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    Mobile insurance: which is the best option for you?

    Mobile insurance: which is the best option for you?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 20, 2022 | Shopping |

    Lately, having a mobile insurance It is completely necessary in your life. It is not strange to lose your cell phone due to theft or robbery, as cell phones are some of the most targeted targets for criminals.

    It may also happen that you have an accident and cause your smartphone to accidentally break. 

    Therefore, it can be extremely important to seek some kind of security to protect your cell phone, in case something happens. And that's what cell phone insurance is for. In this sense, you need to know if it is really worth taking out insurance, and if so, when and which one you should choose. 

    To make your life a little easier when making this decision, we are going to explain a little more about cell phone insurance, in addition to listing the main options available on the market. So, you can choose whether it's worth hiring any.

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    How does mobile insurance work?

    Having cell phone insurance is a form of support in case your cell phone is lost, stolen or stolen. In summary, insurance works by paying a monthly or weekly amount, depending on the insurance you sign your contract with.

    If something happens to your cell phone, you may receive a new device or be indemnified by the insurance company. Some companies also usually cover accidental damage, such as a broken screen or battery, for example. 

    As tip number 1, in case you lose or have your cell phone stolen, the first thing you should do is block your number by contacting the operator.

    There are two ways to do this: the first is by blocking the entire device using the IMEI code. The second is by blocking only your line. But you can also resort to other ways, such as installing security applications on the device that lock the device on its own. 

    After that, it is more than advisable that you file a Boletim de Occurrence (BO) at the nearest police station. Some states allow the incident report to also be made online. 

    With the BO, an identification document of the cell phone holder with their personal information (CPF, Driver's License or Identity Card) and possible other documents with data that may be requested, such as the device's invoice and proof of residence, it will be possible to contact the insurer or operator to trigger and put your insurance into operation.  

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    Is it worth having cell phone insurance?

    Despite the benefits we have mentioned, before taking out cell phone insurance, you need to know if it is worth having one. And to arrive at this answer, some analysis is necessary.

    In addition to determining whether it is worth subscribing to an insurance plan, this analysis can also determine which option is the best and the one that best meets your needs. Here are some topics you should consider:

    What is the price of mobile insurance?

    The price can vary greatly depending on your phone model. That is, the more expensive the device, the higher the price charged for the insurance.

    Depending on the services offered, it may be worth paying the highest price for the security of the device. 

    There is a simple calculation for you to know if it is worth (or not) to invest in mobile insurance.

    Try answering the following question to draw your own conclusions: Is the amount you will pay for the security service less or more than the price you would pay for a new device? Mobile insurance might be worth paying if the answer is less.

    What does cell phone insurance cover?

    The coverage of the plan will largely depend on a few factors. Some companies tend to only offer cell phone insurance if you've been robbed or if they cut your purse to get your cell phone, for example.

    For other companies, if there is no evidence of the theft, you will not be compensated. 

    Some insurance tends to be more expensive because it covers more specific situations, such as broken equipment, losses and others. All situations may vary from one insurer to another.

    What about the cell phone insurance deductible?

    In case you don't know what it is, the deductible is the minimum amount that the contractor pays compared to the amount received in the event of a claim.

    Depending on the situation, this deductible amount can be somewhere between 25% and 30% of the total cell phone value. That is, your compensation will not be the full price you paid for the device, if necessary.

    Some insurers still take into account the time of use of the device, so the older it is, the less advantage the insurance will provide you. 

    What is the grace period for the mobile insurance contract?

    In mobile insurance, the grace period of the contract is the initial time for which you are not covered.

    Therefore, if your device breaks down, is stolen, stolen or anything else happens to it during this period, you will not be entitled to a new device or compensation.

    This can happen even if you are paying the monthly fee correctly.

    The tip is to always read the details about the grace period in the contract, as well as being informed about which territories the contract is valid in and the terms of cancellation and renewal of the same. 

    What is the mobile insurance loyalty period?

    If you are one of those people who often change their cell phone a lot, then always be aware if there is a cell phone insurance loyalty period.

    Also, see if in case of cancellation of the contract you will have to pay a fine. Before signing, the tip is to read all the clauses present in the contract.

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    What is the best cell phone insurance?

    Now that you know the main information about cell phone insurance, it's time to see which are the best options available on the market.

