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    Be a Youtuber: How to create a YouTube channel

    Be a Youtuber: How to create a YouTube channel

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 17, 2022 | Youtube | 6

    The consumption of video content grows year after year around the world. With that, one of the main doubts that arise, for those who want to take advantage of this wave, is about how to create a youtube channel.

    Several people are studying how to add this format to their digital marketing strategies. YouTube is the most famous video platform in the world. There are more than 2 billion users connected, generating thousands of views daily.

    Cisco data points out that, by 2022, videos should be responsible for approximately 82% of all online traffic. Therefore, investing in this type of content seems to be the best choice for anyone who wants to succeed online.

    Even with a promising scenario, the production of video content for the internet is still not used by many entrepreneurs. The main complaints we receive is the lack of knowledge in the format and how to put your ideas into practice.

    For this reason, we are going to teach you in this post how to create a YouTube channel.

    How to create a YouTube channel and why?

    After learning how to create a YouTube channel, did you know that it is possible to monetize the videos you post on it? According to the platform itself, the number of channels that had six-figure annual revenues grows by more than 40% each year.

    This means that, in addition to providing content that attracts your audience through videos, you can also make money using YouTube.

    Even with these impressive statistics, before we explain how to create a YouTube channel, you need to understand your business model and study if there is content that can be turned into video, ok?

    Now that you know that YouTube is a tool that can improve your performance, here are the first steps you should take before knowing how to create a successful YouTube channel:

    • Study your persona and identify if she usually consumes videos on YouTube;
    • Look for references from other channels in your area and niche;
    • Create your sales funnel and identify which content can be turned into videos.

    Once you've mapped out these topics, you'll start your YouTube strategy with much more knowledge about your audience and expertise in marketing materials.

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    How to create a YouTube channel step by step

    Now we are going to teach you all the step-by-step instructions on how to create a YouTube channel, both on your computer and on your cell phone.

    How to create a YouTube channel on pc:

    Step 1. The first step of how to create a YouTube channel is to login to your Google account. If you don't already have one, create an account;

    Step 2. After logging into your account, access the link and click on your profile icon at the top of the screen;

    Step 3. Click on Create a channel;

    Step 4. A popup will appear to guide you on how to create a YouTube channel. Click on Getting Started, read and choose the options you want, following the platform guidelines;

    Step 5. To complete the creation of your YouTube channel, you will be able to customize some fields, upload profile and cover image. Later in this post, we'll teach you how to customize your channel.

    Ready! You now have a channel created.

    After logging in, you can also like and comment on videos from other channels, subscribe to channels that interest you and, of course, share your own videos on YouTube.

    How to create a YouTube channel on mobile:

    Step 1. Download YouTube app from Play Store or App Store;

    Step 2. Then go to the app and log in to your Google account;

    Step 3. Click on your profile icon at the top of the screen;

    Step 4. From the drop-down menu, select Your channel;

    Step 5. At this point, a popup will open for you to configure your channel name. Once you've done that, just click on Create channel.

    Tips on how to have a successful YouTube channel

    Here are some tips for those who want to have a successful YouTube channel. These are simple recommendations, but they can make all the difference.

    1. Have a visual identity

    The first thing you should invest in when opening a YouTube channel is visual identity. If you can't afford to hire a designer to create, use and abuse the Canva website.

    Like him, you will be able to create the cover image and your profile picture. Don't forget that your profile will be your gateway to users. So, leave it with the face of your brand.

    1. Think carefully about the titles of the videos and capriche in the thumbs

    When publishing your videos on YouTube, think carefully about their titles. Research keywords and also how users typically search for terms related to the topic of your content.

    Thumbs is what those YouTube video cover images are called. They will catch the audience's attention when they search for content or when they are on recommended videos.

    When creating a thumb, always bet on short sentences, but that are effective and also on impactful images.

    1. Make calls to action

    Call to action is when you ask your audience to do something.

    You have probably already seen in a video the youtuber encouraging viewers to subscribe to his channel and enjoy his content. These are examples of calls to action.

    1. Track channel metrics

    YouTube provides tons of statistics on its platform so you can always track your video metrics like reach, engagement and audience.

    They are very important, as they will indicate what works and what does not in your content strategy.

