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    Drinking game: the 20 most fun to play with friends

    Drinking game: the 20 most fun to play with friendsDrinking game: the 20 most fun to play with friends

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 13, 2022 | News | two

    After a hard week at work you deserve to have that ice cream at the bar or gather friends at home to have fun together. The get-together can get even better if you two participate in a drinking game.

    With that in mind, in this post you will see the 20 best pranks that involve alcoholic beverages. There are all kinds of things: memory, tongue-twisting, math, paying close attention, quick thinking, and many other aspects. But one feature is present in all games, fun.

    drinking game

    It is important to make it clear that all games listed are for 18+, adult audience. Done the alert, check out, below, the best drinking games to have fun with your friends.

    baby bug

    To open the list, let's start with a game that you need to have a good memory to win.

    Here each player puts a drink in their cup and then each player chooses an animal and says which one is for everyone. It can be any animal, from the most conventional, such as a cat, dog and fish, to the most exotic, such as a ratel, an iguana and a saiga.

    After everyone has said which anime they have chosen, the following question is asked: “chosen animal” do you drink? For example: Does Ratel drink? The individual who chose the ratel responds: “Ratel does not drink, the iguana drinks”. Then, the person who chose the iguana replies: “Iguana does not drink, the saiga is the one who drinks”. So the game goes on until some participant misses the question if the animal drinks or has not noticed that it was used. Whoever loses, drinks.

    duck game

    Continuing on the wave of games that have some kind of connection with animals, this time we have the Duck game. His concept is simple, but the execution can be complicated, even more depending on the level of alcoholism that the person is at the time of the game.

    In this game, participants must say a five-word sentence initially, with each person saying one word. Traditionally, the phrase to be said is as follows: “A duck in the quack pond”. It's very easy, right? But from the second round, the game starts to get complicated. Once everyone has said their given words, in the next round the corresponding word must be duplicated, and then three times and so on continuously until someone tangles. For example:

    Round 2: Two / Two – Ducks / Ducks – On / On – Lagoon / Lagoon – QUACK / QUACK

    Round 3: Two / Two / Two – Ducks / Ducks / Ducks – Na / Na / Na – Lagoon / Lagoon / Lagoon – QUACK / QUACK / QUACK

    I go to the bar

    This game is ideal for those who can tolerate drinking a lot of alcohol. In this game, participants close a circle and the game starts when someone says the phrase: “I'm going to the bar and I want…” and completes it with the name of a drink, for example, vodka. The person next to you continues the sentence and adds another drink. "I go to the bar and I want vodka and tequila." A third player proceeds and adds another drink to the round. “I go to the bar and I want vodka, tequila and cachaça”. The person loses when he rolls over drunk or makes a mistake when saying the sequence of drinks.

    Photo: publicity/Karolina Grabowska at Pexels


    Who hasn't laughed when a drunk friend starts talking all wrong? This drinking game is precisely for that partner who has difficulties to communicate when he is drunk, because it is a game of tongue twisters.

    In this game everyone has their own glass with some alcoholic beverage and each player receives a number. The first participant to speak up is the one who received number one. He needs to say his number and then the word "lemon" and after that, someone else's number followed by the expression "lemons". For example: “1 lemon, 4 four lemons”. In this way, the participant with the number four must respond to the manifestation saying: “4 lemons, 8 lemons”, and so on. It's pretty quick until someone starts shuffling the numbers and words. And get ready to hear "millions, midgets, balls" instead of "lemons." obviously, whoever makes a mistake, drinks.

    IP game

    It's likely that you know this game, but if you don't, see the rules. Here the player needs to replace the number 4 and the multiples of 4 (8,12,16,20,24,28…) by the expression “PI”. Every time someone says "PI", the game's speaking order is switched. Whoever makes a mistake or takes too long to say, drinks. If some people have trouble saying the sequence when they're sober, imagine drunk.

    Game Quinze

    Continuing with the number games footprint, in this topic we have the game Quinze. The first step to start this game is to determine a count from 1 to 15, each participant saying a number aloud, just to define who will make the rule of this round, thus, whoever is left with the number 15. After meeting the leader of the round, he will need to change one of the numbers to any word.

    For example, imagine that he changed the number 5 to the word doorknob. The first player needs to say 1 to 15, but the number 5 is a doorknob. Thus, the sequence is as follows: “1, 2, 3, 4, knob, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15”.

