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    Locaweb Email marketing: is it worth using?

    Locaweb Email marketing: is it worth using?

    por Equipe AllYourVideogames | jun 22, 2022 | Marketing Digital |

    A Locaweb email marketing is a tool that promises to facilitate the routine of professionals and entrepreneurs who work with this important communication channel. It allows you to automate several steps, such as sending emails, segmentations, among others. 

    In this article, we will present the main details about the tool, highlighting its characteristics and differentials for any company. For this, we will cover the following topics: 

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    Why invest in an email marketing tool? 

    A mail marketing tool is ideal for any type of company, as it allows you to bring the brand closer to the public in an automated way. In addition, email is one of the main tools when it comes to the digital market. 

    The numbers prove the strength of this communication channel. A report released by Hubspot showed several email marketing indicators that were shared by leading companies in the market. Below, you can see the data and sources for each one:

    • Approximately 80% of marketers reported an increase in email engagement in the last 12 months (HubSpot, 2022);
    • The number of global email users is expected to grow to 4,48 billion users by 2024 (Statista, 2022);
    • Email marketing has the highest return on investment for small businesses (Campaign Monitor, 2022);
    • The average email deliverability across all email service providers is 79,6% (E-mailToolTester, 2022);
    • The number of global email users is expected to grow to 4,48 billion users by 2024 (Statista, 2022). 

    It's really impressive the strength of email marketing in the routine of companies. And when you have at your disposal a tool that helps you to optimize processes with practicality, acquiring these benefits becomes even easier. 

    Is it worth using Locaweb email marketing? 

    Yes. One of the main benefits of Locaweb e-mail marketing is that the tool allows you to send messages that help promote your content and engage users. It's a great opportunity to get closer to your audience and generate identification with consumers through a direct marketing channel. 

    Another positive point of Locaweb email marketing is the low investment cost. In a single send, you can interact with multiple consumers at the same time. It is not necessary to stop several hours of your day to send messages to a single person. With the optimization of this strategy, you can dedicate yourself to other tasks that are also essential in the marketing of the company.

    Locaweb e-mail marketing helps to group contacts according to the characteristics they have in common. That way, you can send messages when users need them. 

    The most interesting thing about this tool is that the professional who will take care of the strategy does not need to be a technology expert or have advanced knowledge on the subject.

    The Locaweb panel is quite simple and practical. 

    What are Locaweb's email marketing plans? 

    Now that you know what Locaweb e-mail marketing is, what are its benefits and how it works, we are going to show you the plans offered by the tool for this date. 

    • E-mail marketing Start: the value of the plan is R$33,16 per month for quarterly packages. You can send 7 emails monthly. And the number of contacts is unlimited; 
    • E-mail marketing 15: the value of the plan is R$65 per month. You can send 15 emails monthly;
    • E-mail marketing 30: the value of the plan is R$110. You can send 30 emails monthly.  

    It is critical to make it clear that many features are available for all plans. Check out the full list below! 

    • Contact classification: allows you to classify contacts according to the engagement and interaction of the emails that were forwarded by the marketing team; 
    • Commemorative dates: tool contains suggestions for planning on special dates and allows you to schedule shipments quickly and efficiently; 
    • Custom Fields: the user of the tool can customize several variables, such as the name, date, among other elements that impact the success of the email marketing campaign; 
    • Shipping tests: the person responsible for the campaign can view the format of the email marketing before sending the content to his base;
    • Reports: the tool offers reports so that the user can analyze which were the positive and negative points of the campaign; 
    • Opt-in form: help in integrating the tool with the website or e-commerce, in addition to helping to capture new contacts; 
    • Email Marketing Creator: several ready-made templates available to your team. Now, you don't have to waste time looking for email marketing examples. You can customize messages according to your visual identity;
    • Segmentation: possibility of defining the sending of marketing e-mails according to the behavior of the users. 

