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    Makeup for a 15th birthday party: 15 tips to rock

    Makeup for a 15th birthday party: 15 tips to rock

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 21, 2022 | News |

    choose the 15th birthday party makeup it can bring a lot of indecision, after all, it is a very important step for a debutante, apart from the pressure of all the rest of the party. So today you will learn amazing tips and see some examples to get inspired and rock make-up.

    Turning 15 is a magical moment for the vast majority of teenagers, it is the moment of transition from a girl to an adult and more mature woman. The celebration of 15 years is the dream of those who put this expectation on this date.

    Everything has to come out perfect, from the choice of party colors to the makeup, which has a very important weight to compose the look and enhance the beauty and self-esteem of the birthday girl. It is very important to know some tips and be attentive to some details.

    The theme of the party, the colors that will compose the whole scene, the color of the dress, time and duration of the party, location… your big day.

    It is also important for you to get to know yourself, to know what your style is and what will please you. For example, it's no use having a strong personality and wanting to do an extremely “sweet” makeup or vice versa. Makeup must also respect and convey your essence.

    Regardless of whether you are going to do the makeup yourself or if it will be done with a professional in the area, you must get to know yourself and make it clear to this person what you like, what you don't like and what image you want to convey.

    Tips for planning your 15th birthday party makeup

    Come on, first pay attention to the details of the party, from the smallest to the most relevant. This will help you choose a makeup that matches the particularities of your party.

    the size of the party

    If your party is a more informal party, with few guests and simple decor, then your makeup can also follow the same rhythm and pull to the more basic side.

    If the ceremony is something more luxurious and elaborate, then it is already a good alternative for makeup to be more elaborate, striking and sophisticated.

    Party time

    As well as following the style of the party, it is also necessary to be attentive to the time. Because, depending on the time of day and the weather, the makeup can be heavier or not.

    If the party is during the day, the chosen makeup should be lighter and with more neutral colors. That's because a darker skin and an eye with very strong colors definitely don't match.

    In addition, during the day the weather is more prone to heat, which can cause the makeup to melt and end up not resisting the sweat and we know that the debutante will have to move a lot.

    For the night, it is free to use a more striking and daring make-up. The addition of glitter and eyeliner is allowed without fear of making mistakes. It just depends on your style and what you like.

    At both times of the day, skin care and preparation should be taken seriously. This is what will make a difference in the duration and fixation of the makeup.


    Thinking about the place is also interesting, since when it comes to a closed environment it is possible that the heat interferes even more with the makeup. In that case, a lighter skin preparation may be the best option.

    In an open, more ventilated environment, the chances of make up falling apart due to the heat are lower. But regardless, the tip is the same: prepare the skin with excellence.

    So, also pay attention to the duration of the party and whether your makeup will hold or if at some point you will need to touch up, for example.

    Soon we will discuss everything you need to know about how to prepare your skin and what products are needed and the correct order to apply them.

    style and personality

    As we mentioned, it's no use wanting to show the image of someone you're not. The ideal is that you feel comfortable and that the makeup fits your personality.

    debutante dress color

    For the sake of harmony, it is important to pay attention to the color of the dress with the colors of the makeup. Just imagine: a pink dress and shades of green in the make-up wouldn't look cool.

    It doesn't have to match, but it also can't be so different and cause confusion in the image. So, if in doubt, opt for neutral tones in your makeup, they match everything.

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    Colorimetry: what is it?

    Colorimetry can help you when choosing your makeup, your dress, the colors of your party. So we'll talk briefly about what it is next.

    It is a study, based on science, in which it is able to point out the colors and tones that match for each person. Thus, it enhances the strengths in the image and enhances the beauty even more.

    Who has never worn an outfit of a certain color and felt that it totally distorted the image, aged or didn't value it at all? Well, colorimetry arises for no one to go through it anymore.

    Each has a color palette, which matches the skin. It is based on the matrix, intensity and saturation that each person has.

    There are several professionals in the field who offer consulting to help you assemble your color palette, but it is also possible to make your palette by understanding a little more about this process.

    First of all, it is essential to know what the primary and secondary colors are. Primaries include yellow, red and blue; the secondary ones encompass purple, green and orange.

    Warm tones are the colors red, orange and yellow. Cold tones are blue, green and purple. There are also tertiary colors, which are basically mixtures of the tones of secondary colors. These are neighbors of the secondary colors, inside the circle.

    When these colors are arranged on the so-called color wheel, they face each other, creating a contrast between primary and secondary. These are complementary colors.

    Reproduction: Image/Pinterest

    Contrast is exactly what makes colors balanced and harmonious. It's like a game, where one color can cancel out the other. For example, to cancel red, use green.

    So much so that at the time of makeup, to camouflage pimples and red spots on the skin, a greenish corrector is indicated, since one color is capable of canceling out the other.

    Knowing this, you now need to find your skin temperature. There are three types, namely warm, cool and neutral tones. There are a few techniques to find yours.

    The first way to find your skin temperature is by looking at the veins in your arm. If they are more green and yellow, this indicates that it is hot.

