

    Focused on ethics, motivation and human relations. Mario Sergio Cortella is a philosopher from our country who has already won over companies and professionals with his lectures.

    2. Caco Barcellos

    One of the best known reporters in our country. He acts as a leader in the recordings of the ProfissĂŁo RepĂłrter program.

    In addition, he is a great speaker in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship and social development. The reporter is a well-known name among the younger audience as well.

    3. Bernardinho

    The former player and coach of our national volleyball team has a lot to say about leadership, teamwork and motivation.

    Well known for his energetic advice during training breaks, Bernardinho also takes his knowledge into companies.

    4. Giuliana Morrone

    Renowned presenter of the newspaper Bom Dia o Nosso PaĂ­s, Giuliana also works as a speaker. Focusing on increasing productivity at work and also combating stress.

    5. Renato Mendes

    Renato is a professor of Digital Marketing at Insper, as well as a businessman and columnist for Época Negócios magazine. He has been an executive at Netshoes for 5 years. He shares his experiences in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and customer focus.

    Yes, we know that motivation is a relative factor. Not all individuals on your team think and feel the same way. However, the content presented here may be valuable to you or someone on your team.

    So why not share? Know another motivational talk that isn't on our list?

    Leave the link here in the comments. We want to be inspired too.

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