Simple Makeup: Top 5 YouTube Tutorials

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Simple Makeup: Top 5 YouTube Tutorials

by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 7, 2022 | News |

Make a simple makeup for those who are beginners or have no practice, it may not be such an easy task. This requires basic knowledge and the use of a few makeup tricks.

With that in mind, we made an article especially for you, with tips and several YouTube tutorials. Here, you will learn how to assemble your makeup kit with items that are essential and know the step by step of a simple makeup.

Whether for day to day, for a night out, post on Instagram or for an event, a makeup, no matter how simple, will make all the difference in your look. In addition, makeup raises anyone's self-esteem.

So, now know some products and tools that are necessary for you to do your makeup successfully.

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Makeup products to have in your bag

First of all, it is interesting to know your skin and know the types of products indicated for it. For example, there are oily skins and dry skins, you need to respect this and invest in the right products.

facial soap

Skin preparation is essential so that makeup lasts longer and doesn't get cracked. In addition, constant care for your skin is important, before and after make-up.

Therefore, first of all, it is essential to cleanse the skin well. This can be done with a facial soap, which can remove most of the dirt and pollution particles.

Micellar Water

To make the cleaning even deeper, you can use micellar water, which is able to remove impurities, control shine, soothe the skin and also serves as a makeup remover.

That is, when cleaning the skin, in addition to contributing to makeup, this act also regulates oiliness, helps with skin texture and brings pH balance.

Facial tonic

Facial tonics are indicated to prevent pores from clogging, help with the absorption of the hydration product and remove any soap leftovers.

A tip is to choose tonics that do not have alcohol in their composition, as this can end up causing the skin to dry out and consequently in a cracked makeup.


Moisturizing your skin before receiving makeup is essential. The lack of hydration can cause the skin to retain water from other products, interfering with the makeup result throughout the day.


For makeup, applying sunscreen won't make a difference, but for your skin it will! Even if you are not exposed to the sun, it is essential to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.

That way, it will prevent sunburn, blemishes and even expression lines. As the protectors are denser and more concentrated, look for a specific protector for the face.


The primer is a product that is applied before the foundation, it has the function of closing the pores, controlling the oiliness and hydrating. What's more, it is also capable of disguising wrinkles and blackheads.

Base ou BB Cream

Foundation usually has more intense coverage, depending on the brand and amount applied. There are foundations for different skin types, so the importance of knowing yours when choosing the one that will best suit you.

BB Cream can be used in place of foundation on a daily basis, as it is a lighter and smoother product.

In addition to playing the role of foundation, it can also replace moisturizer, sunscreen and primer. Making the makeup process faster and more convenient.

We brought a video that can help you, if you have any doubts when choosing your foundation shade. Look:

Liquid Paper

The concealer will be responsible for covering the dark circles and other blemishes you may have on your skin. It also helps to brighten the face.

makeup powder

The powder basically serves to seal the makeup and finish it. However, there are other benefits and some types of powder that can be used.

Compact powder, found in many different shades, is the most common and easiest option to use. It is like a foundation complement, which will even out the skin.

You can also opt for translucent powder, which helps finish your simple makeup, increases durability, reduces oiliness and delivers a more natural effect.

It has a white color, which suits lighter skins; in a rosy tone, which suits skins with medium and pale tones, suitable for black skins.

The translucent powder can also be used to give a matte finish to the lipstick, add volume to the lashes and clean up any excess shadow, when making a smokey eye.

contour powder

Contour powder has darker tones, they are used to contour the face and give the impression of a thinner face and highlight its dimensions.

There is also the cream version of the contour, this will depend on your taste and what you think looks best in your makeup.


Blush is a powder in pink tones that is applied to the cheekbones and serves to make your makeup look more natural and give a feeling of health.


The illuminator serves to highlight specific points of the face. These are usually the tip of the nose, cupid's bow (the contour of the upper part of the lips), and the temples or any other area you want to highlight.


Mascara is an essential makeup item to enhance your look. With a good mask you will give a "up" in your make.


Shadows are also a key element for eye enhancement. It is capable of giving the impression of larger or smaller eyes, for example, depending on how it is applied.


Last but not least, we have lipstick. It will further highlight your makeup and enhance your mouth.

There are several types, creamy, matte and also lip tint. The latter is an option that brings more naturalness to the makeup and can also be used as a liquid blush.


Brushes will be your best friends when doing your makeup. There is a brush for every purpose, such as brushes for spreading foundation, applying and blending shadows and so on. Here are some examples of brushes and their functions:

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simple makeup tutorials

Now that you know what products are needed to make a beautiful makeup, check out some YouTube tutorials on how to do a simple makeup for you to rock.

Simple makeup step by step for beginners

Simple makeup for everyday

Simple eyeliner makeup

Simple makeup for night

Simple makeup brown skin

Did you like our tips? Hope we helped! Remember that practice makes perfect! Don't worry if it doesn't work out on your first attempt at self-makeup.

Train as often as you can in your spare time and you will see that you gain more and more practice and make less and less mistakes. When you least expect it, you'll be a makeup artist!

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