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    Maxmilhas cheap air tickets: how does it work?

    Maxmilhas cheap air tickets: how does it work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 7, 2022 | Shopping |

    Did you know that you can travel paying much less with Maxmilhas cheap airline tickets? Well, this is possible!

    Today we will explain what you need to know to buy your air ticket for a much cheaper price.

    Nowadays, MaxMilhas has revolutionized the way of buying airline tickets at a more affordable price for the consumer.

    This company, in addition to selling airline tickets, buys and sells miles from the end consumer. 

    It is important to note that there is no need for you to have miles to be able to make this type of purchase.

    You can buy tickets at the best prices, just by accessing the MaxMilhas website.

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    What are air miles? 

    If you still don't know what air miles are, you are missing out on one of the greatest opportunities to enjoy the advantages offered by airlines when making your trip.

    Around the 80s, airlines adopted the use of miles not only as a unit of measurement, but also as a unit of score for their customers who flew with the companies the most.

    In order to encourage these customers not to travel with other competitors, the accumulated points could be exchanged for new airline tickets at a later date. 

    And so, miles emerged as a way to pay cheaper on your airfare.

    All the miles you earn go to an account in a Loyalty Program.

    The two main forms of accumulation are travel and credit cards.

    Therefore, each trip made by airlines with their loyalty program generates a number of miles. 

    The accumulated miles can be used as a way to redeem tickets, products and also services.

    The use of miles ranges from travel to the use of services such as calling a car in the transport app.

    What is MaxMilhas? 

    MaxMilhas is one of the largest companies that sell tickets for miles.

    On its platform, it is possible to sell miles and buy airline tickets for a lower price than usual.

    It offers search and purchase of promotional flight tickets. 

    It is a great option for both those who want to save on tickets and for those who want to make extra money selling their miles.

    In a simplified way, a person who has accumulated miles on an airline but will not use them, just register with MaxMilhas and put those points to sell.

    Another person who is looking for airline tickets, within MaxMilhas, in order to find cheaper tickets, comes across these points at an affordable price and buys. 

    With the payment of the person who bought the cheapest ticket, MaxMilhas takes care of buying the miles from the other person who had put their points on sale, and so everyone wins.

    What is Loyalty Program?

    Basically Loyalty Program is an exchange between consumer and entrepreneur, where there are advantages for both.

    The buyer profits by being able to use part of the money invested in discounts and offers offered.

    The entrepreneur, on the other hand, increases his income, making this buyer loyal to his establishment, since he is “rewarded” every time he makes a purchase.

    In addition to Loyalty Programs being common in airlines, you can also register in clubs such as gas stations, hotels, banks, among others.

    With the partnership of the programs, it is also possible to exchange card points for miles or even miles for hotel points, for example.

    There is no loyalty program that is better than another. There is one that fits your needs.

    Therefore, it is an individual choice and thought about what will serve you best.

    MaxMilhas: how to sell airline miles? 

    The sale of miles by MaxMilhas can be done through three programs: Azul, Latam and Gol.

    In all these companies, the minimum amount of points that can be sold is a total of 3.500.

    As soon as you access the MaxMilhas website, you will see “Sell Miles” at the top of the page.

    Maxmilhas cheap air tickets: how does it work?

    Then, you will choose the loyalty program and the number of miles you want to sell. Then just click on “Quote Now”;

    Maxmilhas cheap air tickets: how does it work?

    After that, a new page will open where you will define how much you want to receive for every thousand miles sold.

    The site makes an average value recommendation, which you can adhere to or not.

    Once the sales value of the miles has been defined, it will be necessary to inform the details of your Loyalty Program account and also the bank details for a future bank transfer.

    When you confirm the sale, the offer is sent for review and once approved, you are notified via email.

    It is possible that, in the case of a high value, the sale will not be carried out at once. 

    Miles are sold when an interested buyer chooses their offer and completes the purchase.

    The time to sell is proportional to the value offered, the lower, the faster.

    Fractional sales of miles are common, because for each sales, a certain amount of miles is used, just enough to issue the buyer's ticket.

    Payment for miles sold is made within 20 calendar days after the tickets are issued.

    MaxMilhas: how to buy a cheaper air ticket? 

    When accessing the site, next to “Sell Miles” you will find “Buy tickets”.

    By clicking, you will be redirected to a page where you will enter your destination, origin and travel date in order to search for the cheapest tickets. 

    You can also browse the airfare on lightning promotion, where you will find promotional airfare. 

    Before buying a ticket, it is interesting that you check the cost of this ticket directly with the airline.

    MaxMilhas informs which company is responsible for each one. 

    Let's do a simulation, where the origin is Belo Horizonte and the destination is the city of our city: 

    Maxmilhas cheap air tickets: how does it work?
    Maxmilhas cheap air tickets: how does it work?

    You can take that same ticket and the respective date and go to the Latam website, which is responsible for the ticket in our example, and check the values ​​to see if it pays off or not.

    You can also check through Google Flights, which provides you with all the search information related to price, airlines, stopovers and much more. 

    As soon as you buy the ticket, a company tracker is issued.

    When performing Check-in and Check-out, when you insert the tracker you will receive information about the ticket, if it is confirmed or if there was any kind of problem.

    You can check it out on the company's website.

    How to accumulate miles and points? 

    The idea of ​​buying cheaper or profiting from airline miles is tempting.

    And if you still don't know the ways to earn miles and points, we'll explain! 

    Loyalty Programs

    As already mentioned in the text, loyalty programs are a good option to earn miles.

    Whenever you travel with a company, sign up for the Loyalty Programs they offer.

    In this way, you accumulate points to redeem for tickets or other products. 

    Advantage Club 

    The Loyalty Programs have an advantage club, where you pay a monthly fee and earn points for it.

    Credit card 

    Another very common and simple way is to have a credit card enabled for this condition.

    Each payment made by the card is capable of generating points, which can be converted into miles.

    But it is necessary to have a specific credit card. Not all cards have this function.

    What are the most advantageous cards? 

    We made a list of the 20 credit cards that can be a good choice for this purpose and that also offer other benefits such as access to VIP lounges, baggage allowance and travel insurance:

    1. Bradesco Eternal Visa Infinite 
    2. Uniprime Mastercard Black
    3. Bank of our country Altus Visa Infinite
    4. BRB Duke Visa Infinite
    5. Unicred Visa Infinite
    6. Santander Unlimited Mastercard Black
    7. Sicoob Mastercard Black Merit
    8. Sicredi Mastercard Black
    9. Caixa Elo Diners Club
    10. Bradesco Elo Diners Club
    11. Itaucard Azul Visa Infinite
    12. Ourocard Elo Diners Club
    13. Porto Seguro Visa Infinite
    14. Itaucard Azul Visa Infinite
    15. American Express the Platinum Card
    16. Banese Card Elo Nanjing
    17. Box Elo Nanjing
    18. Itaucard Latam Pass Visa Infinite
    19. C6 Carbon Mastercard Black
    20. Santander AAdvantage Mastercard Black

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    Is MaxMilhas reliable? 

    On the Reclame Aqui website (communication channel between consumers and companies), MaxMilhas is rated 8.3/10, showing that it is a very reputable and reliable company.

    Most of the complaints are aimed at rescheduling or cancellation of flights, as it is a big bureaucracy to solve this type of problem, even more so because of the pandemic.

    We can conclude then that MaxMilhas is a company that has credibility in the market and offers security and great advantages.

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