    After the round, the next one that comes out with the changed number will be the new leader and needs to change another number for another word, for example, 13 is a little bird. So the sequence is: “1, 2, 3, 4, doorknob, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, little bird, 14, 15”.

    That way, the game starts to get complicated when several numbers are exchanged. Now, if you want to screw your friend, just change a number for another number. For example, 9 is 11. Using the previous proof, the new sequence would be: “1, 2, 3, 4, knob, 6, 7, 8, 11, 10, 11, 12, bird, 14, 15”. Whoever makes a mistake, drinks.


    Everyone knows that a person cannot drive any vehicle after drinking alcohol, but you can play VRUM.

    This drinking game is another one that will require a good memory on the part of the player. Therefore, to play VRUM it is necessary for the participants to organize themselves in a circle. Clockwise, each member will need to speak one of the three speech options below, and each one has a determination in the order and rules of the game:

    • VRUM command (onomatopoeia of the sound of a car engine): the game continues without changes, instead of the player on his left.
    • IHHH command (car brake sound onomatopoeia): The participant on the right of the person who said “ihhh” must resume and continue the game, as this symbolizes that he braked and changed the meaning of the game.
    • PLOFT command (onomatopoeia of the sound of a speed bump): The participant in sequence has their turn skipped, and who needs to continue the round is the next player.

    Whoever misses the sequence, or misses the command, has to drink a shot.


    This game is one of the most fun, without a doubt. With him you can always have a good laugh and remember. In this game you will need to use a deck.

    In Sueca, the first item to be defined is the amount of drink and the type of alcohol they will use for each round of this game. Once this is done, the game has the rule to run clockwise, and each player needs to take one card at a time from the deck. Each suit and numbers have the following rules:

    ACE - Determines a player to take a shot.

    2 – Determines two players to take a dose or only one participant to take both doses at once.

    3 – Whoever took this card determines three players to drink one dose each, but one person cannot take all three doses.

    4 – The person drinks double dose.

    5 – Can't use the bathroom until another participant picks up 5. If they can't hold back, the person needs to drink a double dose when they come back from the bathroom.

    6 – Fast! Hand on the table. The last participant to touch the table needs to drink a shot.

    7 – Account. The first says, for example: once upon a time, the following: once upon a time there was a fallen man, and so on. Whoever makes a mistake, drinks.

    8 – Prohibited word. Whoever picks up the card determines a word that cannot be spoken. Who says, drink.

    9 – PI – Each participant cannot say a multiple of 4 and have 4. They need to be replaced by the term “PI”, whoever makes a mistake drinks. Example: 1, 2, 3, PI, 5, 6, 7, PI, 9,10, 11, PI, 13, PI, 15, PI, 17…

    10 – Master. Determines a new rule for the game. Example: whoever uses the cell phone, drinks.

    J – All participants drink.

    Q – Only women drink.

    K – Only men drink.

    Remembering that the rules may vary a little, but nothing that will change your entire experience with this game.

    Escravos de Jó

    Did you ever play “Job's slaves” as a child? So, the premise in this drinking game is the same, but only in the adult version. In this way, take an amount of glasses according to the number of participants and fill them with water, except for one of them, which needs to have some alcoholic beverage. After that, just start singing the song of Job's Slaves, passing the glasses from hand to hand.

    When they finish the song, each one drinks what's in the glass that remains, but you can't hesitate, drink without looking at what's inside. If you don't remember the lyrics of the song, you can also remember here.

    can only ask questions

    In this game you need to think very fast. Here, the game starts with some participant asking any question to another player. For example: “so-and-so, did you watch the series yesterday?” the person needs to answer the question with another question, pointing to the next one in the game. “Sicrano, did you watch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?”. Whoever is unable to formulate the question or takes too long to question loses.

    Remembering that it is not worth making a statement and at the end comes the question. Still using the situation in the paragraph above: “I watched the episode, it was really good, right?”, for example.

    can't say no

    This game has only one rule and it's very simple: you can't say the word "no". Therefore, the game starts when someone asks a random question to the player on their right. He can answer as he sees fit, using a word or phrase, as long as he never uses the term “no”. If you pass the test, the person who answered has the right to ask the question to another player. Remembering that the participant can also lose if they use the prohibited term at the time of the question.

    forbidden term

    This game is very similar to the previous one. In the case of this game, the rule is to prohibit the use of a predefined word or term before each round begins. It is worth choosing any word, but keep in mind that the key point of this game is to try to make your friend end up using the forbidden word. Remembering, whoever loses, drinks.