    In most cases, it is more advantageous to contract the service directly with your telephone operator, as discounts may be offered for already being a customer. So, see the best mobile insurance options:

    Seguros Vivo Mobile Insurance

    Mobile insurance: which is the best option for you?

    Vivo offers 4 types of cell phone insurance. Variety of insurance is made available as per various customer needs. Check each one:

    1. Weekly Cell Phone Insurance

    Exclusively for Vivo Pré customers, the Semana Celular Insurance costs R$2,99 ​​per week, covering qualified theft and theft of the device, with or without the victim's resistance.

    The indemnity can reach up to R$500 for the insured customer.

    2. Vivo Multiproteção Celular

    This is an available plan that can be contracted by Vivo Pré, Vivo Controle and Vivo Post customers. It costs about R$8,49 per month and covers the insured against accidental damage, theft and qualified theft.

    It is worth mentioning that in situations of theft and robberies, you can receive a new device after paying the insurance deductible. In case of damage, the insurance company covers the repair of your device. 

    3. Vivo Cell Protection

    This mobile insurance is especially focused against qualified theft and theft. It costs about R$6,99 per month and guarantees a new device for the customer in case it has been stolen or stolen.

    4. Vivo Seguro Celular Multi V

    This latest mobile insurance option from Vivo covers both qualified theft and theft, as well as accidental damage. Your plan stands out for not having a grace period.

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    Insurance for TIM Mobile Phone Protected Device

    Mobile insurance: which is the best option for you?

    If Vivo has 4 types of insurance for cell phones, TIM has 3 different options for the consumer. All plans offer the following benefits to users: 

    • No loyalty period and no grace period;
    • National and international coverage;
    • The cell phone is delivered to the customer's home.

    See more details about TIM's mobile insurance plans:

    1. Combo

    As its name suggests, the combo mobile insurance is the most complete offered by TIM. Covering accidental damage, theft and qualified theft, the price can range from R$3,99 to R$57,99 per month.

    2. Theft and Qualified Theft

    Focused only on cases of aggravated theft and theft, this cell phone insurance is ideal for those people who rarely break their device.

    With values ​​from R$2,99 ​​to R$44,99 per month, the price will also depend on the model of your phone.

    3. Accidental Damage

    Unlike the previous plan, this plan is only intended for accidental device breakage caused by liquid damage and device oxidation.

    Depending on the value and model of your cell phone, the price of insurance can range from R$2,99 ​​to R$44,99 per month.

    Claro Up Mobile Insurance

    Mobile insurance: which is the best option for you?

    Claro is not behind its competitors and also offers cell phone insurance to its customers, Claro UP. The plan covers qualified theft, theft and accidental damage.

    The insurance company guarantees a completely new device or payment for the repair, depending on the situation.

    You can file the claim through the Claro Service Center or by calling 3003-0954. Mobile insurance is valid both nationally and internationally. You can also ask your questions at Customer Service on 0800 606 6352. Among the main insurance conditions are: 

    • The deductible has the value of 25% of the value of the device on the invoice;
    • Claro Clube participants can earn discounts on mobile insurance;
    • There is no grace period for insurance subscribers; 
    • New appliance supply or repair coverage is guaranteed.

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    My Nextel Insurance Mobile Insurance

    Mobile insurance: which is the best option for you?

    Nextel also offers 2 types of cell phone insurance to its customers, namely: against damage, theft and robberies or only against qualified theft and robberies.

    This way, you are guaranteed a new device or coverage of the repair cost, depending on the situation. Among the main features of Nextel insurance are:

    • Minimum grace period of 30 days;
    • Period of up to 30 days for compensation;
    • National coverage only, that is, the insurance is not valid outside our country;
    • The deductible costs 25% of the value of the device on the invoice.

    Cell phone insurance can be purchased in three different ways: e-mail, telephone at Fale Conosco or through self-service. More details, you can check the Nextel website. 

    Oi Smart Protection Mobile Insurance

    Oi is also not left out and offers cell phone insurance that covers qualified theft and robbery. It is worth mentioning that Oi's plans are only valid for devices with up to 12 months of use or new ones.

    In addition to guaranteeing a completely new device, the insurance also guarantees protection against damage caused by liquids and oxidation.

    The value of the insurance plan starts at R$6,99 per month. However, it is necessary to go to a local Oi store where you can check the details and close the deal with the operator. 

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