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    IUPPI Itaú: What is the new rewards program?

    IUPPI Itaú: What is the new rewards program?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 27, 2022 | Shopping | 0

    IUPPI Itaú is an ideal rewards program for participants who are tired of accumulating points in other market alternatives and are unable to redeem prizes. It is also suitable for people who have difficulty accumulating points in loyalty programs offered by the market. 

    Here, you can accumulate your balance for every dollar spent on product and service. Upon completing a certain score, the system allows you to exchange the points for experiences that are aligned with your profile, on trips and even for a particular product. 

    You do not need to pay any monthly fee to use all the services, nor do you need to be an Itaú customer to accumulate points. To find out more details about IUPPI Itaú, continue reading this article. From now on, we will explain how it works, what are its benefits, how to register, how to accumulate points, among other interesting questions.

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    What is IUPPI Itaú?

    This is a rewards program that was recently launched by this financial institution. By registering, the participant earns discounts on products, services, travel and entertainment alternatives. It's a great resource for saving, especially at a time when prices are soaring due to rising inflation. 

    The bank's new program takes the place of Itaú's Semper Presente Program. Despite remaining with the same rules as the previous version, the novelty contains some differences. The good news is that Iupp is not an exclusive program for bank account holders. In other words, consumers who do not have an Itaucard credit card will also be able to participate and enjoy all the benefits. 

    You can increase your score by purchasing products and services at the Iupp mall. 

    What are the benefits of IUPPI Itaú?

    After discovering what IUPPI Itaú is, let's understand better what are the advantages of this loyalty program? 

    • It is not necessary to pay a fee to register;
    • The client does not need to have an Itaú credit card to participate in the program; 
    • The loyalty program has no monthly fee;
    • It's easy to accumulate points; 
    • The system works without bureaucracy; 
    • The program belongs to one of the main financial institutions in the country, Banco Itaú;
    • Savings for your pocket, with discounts on various types of products; 
    • You have access to offers available throughout the year. 

    One of the main benefits of the loyalty program is that the user can easily find the establishments close to their home that belong to the program, through a map provided by the company. 

    IUPPI Itaú: What is the new rewards program?

    Another positive point is that IUPPI Itaú offers affordable offers for all types of customers. There are options that impact your health and quality of life. 

    How to register in the IUPPI register Itaú?

    Contrary to what most people imagine, registering in the points program is not complicated. You don't need to be tech-savvy to complete the process. And it usually takes less than five minutes to complete.

    See the step by step below. 

    1. Access the points program page: ““;
    2. Click on “I want to participate” or select the alternative “enter or create an account”;
    3. Fill in your personal data, such as: CPF, e-mail address, telephone number and full name; 
    4. Create a strong password to ensure application protection; 
    5. Authenticate your mobile device number. For this, enter the code that was sent by SMS, by the company's system;  
    6. Click on “I want to be a iupper”, in the content that was sent to your email. 

    Okay, now you are free to use the services and enjoy all the benefits of the program. Then, just do the IUPPI login through the website. 

    The IUPPI Itaú app is not available to customers. The program can be accessed on the Itaú Personnalité app. For other questions, see the Help Center page.

    How to accumulate points at IUPPI Itaú? 

    It is essential to make it clear that the rules for earning points with Itaucard cards have not changed with the creation of Iupp. See below how many points are added to the loyalty program, according to the spending on each credit card. 

    • International and Gold Uniclass: they add one point for every dollar spent; 
    • Platinum Uniclass, Platinum Personality and Visa Signature Personality: add 1,5 points for every dollar spent; 
    • Black ou o Infinite Uniclass: add up to 1,8 points per dollar; 
    • Black Personality, Infinite Personality and Black Private: they add up to two points, which can increase to three, when purchasing products abroad; 
    • Infinitive Private: add up to 2,5 points for the purchase of products in our country and three points for the purchase of products abroad. 

    Those who do not have an Itaú bank credit card can earn points on purchases made at the Iupp mall. For every dollar spent, the user accumulates one point. Upon completing a certain score, the system releases the redemption of products and services that are available in the store. 

    Bonus tip: the program participant can take advantage of the IUPP points accelerator. To double the score, just enter the official website and follow the step-by-step procedure to register.  

    What are the differences between IUPPI Itaú and Semper Presente?

    IUPPI Semper Presente was a points program developed solely to create a connection between customers who had Itaú credit cards. At Iupp, anyone can enjoy the benefits of the program, either with a Nubank or Inter bank credit card. 

    Another positive point is that the new loyalty program offers more alternatives to accumulate and exchange points for benefits. At the Iupp mall, you can replace the points with products or use the balance to purchase discounts in the “points + money” alternative. 

    With the modifications, the operations are registered only in one tool, which is accessible through the page “”. You can access the loyalty program through your mobile device, tablet or computer. 

    Is it worth registering at IUPPI Itaú? 

    To answer this question, we are going to compare the loyalty program with other alternatives available on the market, including: Nubank Rewards is C6 Bank Atoms, 

    The main difference is in relation to the rules for adding points in the programs. 

    • Nubank and C6 Bank: participants add points after each real consumed by the user; 
    • Itaú: the points added are calculated for each dollar consumed by the customer, which would correspond to one point for every BRL 5,30 in the September 2022 quotation; 

    On the other hand, Itaú's loyalty program authorizes the registration of any user, which is not allowed in the Nubank and C6 Bank programs. Rewards, which was developed by Nubank, requires consumers to pay a monthly fee of R$19,90 to participate in the loyalty program. In the Itaú bank alternative, registration is free.

    Therefore, it is possible to say that the IUPPI Itaú is worthwhile, as it brings several interesting benefits to the consumer. 

    What is the Itaú telephone IUPPI? 

    Itaú's loyalty program has a team of specialists to answer customers' main questions. Consumers who live in the capital should call the number 4090 1675. If you are in another location, the ideal contact is 0800 775 1675. The team is available from Monday to Saturday, between 6 am to 22 pm. 

    The ombudsman contact is different. To make complaints, you can call 0800 570 0011. Service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 18 pm. An interesting tip to follow the news that are offered by the program is to access social networks. It is available on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

    It is important to clarify that this content was not sponsored by IUPPI Itaú. All analyzes were based on our experience. After all, the main purpose of the content is to help you solve the main doubts about the loyalty program so that you have enough inputs to find out if it is the best alternative for your pocket. 

    After discovering the main information about IUPPI Itaú, learn how to fill up with AME and get a discount.

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