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    WhatsApp link: 4 ways to create a direct link to your number

    WhatsApp link: 4 ways to create a direct link to your number

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 23, 2022 | WhatsApp | 243

    Do you have a business that needs to constantly contact customers via WhatsApp? If you use the social network for support, you will love to know how to create a link the WhatsApp.

    Learn how to make a link to your number on WhatsApp and spread it on websites and on your social media.

    WhatsApp link: how it works

    This is a super simple way to share your contact with someone.

    Instead of a person having to enter their entire mobile number to send you a message, they can simply click on that WhatsApp link and start a conversation with you.

    Do you already access WhatsApp Business? Know that this is an excellent feature and makes typing messages much faster.

    When a person is browsing your website on their computer, for example, and clicks on your WhatsApp link, a warning automatically appears on the screen for them to send you a message.

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    If someone taps the WhatsApp link directly from their cell phone, at the same moment the most used messaging app in our country opens and the chat begins.

    In this post, I want to show you four ways to create and promote your links on WhatsApp. Two of them are focused only on those who use WhatsApp Business, the business version of the app.

    The ways to create a direct link focused on companies are to use the WhatsApp QR Code and the Short Link. We will give more details later.

    Why create a link to your WhatsApp?

    When you create a link to your Whats, it can be normal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, you shorten your client's work.

    The probability of a sale happening increases, because with this WhatsApp link generated, the customer doesn't have to add your number to his contact list.

    In addition, it is much easier to spread your number through websites and social networks when you have a direct WhatsApp link.

    Learn the step-by-step to create the direct link to your number on WhatsApp.

    1. Link Generator for WhatsApp

    The simplest and fastest way to generate links to promote your business is to use a URL generator. Here on the blog we created a link generator for WhatsApp and the best part is that it is free. We call it WhatsApp Link and it is a simple but efficient generator.

    How to use our WhatsApp link generator?

    The generator is very simple to use. Just follow the steps below and create your link. Its advantage is that you can create a personalized message.

    When the customer clicks on the link, a conversation with your profile will open. Super Cool!

    When a customer clicks on the link, it will load a custom message that you define. Access the Link Generator here.

    2. How to create WhatsApp link manually

    This is the simplest and most direct way to create your link. In case you want to create a simple link, you don't need many things. To create a direct link to your WhatsApp number manually, just by editing a URL, follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Copy the link Only with it is it possible to create the direct redirection to your number;

    Step 2. If your city does not use the ninth digit, use the link;

    Step 3. Put your Number on the Link. Replace all ZEROS with your phone number + your city's area code.


    My WhatsApp contact number is 99999-9999 and I live in our city, where the area code is 11. In the number field, I will replace it as follows:

    IMPORTANT: pay attention if your city has the ninth digit, ok? In the example above, the city has the ninth digit.

    If you are going to publicize this link on social media, put the link on Instagram, for example, it gets pretty big.

    One way to make it easier is to use a URL shortener and shorten the link. Below you can see how to use one of these tools and make your link smaller.

    Ready! By putting your WhatsApp contact number in this space, you get a link that allows you to contact your customers more easily.

    This manual link can be used by any user of the application. Regardless of whether you use WhatsApp Business or not, either works. Just be careful with the numbers.

    3. How to use WhatsApp Business QR Code?

    More recently, WhatsApp has released a simpler way to promote your number: A QR Code Generator.

    With him, it became much easier to disclose your number. Another advantage of this WhatsApp Business QR Code is that the customer does not need to add their number to start a conversation.

    To learn how to generate your WhatsApp Business QR Code, access this post here on the blog. It explains in detail how to do this on Android and iOS. It's a post that shows you all the steps to generate your code, the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

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    4. How to create a short link in WhatsApp Business?

    Few people know, but if you use WhatsApp Business, the business version of the app, you already have a native way to get a WhatsApp link and customize it.

    Having your WhatsApp link short is quick and easy. But beware, this feature is only available on WhatsApp Business. Just click on the link below to open the full post with a very simple step-by-step:

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    How to shorten whatsapp link

    In some cases, you can use a URL shortener to present the direct link to your WhatsApp number more stylishly. Especially if you're going to put that link in a description on a YouTube video, for example.

    Here we use and we consider it to be a great WhatsApp link shortener option. With it, in addition to customizing the URL, you can track the clicks your link has received.

    Step 1. Open the website;
    Step 2. Paste your URL.

    Ready! A shortened link will be generated. You can do this without having an account! If you have a login, you can generate a custom shortened URL. In addition, it is important to check the statistics of clicks that your link had.

    So, ready to facilitate contact with your customers? It's an excellent opportunity to sell more!

    But, what a lot of people don't know is that WhatsApp already provides a shortened link for you to disclose. With it, you don't have to shorten. The downside is that you can't customize many things.

    We have a post here on the blog that shows you how to have a short WhatsApp link. It's pretty easy to use. Learn more in WhatsApp Link: How to create a short link for WhatsApp in 4 clicks

    Important: in all ways after creating there is no way to change whatsapp link. What you can do is stop posting what you want to change and create a new one.

    How to disclose your WhatsApp link?

    Many companies can take advantage of this link with WhatsApp contact number in their business. There are several ways to exploit this strategy in your business. The first one is if you have a website or an e-commerce.

    By placing the link in the contact number, when a customer clicks on that link, they will be automatically redirected to a WhatsApp conversation. Much more practical than having to type in all the numbers.

    If you run Facebook ads, you can create campaigns with the Contact Us CTA button, for example, redirecting to WhatsApp.

    When someone sees your ad and clicks the Contact Us button, the WhatsApp screen opens and the conversation starts.

    You can put this direct link on your WhatApp in videos. For example, you advertised your product on YouTube, so people would get in touch. Once this is done, you can make this link available in case a potential customer has questions.

    On Instagram, you can put your direct link in BIO. Since it's the only place you accept links on Instagram, it's a way to promote your contacts.

    You can also create a highlight with your contact forms and, if your profile has more than 10 followers, put your link in a Stories.

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    How to put WhatsApp link on Instagram?

    One of the ways to put your WhatsApp link on Instagram is by the so-called "Bio Link". Your Instagram bio is where you briefly describe your business.

    There is the only “native” place to put your WhatsApp link on Instagram. However, there are other ways to promote your link on Instagram.

    To help you know how to put a WhatsApp link on Instagram, check out these posts here on the blog.

    • WhatsApp link to Instagram in 3 steps
    • Find out how to put multiple links in Instagram BIO;
    • How to put a link in Stories to promote your website;
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    WhatsApp Status: learn more

    Did you know that WhatsApp Status can be another interesting feature to use in your business? There, you can publish photos and videos that are only available for 24 hours (just like Snapchat and Instagram Stories).

    This is a space for you to innovate even more in the dissemination of your company's products, services and offers. Here are some fun facts about the tool:


    Did you like our tips or know any other way to create a WhatsApp link? Tell us here in the comments.

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