    You can also order additional submissions on the plans mentioned above, except for the Start plan. In the other alternatives, you can contract 5 thousand additional shipments for R$ 30 or even count on the support of the post-paid surplus. In it, you can send up to half of the plan's emails and make the payment on the next month's invoice. Just choose the option that best suits your profile.

    One of the most common doubts among marketers and entrepreneurs who want to hire Locaweb e-mail marketing is about choosing the best plan for your company. 

    If you are in the habit of sending few emails in your marketing strategy, the Start email marketing plan is the most suitable. But if you send a lot of emails to your contact base, the 30 email marketing plan is the best option.

    Therefore, before purchasing the tool, carefully analyze this scenario to make a more assertive decision. 

    Is Locaweb email marketing safe? 

    Yes. The product Locaweb e-mail marketing is part of the product portfolio of the company Locaweb, one of the best known in the market when it comes to internet services. To give you an idea, the company contains more than 285.000 customers, more than 340.000 websites hosted on its system and more than 16.000 partner developers. 

    In addition to offering quality products, the company has a social commitment to various institutions. The most common are: Telethon, Arredondar, Grendacc and 

    Locaweb does not only have Locaweb e-mail marketing as a product. The portfolio contains other interesting options for your business:

    • Website hosting;
    • VPS Hosting;
    • WordPress hosting;
    • Domain register;
    • SSL certificate;
    • Reseller hosting;
    • Cloud computing solutions;
    • Website builder;
    • Complete e-commerce platform to create your store;
    • Etus – management of social networks;
    • Gmail and Google Cloud Apps for Business;
    • VoIP telephony. 

    How to hire Locaweb email marketing?

    If you believe that one of Locaweb's e-mail marketing plans is in line with your needs, it is possible to hire the tool in a few minutes. 

    1. Access the official website of Locaweb e-mail marketing;
    2. Slightly drag the screen down and click on “hire” on the plan that was chosen by your company;
    3. Create your user account;
    4. Check that the registration information is correct;
    5. Make the payment.

    Okay, the process has been completed successfully.

    You can still hire the tool through a chat, as shown in the image below, which is available on the homepage or by phone: (11) 3544-0555. 

    Locaweb Email marketing: is it worth using?

    How to succeed with the Locaweb email marketing tool? 

    To be successful with Locaweb email marketing, the user needs to pay attention to some details that we are going to mention from now on. 

    Create your contact list

    Locaweb does not offer a contact list for the customer. So it is important that you have your own list.

    It can be acquired with the support of rich materials, such as e-books, infographics, among others.

    Ask permission to send emails 

    Never send emails to people who have not authorized to receive messages from your company.

    Run smart campaigns to build a base of contacts that aligns with your goals.

    Update contact base 

    Another interesting tip is to frequently check the quality of your contacts. Organize your list and remove all people who are no longer registered.

    This process is critical to optimizing your results. 

    Have your own domain 

    One of the most common mistakes among professionals working with email marketing is sending messages with personal domains.

    Give preference to company emails, as they convey credibility and trust.

    Diversify your emails 

    You must work with various types of emails. The most indicated are: informative, commercial, transactional, relationship and services.

    Study your audience's behavior to understand which campaign is best suited to your business needs. 

    Create quality content 

    Your company needs to build quality emails. Share information that helps the audience at a given time. Avoid standardized and non-value added content. Your focus shouldn't just be on advertising a product or service.

    Otherwise, the public can opt out of receiving the messages. 

    To develop more attractive campaigns, offer extra materials for readers and benefits that will be useful for the professional or personal routine.

    The message content must still be unique. The best thing is to customize it according to the characteristics of your persona. In this way, it is possible to generate more engagement with the audience.

    Monitor results 

    You should look at what types of content or time periods the audience is most likely to follow your email. Thus, you will guarantee more effective results. 

    The success of an email marketing strategy is not born overnight. So, take it easy, do tests and use the best tools on the market to get great benefits. 

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