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    Cashback Petrobras: how does it work to get cash back?

    Cashback Petrobras: how does it work to get cash back?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 23, 2022 | Shopping |

    That gasoline is very expensive, everyone knows, but did you know that it is possible to get discounts on refueling your vehicles? Even if it's not that eye-popping amount, any price reduction can make a difference at the end of the month. One way to get good deals at gas stations is with Petrobras cashback.

    In this post you will be able to check how Petrobras Premmia works in partnership with AME Digital to get cashback on supplies. Thus, you will also be able to know how to register on the platforms, how to accumulate points, the change in the program that caused controversy and some more information to let you know about this promotion.

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    Just to make everything clear, before approaching the subject of Petrobras Premmia, it is important that you know the basics of Ame Digital, as will be explained shortly.

    What is AME Digital?

    AME Digital can be defined as a tool that allows its users to receive money from cashback, coupons, vouchers and by referrals from other customers on the platform.

    It is only important to warn at the outset that the benefits can only be used at B2W stores (, Submarino and Shoptime) and establishments that have partnerships with the company, such as Petrobras gas stations.

    And far beyond the possibility of receiving cashback, AME is a digital wallet that allows its customers to make Pix, transfers, recharge their cell phone, make payments and even ask for insurance and loans, among other features.

    If you want to know more about this platform, you can check out this other post we have on the blog, where everything is detailed. Now, if you have any questions related to AME Digital, be sure to take a look at this content.

    Cashback Petrobras: general rules

    As soon as you pay for the fueling of your car using AME Digital and when you accept the Petrobras Premmia score, every time you put fuel at Petrobras stations, buy an item at the BR Mania convenience store or use the Lubrax+ service, you will be entitled to enter the Petrobras Premmia promotion.

    And to clarify, Premmia is the customer loyalty platform of the Petrobras gas station network. Therefore, the benefits obtained can be transformed into cashback, and the money is deposited in the AME app within seven days after the user receives the confirmation message from the platform.

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    With this, after the payment is approved, within 24 hours the user will receive a notification on the smartphone alerting that the Petrobras cashback can now be used in establishments that have a partnership with AME.

    Just keep in mind that the accumulated points are valid for 12 months, counting from the day the cashback fell to your AME Digital app account. However, according to Premmia regulations, Petrobras may extend the date of its points at its sole discretion, but does not explain what these criteria are.

    Anyway, to make sure you don't lose your points, it's best to use everything within a year. It is also worth noting that it is not allowed to transfer cashback to other people or even withdraw the benefit money.

    That is, it is only allowed to use cashback within AME Digital. If you want to check the entire Petrobras Premmia regulation, click here. The Petrobras cashback promotion has gone through some changes more than once and unfortunately, it hasn't been for the better, which has angered many users. Anyway, understand the controversy below.

    Petrobras Premmia cashback changes

    Petrobras started its partnership with AME Digital in May 2022, and with the promotion in the first month it was possible to have up to 20% cashback by paying with AME for supplies, changing the oil and buying items at BR Mania stores. After that first month, the deal followed, but the cashback dropped to 10%.

    When it was March 2022, a new change took place. From that moment on, the 10% cashback was limited to R$20 per month.

    Exactly two months later, that is, in May 2022, another change in the rules took place. Since then, expenses at Petrobras, BR Mania and Lubrax+ stations allow users to win a prize for each purchase made at the establishments instead of earning cashback of up to 10% with a limit of up to R$20 per month.

    So, the promotion follows the following criteria: the person will be able to participate in Prize Purchases with the possibility of winning cashback prizes in which the absolute value varies between R$0,10 and R$50,00, and these values ​​are offered in accordance with the criteria for assessing user engagement established by AME.

    This new rule raises questions, for example, what are the criteria for earning as much cashback as possible? This is not clear in the regulation. What is implied is that the money back is made in a “random” way.

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    With this, the new regulation removes the chance to make an exact comparison between which station or program will pay more in your pocket when filling your car. This is because it is not possible to know exactly what the amount you will receive in cashback will be. As the advantages start at R$0,10 and have a limit of R$50, the possibilities of receiving a lower amount than in the old rule are quite large.

    This can mean that low cashback amounts can happen most of the time and that the R$ 50 is a prize as if it were a real treasure within the promotion. This whole situation caused many complaints from users, who did not like this last change at all. In this way, you can check some questions on the Complain Here.

    Petrobras Premium Awards

    In addition to cashback, each time you make a purchase or use a Petrobras Premmia service, you are guaranteed a total amount of points. With these points it is possible to redeem prizes, such as movie tickets, fuel vouchers, discounts at Renner, among other benefits. If you want to see the entire catalogue, just click here.

