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    It's time to play with Zoro in One Piece World Seeker

    It's time to play with Zoro in One Piece World Seeker

    Bandai Namco had already announced the DLC The Void Mirror Prototype to One Piece World Seeker, which will have a story where we must discover the secrets behind a mysterious robot factory, and with the great highlight of being able to play with Rorona Zoro, one of the legendary pirates of Luffy's crew.

    Players will play as Zoro and will enter battles with his Santoryu style of combat, where he uses his classic stance with 3 swords. A novelty is that every time Zoro face a character named Kagero, their skills will combine. In addition, the samurai can activate his so-called "serious mode", where he removes his shirt and significantly increases his strength.

    The content seems to have a very interesting content and full of famous characters from the world of One Piece.

    The DLC is now available and can be accessed by players who own the Season Pass, but it should also be made available separately.

    One Piece World Seeker is an open world adventure set in the popular universe of One Piece and showcases Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in a completely new experience, exploring an expansive new world filled with castles, farms, cities, beaches and more. The game is now available on the Microsoft Store and you can also check out our game review.

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