    If the veins are more drawn to the shade of blue or purple, then this indicates that your temperature is cold. But if you can't differ then that means your temperature is neutral.

    The other way to find out your skin temperature is to get a silver fabric, to represent the cool tones and a gold one, to represent the warm tones. See which one stands out and suits you best.

    People who have a hot temperature can bet on orange, red and yellow tones. Those who have cool skin, combine with purple, pink and blue. Neutrals go with all colors.

    With this information, you can have an easier time deciding your makeup and the colors that will be part of it.

    Simple makeup step by step

    Now that you know all the aspects to consider and how colorimetry can help you choose your makeup, let's talk a little about what it takes for the perfect makeup step by step.

    As we have already said, skin preparation is the main and fundamental part to ensure that your makeup remains intact during the party.

    The products need to be applied in the correct order and with a space of time, enough for the skin to absorb completely, between one and another.

    While some have the function of protecting the skin, others help to insert the nutrition of the ingredients. A valuable tip is to use lighter products first, then heavier ones.

    Check out this list of basic items that you need to have in your bag, with the correct order of application and the role of each one on your skin.

    1. Cleaning: Micellar water or facial soap

    The first step of preparation is deep cleaning of the skin, this can be done with a specific facial soap for your skin, liquid or solid, or also with micellar water.

    Micellar water is responsible for removing pollution residues, reducing oiliness, giving shine and toning the skin in a delicate and non-damaging way to our face.

    2. Tonic

    Facial toner can also enter the cleansing category, as it is able to replace micellar water and remove impurities invisible to the naked eye. It is also soothing and healing.

    This product is a great ally, especially for women who suffer from oily skin, as well as helping the pores to be ready to receive the moisturizer.

    3. Hydration: face cream

    To moisturize your skin, you need to choose a cream that meets its characteristics. If you have dry skin, use a cream suitable for dry skin, the same goes for oily and combination skin.

    And make no mistake, using moisturizing cream will not make your skin more oily, on the contrary: it will help to control the sebum produced by your skin and reduce it so that it does not interfere with the final makeup result.

    4. Sunscreen

    If the makeup is for the day, it is essential to use sunscreen which, like the moisturizer, must also be specific for the face and for your skin type.

    5. Primer: the savior of open pores

    The primer has a very important function in makeup, which is to close the pores, avoid oiliness and make the makeup last longer.

    6. Foundation, concealer and powder

    After all this process of purifying and hydrating the skin, it's time to apply foundation, concealer and powder. The concealer can vary between several colors for different purposes and the powder to seal and finish the skin.

    You've probably already seen a palette of concealers with different colors, but do you know what each one is for? If not, go learn it now!

    Concealer colors and functions

    White: the white concealer serves as a base to receive the eyeshadow and highlighter.

    Yellow: Yellow is responsible for disguising and neutralizing dark circles, which have a more purplish tone, and also small bruises on the skin.

    Green: Green is able to disguise reddish spots of pimples and scars.

    Lilac: Lilac concealer neutralizes brown and yellow spots, such as freckles, for example.

    Pink: Pink is capable of disguising greenish spots.

    Red: The red is intended to disguise the whitish spots. Some women also use it in the eye area, for dark circles.

    Brown: The brown concealer is used to contour the jaw, cheekbones and forehead.

    Orange: Finally, the shade of orange concealer neutralizes darker tones like blue or purple.

    The powder remains as one of the last of the stage. There is powder for all tastes, compact powder, loose powder, translucent powder… but the intention is one: to seal the makeup so that it lasts longer, doesn't melt or have oiliness.

    Finally, a blush to give a healthy look and make the makeup more natural. Be careful with the tone and quantity of the product.

    Thus, the ideal skin preparation to withstand hours of partying and leave you beautiful is finished. Here are some photos and videos to inspire you to choose the rest of the makeup like eyeshadows and lipstick.

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    Makeup pictures to inspire you

    Golden debutante makeup

    Doing professional makeup with cheap products is everyone's dream. Therefore, Tainara Reis taught an easy and classic make-up, with accessible products. Check out:

    Makeup inspirations for brunette debutantes

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    Makeup inspirations for party night

    Makeup for parties that are at night can be more daring, with shine and darker tones. Whoever likes it, can bet without fear.

    Makeup inspirations for a fifteenth birthday party guest

    If you are not the debutante, but the guest of a 15th birthday party, you can also find inspiration here. Here are some ideas for that special day:

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    Finishing Tips

    If you, like most makeup beginners, have trouble putting on false eyelashes and doing eyeliner, don't worry! We also brought the solution to this dilemma. See some tutorials with essential tips.

    how to make outlined


    Fox eyes makeup has also been gaining ground in the world of bloggers, it is a differentiated outline that causes an even greater impact on the look. Learn:

    How to glue false eyelashes

    Everything in life requires practice, so to close our tips, here's another one: train! Do and redo makeup, test products and make comparisons between the results. That way, you'll know what you like best and improve your techniques.

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