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    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 17, 2022 | News |

    Special moments call for more preparation in the look. In this text we will show you how to make a bridesmaid makeup the way you deserve.

    Taking care of yourself is an act of love that every woman is entitled to experience. So come check out how to enhance her beauty through makeup and shine in this unique moment.

    skin preparation

    before receiving the bridesmaid makeup, like any other, it is indicated that the skin is treated so as not to be damaged.

    Whatever your skin type, dry, combination or oily, it is necessary to clean it with a neutral soap, tone it with an astringent lotion and finish with a moisturizer to reduce the oiliness of the skin.

    Another essential aspect is the use of sunscreen with UVA and UVB every day, as ultraviolet and infrared rays damage the skin even on cloudy or rainy days.

    The ideal way to take care of your face would be to carry out these procedures mentioned above every day, regardless of putting on some makeup. And you don't have to worry if your skin is oily, as you're just moisturizing your face and protecting it from the sun's rays.

    The trick is to put less amount of the product on the most oily parts, such as the forehead. After applying the moisturizer, it is recommended to wait a few minutes so that the makeup can be fixed more lastingly.

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    How to do makeup for a bridesmaid?

    peach cover

    There are different ways to start a makeup, here we will start with the concealer to cover dark circles, pimples and blemishes. Below the eyes the concealer is applied to the skin in a triangular shape and then it is spread with a brush or sponge in small strokes.

    The next step is to cover the other regions of the face that contain unwanted marks. After this correction is made, we use a foundation that most closely matches your skin tone and spread it out in pats as well.

    The application of the foundation should be done with light movements and starting from the center to the ends of the face. It is also necessary to apply a little of the product on the neck and chest to match the tone of the body.

    Foundation is one of the most important steps as it unifies skin coverage. And in this case, as we are dealing with a bridesmaid makeup, the foundation needs to have a long-lasting hold and be of great quality.

    We can use liquid foundation or compact powder, as long as it follows the recommendations above. The difference is that the first gives a brighter look to the skin than the second.

    After foundation, the translucent powder is applied in the same way in light strokes, but with a softer brush. The powder has the function of guaranteeing the fixation of the makeup on the skin and leaves the finish more professional.

    Highlight every feature of your face

    After unifying the skin, it's time to make the cheekbones more radiant with the blush. In application, a trick that works for almost all women is to apply the blush two fingers away from the nose, at an angle that points towards the top of the ear.

    If your face is oval in shape, apply it to the top of the apples and gently pull the brush towards the temples and that's it! On round faces, if the idea is to thin, the ideal is to use a thin blush diagonally and below the apples.

    In the case of a long or square face, it is recommended to use a rounded shape, blending it subtly to the side, only in those with a more elongated or triangular face. This application can also be used to give the feeling of health.

    To mark some points of the face, you can use a gray tone of bronzer on the cheek, chin, nose and corners of the forehead. Application is always from bottom to top.

    Then the tip is to apply the fixative with highlighter on the nose, chin, in the area below the eyebrows, in the corner of the eye and in the area above the lips (called Cupid's bow).

    The next step is to use a good eyebrow pencil to help make them look full and in harmony. To maintain a natural look, run the pencil making thin, firm strokes, in the direction of the hairs, so that they blend in with them.

    Charming and defined look

    In the eye area, we can choose a brown tone to mark the crease with the smudge brush. Then you can choose another neutral color and apply it to the middle of the eye also with the brush.

    The rest of the eyelid will be filled with the eyeshadow with the shade of your choice, always remembering to blend from the inside of the eye outwards.

    This is the time when you can abuse vibrant colors, metallics, shades with glitter and a lot of shine. Pay attention to the pigmentation of the eyeshadow, the more intense it is, the longer it will last.

    The final detail is the point of light in the eyes that can be done with a lighter shade near the inner corner. This procedure brightens the look a lot and the same can be done on the underside of the eyebrow.

    To enhance the look, a precious tip is to do the outlined with the appropriate pen. First, make a line that goes from the tip of the eye to the direction of the end of the eyebrow and continues pulling in that direction until drawing the kitten.

    Some eyeliner pens that have a finer tip are easier to achieve the desired effect accurately. It is also very nice to blend the tip of the eyeliner a little bit.

    On lashes use a 2 in 1 mask, which has a double applicator system, ensuring more volume and stretching. Then, when we use the eyelash curler, the effect on the eyelashes is enhanced.

    But if you still prefer an even longer pair of lashes, the best option is to apply false capsule lashes with a glue that is strong enough to last a long time.

    Honey lips

    Before applying the lipstick, you can apply a little compact powder on the lips so that the makeup stays in place longer. Choose a lipstick color and texture that matches the palette used for the eyes.

    Use a lip liner one or two shades darker than the lipstick color and contour the lips. Apply the lipstick of your choice and if you want to give it more shine, add the gloss on top.

    Okay, now your bridesmaid makeup is complete and you will be able to radiate your radiance wherever you go.

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    Skin Tones: Which Color Looks Best?

    The color of the dress also influences the decision of the color palette of the bridesmaid makeup, but if we are going to take into account only skin tones, we have some tips for this choice.

    White skin

    We usually indicate monochromatic makeup, which is the same tone in the eyes and mouth. We have shades of pink, orange and champagne as an option.

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    Brown skin

    A tip is to increase the volume of the eyes with dark shadows for the crease. You can also use bronzer below the cheeks to give a contrast between blush and highlighter.

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    black skin

    There are some shades that look very beautiful and enhance the beauty of the black woman in a unique way. Green, eggplant and gold tones are widely used for eyeshadow and metallic pigments can be chosen for both eyes and lips.

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

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    day wedding

    At a party that takes place during the day, everything is more evident and, as the brightness is greater, no detail goes unnoticed. These are the tips that will make a difference in the photos and on the day of the event.

    Because of this, skin preparation must be something very neat, especially the contrasts between bronzer and illuminator.

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    wedding at night

    Any party that is the night asks for a lot of shine! In addition, you can abuse colors or even more closed tones. The important thing is to highlight the look and have fun.

    Makeup for a maid of honor: The best tips for this special day

    Now we know that it is not necessary to use tons of product for you to rock the bridesmaid makeup. The secret is to follow these tips in the text and make the most of this special moment.

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