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    Is the Vitreo broker reliable? Know everything here

    Is the Vitreo broker reliable? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 23, 2022 | News |

    The question: the broker Vitreo is reliable is one of the most frequent when it comes to investment brokerages. In this article, we will answer this question and also show you how the platform works, what products are offered to customers, how to open an account, among other questions. 

    After reading this content, you will have more confidence to make a more assertive decision when choosing investment companies. Follow along and clear all your doubts.

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    What is Vitreo? 

    It is a brokerage firm that aims to simplify people's relationship with the investment world. The solutions are customized on a platform according to the profile of each person. The work is done transparently and safely. 

    After all, is Vitreo reliable? 

    Yes. To justify this answer, we will bring several elements that demonstrate how reliable Vitreo is:

    1. Transparency 

    One of Vitreo's main features is transparency. And it starts with George Wachsmann, the broker's CIO. On the official website, you have access to the Vitreo Logbook. It shows which paths the company is taking and when it is time to seek other goals.

    In this content, for example, Wachsmann shares a summary of the company's first half of 2022.

    The most interesting thing is that the CIO was concerned about developing a material without those complicated terms. Thus, it is not necessary to be an expert on the subject to understand the information that is published in the Logbook. 

    2. Authorized brokerage 

    Another positive point that brings credibility to the broker is that it is a financial institution authorized by the Central Bank of our country. That way, you don't have to worry about scams or other types of problems. 

    3. Good customer rating 

    Vitreo has a good reputation with clients on Reclame Aqui, which brings more confidence to request the services of the broker. In July 2022, the company's rating was 8,2 out of 10.

    The company is also in the habit of responding to customer requests. Of 180 complaints, Vitreo responded to 179. These numbers show that the company is concerned about helping investors when they need it most.

    4. Service channels 

    In addition to responding to requests on Reclame Aqui, Vitreo offers various forms of customer service. One of the options is chat. Simone, the company's virtual assistant, is able to resolve 89% of users' doubts. 

    Another interesting touchpoint is Vitreo's WhatsApp. You can add the company on your mobile device by calling (11) 4003-4696. Those who live in capitals and metropolitan regions can talk to the company's autonomous agents by phone 4000 1575. Other locations should seek help on 0800 941 7557.

    The more service channels a company makes available to customers, the more security the consumer has in hiring a service. After all, he knows he can count on a specialized team to solve all his doubts. 

    What are the solutions offered by Vitreo? 

    After finding out if Vitreo is reliable, we will introduce you to the products offered by the broker. One of Vitreo's main advantages is that the institution offers a portfolio with several intelligent and transparent alternatives for any type of investor. That way, you have the security of choosing the best alternative for your goals. 

    The broker offers the following options: investment funds, pension plans, managed portfolio, variable income, direct treasury, fixed income securities and public offerings (IPO). 

    Vitreo Wealth is the brokerage sector that aims to help investors manage their wealth. According to the company, it is the premium area of ​​the organization. Here, the company offers customized products and develops portfolios in line with the goals and profile of each consumer. It is an exclusive service for investors with equity in excess of R$10 million. 

    The exchange also offers four funds that are related to Cryptocurrencies: CryptoCurrency, Crypto Metals Blend, Crypto DeFi and Bitcoin DeFi. If you have doubts about how this type of investment works, visit the Vitreo website and check out the step-by-step guide to succeed with your decisions. 

    How to open a Vitreo account? 

    Contrary to what many people think, opening a Vitreo account is easier than you think. The process can be completed in just 20 minutes. It is not necessary to have advanced knowledge in internet or technology to complete the processes. 

    First, go to the official Vitreo website. Then select “Login”. Now, add your basic data, such as: name, CPF, e-mail and telephone. After choosing your password, you will be sent a six-digit verification code, either via email or SMS. Write down this information to continue with your registration. 

    Ready. Your account has been successfully completed. However, in order to execute the transactions, it is critical that you add other data. Enter the logged in area and select the option “complete registration”. 

    The system also asks the user to forward a copy of the front and back of a photo identification document. They must be forwarded only through the logged area and the file upload size limit is 8MB. The data analysis process usually takes up to two business days. The company accepts the following documents: RG, CNH, Passport, Professional Card and RNE. 

    The next step is to answer the Suitability questionnaire. Its main objective is to discover your investor profile, considering your goals, how much you are willing to invest, your knowledge of the financial market and how much you are willing to tolerate risks.

    According to your answers, the company shows which products are most suitable for your profile. 

    At Vitreo, the customer has access to a single account that gathers the investor's transactions (application and redemption). The company has the highest security standard, ensuring more credibility for transactions.

    The brokerage also offers transparency in the billing format not only for each product, but also for a new service. 

    What is the Vitreo Home Broker like? 

    Is the Vitreo broker reliable? Know everything here

    Vitreo's Home Broker contains several interesting features, such as: practicality, stability, zero rate, trust and credibility. You do not need to pay any fees to carry out your spot buy and sell operations. 

    Another positive point is that quotes are published in real time. In this way, you can more assertively monitor market fluctuations and your positions. 

    With Vitreo's Home Broker, it is also possible to follow all the results of Day-Trade operations and position in time. You have an easy view of the numbers to understand the results in the best possible way. 

    At Home Broker, the order book offers a very practical view for investors. It is divided according to prices and orders. In addition, the application contains a SuperDom tool, which specializes in Day Trade. 

    The technology develops candlestick charts and other models in real time. It contains indicators and studies that allow the investor to analyze each trade more quickly. The tool also presents notifications and news with monitoring of each important information that is related to the Stock Exchange and trades. 

    About Vitreo 

    Vitreo launched its first product on the market in October 2022. The brokerage has the following partners: Patrick O'Grady, George Wachsmann, Everson Ramos, Ilana Bobrow, Paulo Lemann, Alexandre Aoude and Guilherme Cooke. 

    In a year and a half, the company conquered more than 60 thousand our countrymen. The company aims to change people's relationship with investments, ensuring an uncomplicated process. 

    After finding out if Vitreo is trustworthy, learn how to invest in Bitcoin without any hassle.

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