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    Color Palette: 14 best sites to create your own

    Color Palette: 14 best sites to create your own

    por Equipe AllYourVideogames | jan 5, 2022 | Marketing Digital |

    Any designer or anyone who works with art needs to worry about one very important thing: the color palette. It can be quite tricky to come up with a color palette that blends perfectly and helps you achieve your project's end goal. However, there are several online tools that can help with this task, just choose the one that best suits you and your way of working.

    Below, we've separated some website options that you can use to create your color palette. So, without further ado, check out 14 website suggestions focused on creating a color palette that can improve your work.

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    Online color palette – where to create your own

    1- Adobe Color Core Palette

    Our first suggestion for a color palette site is Adobe Color, which is probably the best-known tool for this type of service among professionals, offering great services for those who work directly with it. The operation is very simple and the platform works with a central color circle where the user can use rules to harmonize colors and create their own color palette as they wish.

    Color Palette: 14 best sites to create your own

    Going even further, the site also allows you to remove themes from images, being able to create a gradient and a color palette based on any illustration or image. The platform also has some other services, being one of the most complete available on the market.

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    2- Canva color palette

    Another well-known tool, not only for art professionals, is Canva, which also has resources for creating color palettes. In the same way as the site mentioned above, this platform works with a central disk for you to create the palette with perfection. 

    The only downside is that Canva is more limited, allowing you to create with just three different colors. But for those who want to work with minimalism, this could end up being perfect. The user can also use any type of image to generate the palette in a very simple way, in the same way as Adobo Color.

    3- Coolors

    Coolors is another color palette site that stands out for being quite complete, being more like an automatic generator. As soon as you arrive at the platform's homepage, it will be possible to go through different random palettes just by clicking on the spacebar.

    In the top menu bar, the user also has several other options, being able to even change the way the color palette is generated, create collages with the desired palettes and upload any image they want. The main highlight of Colors is the accessibility option, which makes the platform very accessible and simulates some deficiencies, such as color blindness. 

    4- Color Hunt

    Unlike the options mentioned above, Color Hunt works more like a color palette showcase, so you can look for inspiration, but it's still quite useful. The site allows you to create your own collection and even use filters so you can find the palette that most closely matches what you want.

    It stands out for having a tool for creating palettes that is much simpler than others that are on the internet. In addition, you will have much greater freedom and can even “break the rules” of colors when creating.

    5- Colormind

    Colormind has a very interesting proposal, containing an Application Programming Interface (API) that is fully based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. This ends up allowing the user to generate the color palette automatically and as interestingly as possible.

    Color Palette: 14 best sites to create your own

    It works very simply, and to start you just need to click on the “Generate” button to have access to the palettes that are created by the algorithm. In addition, the platform has a tool where you can “lock” on one of the colors and generate more options based on that chosen color.

    You can still use images as a basis to create palettes, in addition to having several other very interesting tools. One that we can mention is Website Colors, where you can check in real time the palette applied to websites in its UI components.

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    If you are working on design projects and want a mobile interface, then a tool that can be great is, also known as Color Tool from The platform works very simply, you just need to choose a base color and the site will generate a color palette based on the selected color. You still have the “Accessibility” tab, useful for UI designer.

    7- ColorSpace

    For those who are looking for a simple interface and operation when creating their color palette, then our suggestion is the ColorSpace website. To get started, just select a base color and go to the “Generate” button. With that, the platform will take care of the rest and will provide more than 20 palettes based on the selected color and defining secondary colors to assemble a palette. The downside is that you don't have the option to export the created palette. So, to use it elsewhere, you will need to copy the hex code manually. 

    8- Color Lisa

    While not quite a color palette generator, Color Lisa is still a tool worth using, or at least trying out. The tool allows the user to use works of art from different points and visualize the color palette that was used. How it works is very simple and you just need to search for the name of the painter on the platform and choose one of the works. This is a perfect platform for those looking for their own inspiration.

    9- BrandColors

    Another option for those looking for inspiration, BrandColors shows the color palette used by famous brands. At the time of writing this text, the site contains a collection of more than 600 brands for you to check out, in addition to containing more than 1600 colors for you to be inspired by.

    Each of the pages of the famous brands also allows the user to download the theme in CSS format and in several others, in addition to checking the palettes in detail. 

    10- Icy Colors

    Color Palette: 14 best sites to create your own

    For designers who want to create one or more color schemes for UI Design projects, then the tool we have for you is the Muzli Colors website. With just a few clicks, the platform allows you to generate themes with just a single color as a base. In addition, it is possible to visualize in real time a dummy application of the color palette and the color combination. 

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    11- Cloudshop color palette generator

    Cloudshop platform also has a free color palette generator tool. In it, the user can find several palettes with different color combinations. Among the available categories, the user can define a varied set of colors, among them we can mention the “popular” and “thematic” categories. In addition, you can also save the created palette and check it whenever you want. 

    12- Colorinspire

    Colorinspire is also another platform that serves more for you to be inspired by ready-made color palettes, with limited but still very useful tools. As soon as you access it, you will be able to view several different palettes, and when you click on a certain color you will have the option to copy and view the color code to be able to use it again in your creations in other editing tools.

    13- Cohesive Colors

    Speaking of creating palettes, we have the Cohesive Colors platform, which has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. You will have the option to choose three different colors, just select one of the available options, adjust the tones of each one by clicking on the minus or plus sign. 

    Another alternative is to click on “Random” so that the system itself chooses a color automatically. Performing this process three times, at the end you will have your own color palette, being able to copy the URL to reuse everything that was created. 

    14- Happy Hues

    Color Palette: 14 best sites to create your own

    And last, but not least, we have a website that is for you to get inspired by color palettes and see how you can use colors in your design projects, Happy Hues. You can choose one of the ready-made palettes and change the elements and illustrations as you see fit, giving the user freedom of editing. Clicking on “Try change the palette” will change the palette automatically. 

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