    In this way, you can earn points in the following ways:

    • BRL 1 = 1 point: for every BRL 1 that a person spends on any product from the gas station network participating in the promotion, they will receive 1 point. Remembering that products need to be purchased at BR Mania or Lubrax+ stores.
    • Preferred station: you can register the Petrobras station that you use the most, so every BRL 1 will be worth 2 points. There is still the possibility of paying with the Petrobras Card or using the Sem Parar service, which will also be worth 1 points for every R$2.
    • Scoring combo: now, the way to earn more points at once is to fill up at your favorite gas station and pay with the Petrobras card or Sem Parar, so every R$1 will be worth 4 points.

    It is worth mentioning that for truck drivers all gas stations in the Siga Bem network are accepted as preferred stations.

    In addition, Sem Parar is a subscription platform in which it is possible to make automatic payments when crossing tolls, parking lots, gas stations, among others. In addition to the website, the tool is available for mobile devices with Android and IOS systems.

    It is also important to keep in mind that there are limits when it comes to earning points. Therefore, payments using credit or debit cards at Cielo or Getnet machines are allowed to make up to three transactions throughout the day. Now, cash, by check or credit or debit card, not using Cielo or Getnet machines, is only allowed to carry out up to two transactions per day.

    Note that it is also only possible to convert points up to R$ 1000 per day and the weekly limit is R$ 2000. For truck drivers who use the Siga Bem Network stations, the limit is R$ 6000 per week. Remembering that these limits are only for those who pay with credit or debit card in the machines of Cielo or Getnet. For those using another form of payment, the limit is only R$350 within a period that involves the last seven calendar days, counting from the day you earned the points.

    You need to pay attention that the CPF to use when picking up the points must be the same as the cardholder. In addition, to earn points it is necessary to inform your CPF at the credit card machines.

    For each item purchased at establishments participating in the promotion or when refueling your vehicle, Premmia checks the limit, taking into account transactions that have been made in the last seven calendar days. If you reach the limit of the day or week, the accumulation of points is temporarily stopped. So, it will only be released after the seven days have passed since it reached the limit.

    Therefore, to redeem the points you need to download the Premmia app and do the following steps:

    Photo: publicity/Petrobras award-winning purchase

    How to register not AME Digital

    After seeing how the Premmia program works, if you want to participate, the first step is to register with AME Digital. So, to start the tutorial you need to download the app available for smartphones with Android or IOS system.

    Step 1: After downloading the app, open it. On the home screen tap on “Create My Account Ame”.

    Step 2: A screen will open where you fill in your CPF, after that your name and date of birth.

    Step 3: now put your main email and after that confirm the email address. You also need to fill in the data with your mobile number. A code will be sent via SMS, as soon as you receive it, enter the number in the app.

    Step 4: Once this is done, choose a password that will be used to access your account on the platform. Just be aware that it is necessary to use numbers, letters and have at least eight characters.

    Step 5: Check your email inbox to confirm the creation of your AME Digital account.

    Step 6: ready! Your registration in AME Digital was successful.

    How to use the Petrobras Premmia program

    After registering with AME Digital, you now need to know how to use the Petrobras Premmia program.

    Step 1: when you are going to fill your car's tank, inform the gas station attendant who will pay for the supply with the AME.

    Step 2: done that, access the AME Digital app and log in. On the home screen choose the option “Pay”

    Step 3: your cell phone camera will start. You need to point to the QR code that the attendant will show you and choose the alternative “Point your purchase at Premmia”.

    Step 4: advise the amount that needs to be paid for your supply.

    Step 5: choose your card that is registered in the app and/or available balance in your AME account.

    Step 6: ready! After a few days you will receive part of the amount paid as cashback Petrobras.

    Additional information

    It is important to warn that not all Petrobras gas stations, BR Mania and Lubrax+ conveniences are part of the Petrobras Premmia promotion. In this way, only places registered with the AME and those with Premmia provide the benefits. You can check the map with all the stations participating in the program by clicking on this link.

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    So, all cashback received can be used in two ways, which are:

    1 – Use the cashback that is in the digital wallet to reduce the costs of your purchase in stores that offer payment with AME and in partner establishments. So, when you make the payment, just choose the alternative “Balance + Card”, so it will be possible to make part of the payment with the cashback in your account and the other amount using your credit card.

    2 – You can pay for your product or service using only the cashback balance you have in your AME account.

    And as the cashback is worth, on average, one year, you have to keep an eye on the statuses that the advantage is. This means that it is necessary to pay attention to the validity, and the statuses are in two ways, which are:

    Ready to use: when the app indicates this status it means your cashback is already in your AME account and can be used.

    Canceled: this means that your Petrobras cashback has been canceled due to the cancellation of payment at the Petrobras Service Station, BR Mania and Lubrax+ convenience locations or has expired.

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