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    Maxmiles or 123 miles: Which is better to sell miles?

    Maxmiles or 123 miles: Which is better to sell miles?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 6, 2022 | Shopping | 0

    Two of the best portals you can access when you want to buy cheap airline tickets or sell your miles are Maxmilhas and 123 miles.

    As they are two of the main options on the market, today we are going to analyze each one to know which is the best: Maxmiles or 123 miles?

    Although the two companies have a similar proposal, many may still have doubts about what their differences are, which is the most reliable and how they work.

    So, in this post we are going to compare the main features to reach a final result between Maxmiles or 123 miles.

    We take into account the evaluation of both in Reclame Aqui, the functioning and how to sell miles in these companies. 

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    What is the difference between Maxmiles or 123 miles?

    The two companies aim to facilitate access to cheaper air tickets compared to airlines, mainly using miles.

    Both Maxmilhas and 123 Miles work with the sale of tickets and the purchase of miles.

    However, 123 miles only started to buy miles recently, while Maxmilhas has been doing this for a while.


    On the Maxmilhas platform, it is possible to make a connection between people who want to pay less for their tickets but do not have miles, and those who have miles and want to sell them, thus enabling an exchange.

    Winning several awards since its launch in 2013, Maxmilhas stands out for being one of the 15 companies that most marked the year 2015, according to the ranking made by

    Among the awards that the company received, we can mention Info Start 2013.

    So far, more than 5 billion miles have been traded using the platform, in addition to having more than 500 tickets issued.

    123 Miles

    As mentioned before, 123 miles was a company focused only on selling tickets at cheaper prices and at a discount.

    Recently, it also started to stand out in the purchase of miles.

    On the company's website, when searching for an airline ticket, it is possible to evaluate and make a comparison if it is cheaper at 123 miles or on the airline's own website.

    Enabling greater savings for users interested in traveling by purchasing airline tickets with miles, the purchase process at 123 miles is quite simple.

    All you need to do is access the website, search for your travel date and the place you are interested in and make the purchase following the steps that will be described.

    With the purchase process completed, the user receives confirmation via email.

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    How does Maxmiles or 123 miles work?

    Regardless of whether it is on Maxmilhas or 123 miles, the operation of the platform with miles is no different.

    The process consists of: accessing the website of any of the companies, carrying out an air ticket search, choosing the one you want, paying and waiting for confirmation and the voucher via email.

    How to sell miles on Maxmilhas?

    If you have miles to sell, then check out now how to do it through Max Miles.

    The platform allows the user to define how much he will sell the miles for.

    Maxmilhas itself offers a price suggestion, thus enabling a faster sale.

    Advertising your miles and registering on the platform are completely free.

    However, Maxmilhas charges a fee on top of miles sold.

    How to sell miles at 123 miles?

    There is a difference in the Maxmiles miles purchase system or 123 miles.

    While Maxmilhas allows users to sell their miles to other customers as an intermediary platform, 123 miles itself buys miles from customers.

    If you want to sell your miles for 123 miles, you will have to access the platform's website and click on the “Sell your miles” option in the upper left corner.

    123 miles allows you to make a quote by entering the miles program, the amount and your email, and you can even choose the day you will receive the payment.

    You will also receive an email informing you how much the 123 miles will pay in your miles, and when you register, you select whether you want to receive the amount through an appointment or in advance.

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    Which is more reliable? Maxmiles or 123 miles

    Now that you know both companies, it's important to know if they really are trustworthy.

    And is there a better way to do this than using the opinions of both customers?

    Therefore, we are going to analyze the evaluation of each one on Reclame Aqui, where customers themselves can leave their complaints and the company can respond to everyone.

    So which is the most reliable? Maxmiles or 123 miles?

    Maxmilhas do not claim here

    Maxmiles or 123 miles: Which is better to sell miles?

    Maxmilhas has one of the best reviews on Reclame Aqui, being one of the few companies with a RA1000 reputation on the platform, with a score of 8,3/10.

    With data collected from March 2022 to August 2022, the company responded to 93,6% of registered complaints and has a problem resolution rate of 91,7%.

    Of the customers who complained on Reclame Aqui, 72,7% said they would do business with Maxmilhas again, and the company received a customer rating of 7.3.

    123 miles on Reclame Aqui

    Maxmiles or 123 miles: Which is better to sell miles?

    The evaluation received by the 123 miles on Reclame Aqui is practically identical, showing that the Maxmilhas or 123 miles are great options on the market and that they can be used without major concerns.

    Like its competitor, 123 miles is one of the few companies with an 8,3/10 rating, also boasting an RA1000 reputation.

    With data gathered from March to August 2022, 123 Miles responded to 93,4% of complaints filed, in addition to having a problem resolution rate of 92,3%.

    To further improve the company's image, 72,8% of customers said they would do business again with the company, which has a public rating of 7.4.

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