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    Is Pier Digital reliable? See how to buy insurance

    Is Pier Digital reliable? See how to buy insurance

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 4, 2022 | Shopping |

    Does the Is Pier Digital Trustworthy? Have you ever thought about being able to guarantee insurance for your car or cell phone over the internet with just a few clicks?

    That's what Pier Digital offers. But is she safe?

    Pier Digital is an insurance company that appeared on the market in 2022, founded by entrepreneurs Lucas Prado, Igor Mascarenhas and Rafael Oliveira. Initially it only offered insurance for smartphones and in 2022 it also started offering insurance for cars.

    It is a recent company, but it already has credibility in the market. Currently, it has more than 35 policyholders and is duly authorized by Susep (Superintendence of Private Insurance) to offer its services.

    That is, you have full security guarantee from Susep when hiring Pier digital, as the company has its accreditation up to date.

    In addition, another information is that Pier is a partner of AMBEP TurSeguros.

    To answer if Pier Digital is reliable, let's first go through some points and get to know a little more about the services that the company offers.

    How does Pier Digital work?

    The company works 100% online and offers 24/XNUMX assistance through its website, app or phone. Therefore, in the event of an accident, simply call it through one of these communication channels.

    At Pier Seguradora Digital, you will find simplified options for quick insurance to hire and best of all: no bureaucracy.

    Insurance options include auto insurance and cell phone insurance. Both are valid throughout the national territory.

    To hire any of them, just access the website or the app. Payment for both auto insurance and cell phone insurance is made by credit card. Auto insurance has the option of payment via PIX.

    Payment is monthly, that is, your card will not be charged for the 12 months (which is equivalent to one year of your insurance) at once. Every month the amount will be debited and your insurance will be valid during this period.

    How to trigger?

    Just call the number available in the app or use the app itself (Android | iOS), 24-hour assistance is available anywhere in our country.

    You can use one assistance per month.

    How does the refund work?

    The period that SUSEP imposes on insurers in general to make the reimbursement is up to 30 days. Pier has refunded an average of up to 5 days, a very agile and efficient process.

    Thanks to the artificial intelligence used by the platform, customers can receive the refund even faster.

    In the case of cell phone insurance, there is an instant refund function, in which you send the necessary documentation for analysis, such as the incident report, in case of theft or theft of the device.

    How does auto insurance work?

    Pier's auto insurance coverage offers assistance in the event of theft of your vehicle and promises to pay up to 100% of the FIPE table.

    It is important to note that this applies to cars up to R$60.000.

    Understand the difference between Robbery, Theft and their qualifications, according to our Penal Code:


    Art. 157 – To take away someone else's movable property, for oneself or for others, by means of a serious threat or violence to the person, or after having, by any means, reduced the person to the impossibility of resistance:
    Penalty – imprisonment, from four to ten years, and a fine.
    § 1 - The same penalty applies to anyone who, immediately after the thing is taken away, uses violence against a person or a serious threat, in order to ensure impunity for the crime or the detention of the thing for himself or for a third party.
    § 2 - The penalty is increased from one third to half:
    I – If the violence or threat is carried out with the use of a weapon;
    II – If there is a contest of two or more people;
    III – If the victim is in a valuable transport service and the agent is aware of such circumstance.
    IV – If the subtraction is from a motor vehicle that will be transported to another State or abroad; (Included by Law No. 9.426 of 1996)
    V – Whether the agent keeps the victim in his power, restricting his freedom. (Included by Law No. 9.426 of 1996)
    § 3 If the violence results in serious bodily harm, the penalty is imprisonment, from seven to fifteen years, in addition to the fine; if death results, imprisonment is from twenty to thirty years, without prejudice to the fine. (Wording provided by Law No. 9.426, of 1996) See Law No. 8.072, of 25.7.90.