    Porrinha (three sticks)

    As with other games, three sticks have different ways of being called, it all depends on the region you live in. But that's the least important thing, the ideal thing is to know the rules of the drinking game, which by the way, are quite simple.

    Anyway, if you're a frequent visitor to bars, chances are you've played this classic game, but if you're not familiar with the rules, learn about the rules. All you need is a few toothpicks or matches and you can even play with coins.

    Therefore, each player is left with three sticks, with their hands behind them and without letting the opponents see, you need to put as many sticks as you want in one of the hands. After placing the sticks, everyone needs to reach out with their hands still closed and guess how many sticks they have in all of their hands. That is, the one who hits the total amount of the sum of the sticks wins.

    If your guess is right, you need to take a toothpick. Whoever eliminates all the sticks first wins. The loser needs to drink the agreed doses.

    Beer Pong

    This is yet another classic drinking game. Even if you haven't played it, it's very likely that you've seen this game in a series, movie, YouTube or a television show. In this game you need at least two participants, but remembering that you can play in pairs. You will also need a table, a ping pong ball and, usually, 10 glasses of alcohol are used.

    In this way, players need to hit the ball into the opponent's cups. When someone hits the target, whoever suffered the point needs to drink the alcohol that is in the glass and after that take the glass off the table. The winner is the person who manages to take all the opponent's cups first.

    flip the glass

    In this one you can compete in 1 x 1 or in a group, with the collective changing the rules a little. In face-to-face, the one who can turn a glass the fastest wins.

    Now, in the group mode, usually played in pairs, the premise is the same as the individual, but with a few more rules. In this way, a first player makes a toast with the opponent and both turn the glass at once. If the player has managed to drink all the drink, he will pass the turn to his partner who also needs to turn the glass at once.

    If someone can't turn the whole glass at once, he needs to keep trying until he succeeds so that his teammate also enters the game. The team that flips the most cups wins.

    Remembering that the drink needs to be the same and with the same amount between the competitors, whether in the individual or group modality.

    I never

    It is likely that this is the most famous joke on the list, but even so, it could not fail to be mentioned. In this game all players need to get together in a circle and each one hold a glass of drink. The round takes place clockwise with the member saying: I never (add what you think is best). Everyone who's ever done what's been told should have a shot of the drink.

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    For example: “I have never been talaric.” Everyone who has ever been talaric needs to take a dose. There is no winner or loser here, but it is possible to discover each revelation. It's fun, but be careful.

    Memory game

    The Memory Game is similar to Game Quinze, but this game has its own particularities. Therefore, to play you must form a wheel and follow the following rules:

    • Someone volunteers to start. After deciding who will kick off, the person speaks a word. “Frame”, for example.
    • The second competitor needs to repeat the word and place a new one: “Frame, photo”
    • The third player says the two words and adds another one: Frame, photo, painting”.
    • And so on. Whoever fails to speak the sequence loses the round. The game ends when the same competitor misses the sequence three times.

    Russian drink roulette

    This drinking game is ideal for gamblers who like to take risks. It also resembles the Slaves of Job. Anyway, to play Russian Roulette of the drink, just take a few glasses and fill them with water, but in one of them instead of putting water, you will fill with some colorless drink, vodka, for example. The important thing is that alcoholic beverages can be confused with water.

    In this way, it is necessary to shuffle the glasses and place them all in front of the players. One by one, the members turn over their glasses. Whoever drinks the glass of alcohol in three rounds loses.

    Guess how many fingers they have

    This game is a mix of odd or even with three sticks. The idea here is to find the sum of the number of fingers placed by all participants. Whoever comes closest to the final result is watching their teammates drink.

    If there is a tie, for example: player 1 kicked the final score in 15 fingers, a second player kicked in 25 fingers, but the final score was 20 fingers, player 1 wins the round for not having exceeded the score.

    Play, Drink or Take

    And to finish the list, the indication is a game for the most excited. It's about play. Drink or take.

    This drinking game starts with a coin toss. If the participant gets it right, he needs to pass the millstone to the player on the right. If you make a mistake, drink alcohol or take off an item of clothing. After that the game continues with the person on the left. If the player manages to hit the side of the coin three times in a row, he will be able to put on a piece of clothing. Whoever gets naked first loses.

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