    To access, click on your profile icon in the upper corner of the screen, then on YouTube Studio and, in the menu on the left of your computer screen, click on Statistics.

    1. Use other social networks to spread the word

    This will also be a way to gain more views. Integrate your YouTube videos with other social networks. Use the videos in your posts on Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn, and more.

    You can also post them in groups that are in your niche, if the rules allow, of course!

    1. Keep an eye on YouTube Policies

    Always be aware of YouTube's policies on what you can and cannot do on the social network so that it doesn't harm your posts. Mainly what is related to copyright in the use of music and images.

    Want to know where to download free music to use in your YouTube videos? We have a post with the best royalty-free music banks.

    How to customize your YouTube channel

    Since you've already learned how to create a YouTube channel and checked out the top tips to succeed, it's time to customize your new YouTube channel with your brand's visual identity.

    This is very important to make your account look like you or your business, as we mentioned in the previous topic.

    It is worth mentioning that some updates are only available to be performed on the computer.

    Invest in the Cover and Profile image

    Your profile picture will appear next to your channel name, below your videos and also in comments you make.

    The cover image (banner) will be available on your channel and will serve as the front of your company on YouTube.

    Remember that these initial customizations will be the first thing your audience will see when they find your channel.

    At first, you can even replicate the profile and cover image that you have on your Facebook. But the ideal is to create artwork with the sizes recommended by the platform.

    If you don't have editing software, you can use Canva to get the dimensions recommended by YouTube.

    To customize the cover and profile images, click Customize Channel and then Branding to start editing. In this part, you can also add an image to become a watermark that will be displayed in the lower right corner of the video player.

    Check the size of images on YouTube.

    Insert icons from other social networks on the cover

    When accessing YouTube channels, you may have noticed that some of them have icons from other social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, next to the cover image.

    These icons serve to take your subscribers to other profiles you have, which is very important for them to get to know you better.

    To add these links to your profile you must:

    Step 1. Access your channel and click Customize channel;

    Step 2. In the Channel Customization part, click Basic Information;

    Step 3. Go to the Links option;

    Step 4. In Title of the link, enter the name of the social network and, in URL, the link to its profile;

    Step 5. Click Add Link if you need new spaces.

    Ready. Once this is done, clickable icons from each of the social networks you have configured will appear next to your channel cover.

    Know your channel

    When accessing your YouTube channel, you will notice that it has some tabs with content. See what each one is for:

    Home: This is the tab your audience sees when they join your channel. Here, they will find their latest updates. You can customize this tab with different layouts;

    Videos: On this tab, you can see a list of videos you've posted publicly;

    Playlists: This tab gathers a list of all playlists created by you;

    Channels: This tab shows the channels you've subscribed to;

    Discussion: If you have enabled the “Discussion” tab, comments made by the audience on your channel will appear in this tab;

    About: This tab gathers information about you/your brand and your channel, such as: description, location and contact;

    Featured Channels: Shows other channels you have or others with content related to yours.

    How to delete a YouTube channel

    It may be that for some reason you want to hide or delete the YouTube channel. If you want to do this, the process is simple:

    How to permanently delete a YouTube channel

    Step 1. Open YouTube and click on your image in the upper right corner;

    Step 2. Select Settings;

    Step 3. In the menu on the left of the screen, click on Advanced Settings;

    Step 4. Now click on Delete channel. At this point, you will need to confirm your login to the platform;

    Step 5. Once done, choose the option I want to permanently delete my content. Then select the items to be deleted and click Delete my content;

    Step 6. To confirm the deletion, YouTube will open a pop-up and ask you to enter your email. Then click on Delete my content

    Ready. The process of deleting your channel will start and it may take a while before you can't find all your videos on the platform.

    It is important to note that this process only deletes your channel, your Google and YouTube account will continue to exist.

    How to hide YouTube channel for a while

    To only hide the channel for a period of time, redo steps 1 to 4 of the tutorial on how to delete your channel. In step number 5, instead of clicking on the delete option, click on I want to hide my channel.

    Once this is done, your channel will no longer be visible. To reactivate it, just redo the process of how to create a YouTube channel that we taught you earlier.

    Now that you know how to make a YouTube channel, tell us here in the comments: what do you think of the platform?

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