    Art. 155 – To subtract, for oneself or for others, someone else's movable thing:
    Penalty – imprisonment, from one to four years, and a fine.
    § 1 - The penalty is increased by one third, if the crime is committed during the night rest.
    § 2 - If the criminal is a primary offender, and the stolen thing is of small value, the judge may substitute the penalty of imprisonment for that of detention, reduce it by one to two thirds, or apply only the penalty of a fine.
    § 3º – Electric energy or any other that has economic value is equated to a movable thing.

    Qualified theft

    § 4 - The penalty is imprisonment from two to eight years, and a fine, if the crime is committed:
    I – With the destruction or disruption of an obstacle to the subtraction of the thing;
    II – With abuse of trust, or through fraud, escalation or dexterity;
    III – Using a false key;
    IV – By means of a contest of two or more people.
    § 5 – The penalty is imprisonment from three to eight years, if the subtraction is from a motor vehicle that will be transported to another State or abroad. (Included by Law No. 9.426 of 1996)

    Basically, robbery is when there is violence and/or serious threat, while in theft we don't talk about violence, since the criminal has no direct contact with you, he leaves no traces of the crime.

    Digital insurance also covers claims in the event of Total Loss, where damage exceeds 75% of the protected value. It is valid for collisions, natural disasters and other accidents.

    Regarding Guincho, Pier takes your car to a workshop, dealership or other place you indicate, but it has to be within a radius of up to 200km from where you are.

    If you go beyond that distance, you have to pay for the km exceeded, in addition to not having access to the service for passengers to travel.

    In the event of an electrical or mechanical failure, if your car stalls or the engine stalls, for example, a trailer is sent to the place where you are.

    If you run out of gas, you can rest easy too, as Pier provides a trailer to take your car to the nearest gas station. This also goes for a possible tire change, as they take you to a tire repair shop or help you change the spare tire, in case you don't know.

    If by any chance you have problems with your car keys, either because you have lost or broken them, Pier also guarantees you a help at those times. You will get help to open your vehicle or make another simple key.

    And finally, something that sets the insurance company apart from others on the market is parking for one night. Whatever the situation, in case you need it, Pier will keep your car overnight for you, covering the parking lot.

    What does Pier Digital not cover?

    • Partial losses and collisions;
    • Coverages for third parties;
    • Accessories installed;
    • Backup car.

    Auto insurance quote, how to do?

    To get a quote, just access the Pier website, select the car insurance and enter your car data such as license plate, model, whether it is for personal or commercial use and inform your address and other personal data.

    Is Pier Digital reliable? See how to buy insurance

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    How does cell phone insurance work?

    Cell phone insurance covers theft, simple theft and aggravated theft, as well as auto insurance.

    Regardless of the invoice of the device, whether new, used, purchased abroad or with a lot or little time of use.

    The coverage is also valid for the entire territory of our country. So no matter the location, you're protected in these three cases and coverage covers thousands of models.

    As mentioned, the refund is fast. But for that, don't forget to register the incident report to send so they can do the evaluation. It is also necessary that the identification number of the device is blocked by Anatel.

    Another important point is to have the application installed on your device at the time of the occurrence.

    To find out the price of insurance for your device and hire the services, just go to Pier Digital's website and search for the make and model of your cell phone:

    Is Pier Digital reliable? See how to buy insurance

    What does Pier not cover?

    • Physical damage;
    • Losses;
    • Occurrence outside the country.

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    How do I cancel?

    If you no longer want Pier Seguros' services, cancellation is quite simple and can be done at any time.

    There are no fines, fees, deductibles and no grace period. This goes for both insurances.

    A Pier Digital do not claim here

    As of the date we published this post, Pier Digital has a reputation score of 9.1/10 on Reclame Aqui within the 6-month period, with 100% of complaints answered and a resolution rate of 92,2%.

    The consumer rating is 8.95 and 88.7% would do business with the company again.

    Is Pier Digital reliable?

    Based on users' opinions and all the services it offers, yes! Pier Seguro Digital is reliable.

    Furthermore, we also know that it is authorized by Susep.

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