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    Mercado Pago credit card: how does it work?

    Mercado Pago credit card: how does it work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 30, 2022 | Shopping |

    O Mercado Pago credit card It is ideal for consumers looking for an alternative with several benefits. Gone are the days when the credit card was seen as a villain in financial planning. When this resource is used responsibly, this payment alternative brings several benefits to consumers, such as: more security, ease of payment, immediate credit and agility.

    The credit card helps you control your finances, allows you to track spending and even has fraud protection. In addition, it brings more purchasing power. It is possible to purchase several products for your routine and for the home. And it even helps in our entertainment, making it possible to subscribe to various digital services, such as GloboPlay, Amazon and iFood. 

    Now, consumers on the Mercado Pago account can join the Mercado Pago credit card queue. Despite not being released to customers, it is worth holding back the anxiety, especially since it will bring several benefits to the consumer. 

    In this post, we will show you the main advantages of the Mercado Pago credit card and how to get on the waiting list. Follow up!

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    What are the benefits of the Mercado Pago credit card? 

    From now on, we will list the benefits of the Mercado Pago Visa card. 

    No annuity fee

    One of the main advantages of the Mercado Pago credit card is that it does not contain an annual fee. That way, you don't have to worry about hidden fees at the end of the month. 

    The amount saved with the annual fee can be used to subscribe to a streaming service, order a delivery or for other moments of your routine. 

    Account with installments in up to 18 interest-free installments 

    With the Mercado Pago credit card, customers can pay their purchases on the site in up to 18 interest-free installments. The benefit is valid for several segments:

    • Mercado; 
    • Beauty products;
    • Clothes; 
    • Home appliances; 
    • Computing; 
    • And much more!

    More points in the Mercado Pago Program

    Mercado Pago credit card: how does it work?

    From day one, the Mercado Pago points program brings several benefits to the customer. After registering, you guarantee free shipping on thousands of items starting at R$79. Another positive point is that the consumer can request the return of products for free. 

    From level 3 onwards, the customer has more advantages, such as 10% OFF on their freight, in addition to exclusive discounts on products. You can level up in several ways:

    • Acquire new products;
    • Fulfill the goals of the Free Market;
    • Accumulate payments with your Mercado Pago Wallet;
    • Book a car. 

    In addition to the possibilities mentioned above, you can double your score in purchases made on Mercado Livre and Mercado Pago. 

    Visa Gold Partnership Benefits 

    The Mercado Pago credit card also offers exclusive advantages of the Visa Gold brand. Among the benefits, there is insurance against theft and accidents on your purchases. It is valid for 180 days, which are counted from the date of purchase.


    You know that complicated feeling of carrying multiple credit cards in your wallet? With a Mercado Pago credit card, your problems are over. It brings more convenience to the consumer, since it is debit and credit in one place. You define what type of payment you want to make at a given time. 

    Financial budget control

    Contrary to what most people imagine, the credit card can be a great alternative to help consumers control their financial budget. At first, you might find this statement strange, but it makes a lot of sense. 

    Take a good look: through the Mercado Pago credit card, you can monitor which are the biggest expenses of your budget. That way, it will be easier to find out in which segments you need to make cuts so you don't get a scare at the end of the month. 

    Ease during routine 

    Now, it is no longer necessary to leave the residence with a lot of money in your pocket. With a simple credit card, you can buy several products in a very simple way. Best of all, you can keep it in your wallet or purse without taking up too much space. 


    Let's end our list by talking about security. This credit card does not contain a number and CVV (card verification code). The absence of this information is to ensure more tranquility for your routine. 

    And if you intend to make purchases in the online environment, just use the Mercado Pago virtual card that is available in the application. This allows your card details to be safe in the event of theft or loss. 

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    How to apply for a Mercado Pago credit card? 

    Before explaining what to do to enter the credit card queue, we need to make it clear that the novelty is only released to customers who already have a Mercado Pago card, in physical or virtual modalities. 

    When you are authorized to use credit, it is essential to have the physical card to activate it and make your first purchases. If you do not have a Mercado Pago card, we recommend accessing the app and requesting it immediately. The process is simple and can be completed in a few minutes:

    1. Access your Mercado Pago account;
    2. Go to the “Help” section;
    3. Tap on “Mercado Pago Card”;
    4. Select the option “I want to have the credit function on my card”;
    5. Touch “I want to be on the waiting list”. 

    Now, just wait for the store's release to activate the Mercado Pago card. Communication will be made by email. It is never too much to remember that any customer's order is subject to credit analysis. 

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    About Mercado Pago 

    This is Mercado Livre's payment solution. However, he is much more than that. It is an alternative for entrepreneurs looking to increase their business sales. 

    Mercado Pago, for example, contains a digital wallet that helps to manage receipts and payments more easily. You can also use the credits for new transactions.  

    Checkout Pro is a feature that assists consumers in the checkout process. It allows users to complete their purchases with fewer clicks, ensuring an amazing experience.  

    The payment link is a resource that helps the entrepreneur to market products not only on social networks, but on other communication channels, such as email, SMS and WhatsApp. Here, you don't need to build a virtual store or e-commerce to sell online. Just send the link and the customer will be forwarded to the payment page.

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