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    Letters for Instagram: 8 options to change the Instagram font

    Letters for Instagram: 8 options to change the Instagram font

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 23, 2022 | Instagram |

    Did you know that it is possible to write in the captions of the posts, comments and even in the Instagram Bio with different fonts than lyrics for instagram available in the app? Yes, there are ways to use custom lettering outside of Stories as well.

    Some people like to do something different on their profiles and if you have a business, changing Instagram fonts can catch the attention of your audience, highlight your products, services with your publications.

    Lettering for Instagram: how to use fonts on your Instagram

    Since the launch of the feature, it is possible to write in Stories but there were no alternatives to change Instagram fonts. Over time, the app added five fonts: Classic, Modern, Neon, Typewriter, and Forte.

    Recently, 4 more letters for Instagram were included in Stories, which are serif typefaces, in uppercase and one that even resembles a Comic Sans font.

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    We are now going to show you how to write with different fonts for Instagram in Stories:

    Step 1. Make your Stories and tap the lyrics Aa in the menu at the top of the screen;

    Step 2. At the bottom of your screen, the 9 options for Instagram lyrics will appear, swipe to the sides to see them all. Choose your favorite and write your message.

    Letters for Instagram: 8 options to change the Instagram font

    You can also add a background to the message and change the colors of these letters for Instagram.

    Now, if you want to write with fonts for Instagram, not only in Instagram Stories but also in captions, comments and phrases in your Instagram Bio, unfortunately the application does not have this native feature.

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    But that doesn't mean it's not possible!

    There are several websites and even mobile apps that do the work of converting your text into different, new and even custom fonts. You will only need to write and exercise the famous “copy and paste”!

    Apps that change lyrics for Instagram

    If you want to customize the fonts of the letters for Instagram right from your cell phone, we have separated two applications for you to use and abuse:


    In addition to the fonts for Instagram, this Android app has a wide variety of symbols, emoji and emoticons.

    Letters for Instagram: 8 options to change the Instagram font

    Unlike other applications of the genre, where you write, copy and paste on social networks, in this one you just install the keyboard and type directly into other applications, without the need to copy and paste.

    It's easy to use. To download this app on your Android phone, click here


    Lyrics app for Instagram only available for devices with iOS operating system. Very easy to use, you can customize your Bio, posts, Stories, Instagram comments and messages on other social networks.

    It features various types of symbols and special characters readable on any iPhone, iPad and most PC applications. Its only problem, in our view, is that it has a limited number of fonts for Instagram, but the ones available are the most used.

    Click here to download Uniconsole Lite on your iOS mobile

    If you want more complete options to caption your Stories and other videos from social networks, with several options of fonts for Instagram, we have a post indicating 4 free apps. To access it, click here.

    Websites with letter fonts to copy

    If you don't want to download the app or you're running out of space on your phone, don't worry! What else is there are sites with fonts to copy and paste on Instagram and any other social network. Just write your phrase or word, choose the font for Instagram and copy and paste. It can be in Bio, Feed captions and even Stories.

    These are some of the best letter font sites online. In addition to the fonts, you'll have symbols for Instagram and the possibility to use different letters in your content

    If you want beautiful letters to copy and use on Instagram, we've separated the best free sites for you:


    Important tip about lyrics for Instagram bio

    If you have your business keyword in your business name in Instagram Bio, do not change the original font of the app. This part of the profile is searchable, that is, when someone searches for what is in the Name field, it may appear in the result as well as the username.

    If you use different fonts for Instagram letters, the platform will not identify the word and your business will not appear in the search.

    Why doesn't my Instagram have the new fonts?

    As we have already mentioned in several posts about features launched by both Instagram and Facebook: this is because they are not always available to all users at the same time. The same goes for the new lyrics for Instagram.

    Always keep your mobile app and operating system up to date. If the new fonts for Instagram don't appear after some time of release, reporting the issue directly to Instagram may help.

    How to report an issue to Instagram:

    Step 1: On mobile, enter your profile and click on the Options (3 parallel risks);

    Step 2: Choose option settings and after that, Help;

    Step 3: Touch Report a problem. Select option something is not working and briefly describe the problem.

    Now that you know how to customize Instagram lettering, but you're out of inspiration and don't know what to write? We won't let you down!

    We have separated more than 120 phrases for Instagram for you to use in Bio, Feed and Stories, click here to check it out.

    Did you already know this tip to change letter fonts for Instagram?

    Tell us here in the comments!

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