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    Is XP Investimentos reliable? Know everything here

    Is XP Investimentos reliable? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 23, 2022 | News |

    A XP Investments It is one of the best investment advisors on the market. The company aims to help consumers in making decisions regarding their investments, always showing the best alternative according to their needs and investor profile.  

    The numbers prove the power of the company in the market. To give you an idea, XP Investimentos has more than 2,3 million active customers. 

    However, most people have doubts whether this financial institution is reliable. With that in mind, we are going to show you some elements that show how XP is a good option to invest your money.

    Follow along and clear all your doubts. 

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    1. Reclame Aqui Reputation 

    A point that justifies how reliable the company is is the note from XP Investimentos – Reclame Aqui. On the website, the financial institution has 8,7 points, which is a good score.

    Furthermore, she has already answered 93.7% of the reviews. This number allows us to conclude that the institution is concerned with helping the client when he needs it, seeking to offer solutions that can help him solve various types of problems. 

    2. Independent action 

    XP Investimentos has no commitment to any particular company. The main mission is to meet the objectives of each investor.

    This is very important because it gives the feeling that she really cares about the client. In this way, it is possible to hire the service with more security and assertiveness. 

    3. Transparency 

    Transparency is one of the main characteristics of XP Investimentos. It contains a free tool that shows how much your investments can yield on the platform.

    The most interesting thing is that, to discover this result, it is not necessary to be an expert in the finance market. 

    It works like this: first, you must access the official website of XP Investimentos. Afterwards, you must inform what your objective is. You can choose three options: I want constant earnings above inflation, I want higher long-term returns, and I take risks to maximize earnings. 

    Then you choose how much you want to invest. Then, select when you want to redeem: within one year, between one and two years or more than two years. Informing this data is very important for the system to show which types of investment are most suitable for your profile.

    Finally, just click on simulate to see your results. 

    By taking this test, you get a better idea of ​​whether your investments will pay off. One of the main advantages is that the process can be completed in a few minutes. It is worth using the XP investment simulator. 

    4. Market experience 

    With over 19 years of experience in the market, XP continues to improve its products. The amount of products that are offered by the organization is impressive. 

    Among the most common are:

    • Fixed Income;
    • Shares;
    • Investment Funds;
    • Life or Private Pension, including alternatives with international exposure.

    The most interesting thing is that the process is conducted in one place. Just make a single account to have access to the system's features. 

    5. Authorized financial institution 

    It is essential to make it clear that XP Investimentos is a financial institution that works with authorization from the Central Bank of our country.

    The company claims that the funds of its consumers are kept in a registry account that is used only by the brokerage house to register the operations of each investor. 

    6. Customized products

    We have already highlighted in this article how much XP Investimentos is concerned with the customer experience. The company offers five types of services to consumers.

    And what is the link between this information and the trust of a brand? Simple! Here, we can understand that the company does not aim to guarantee growth at any cost, but to offer quality work. 

    With customized products for each type of customer, you understand that your pains will be taken care of and you know that for each product there is a differentiated service.

    Digital advisory, for example, is suitable for investments of up to R$50. In addition to being able to monitor your investments through the website or application, you have access to Assessoria Live, Assessoria Virtual and the investment comparator. 

    On-demand advice is recommended for investments between R$50 and R$300. Consulting is fast and dynamic and the customer can get in touch through the various service channels to analyze their product portfolio with a team of experts. 

    Exclusive advice offers a closer relationship to those people who have investments between R$300 thousand and R$3 million. Monitoring is done individually and the investment portfolio is built according to the profile and needs of each one. 

    Clients who have investments between R$3 million and R$10 million can have access to the best options not only for wealth management, but also for succession and tax and fiscal optimization.

    Another positive point is the free access to the Premium Variable Income Table. Here, consultants help to develop and manage the stock exchange portfolio. 

    Finally, private advice is recommended for people who need to manage an estate of R$10 million or more. Here, investors have at their disposal a team of qualified consultants who are focused on advisory, wealth planning and investment solutions.

    Did you notice that the products were not designed in any way? When contacting the company, you will be directed to an option that is in accordance with your profile, generating more confidence, since you will be served by someone who really knows your needs. 

    7. Quality service 

    One of the most important characteristics when evaluating a company is in relation to service. If he doesn't exist or is unprepared, credibility can be affected. 

    At XP Investimentos, you can contact the company through self-service via WhatsApp. The number is: +55 11 4935-2720. In this channel, the client can talk about advice, variable income, XP account and XP card.

    Those who live in capitals and metropolitan regions can talk to the company at +55 11 4003-3710. The other locations can communicate with the institution through the number: 0800-880-3710. 

    Customers residing abroad can contact XP Investimento at the number: +55 11 4935-2701. There is also a personalized service for the hearing or speech impaired, which is available for all locations at the following number: 0800-771-0101. 

    Anyone who has questions, complaints and guidelines can speak to the SAC through the number: 0800-772-0202. The service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 18 pm. 

    You can access your account not only through the website, but also through your mobile device. If you don't know how the XP Investimentos application works, don't worry. The system is very practical and can be useful in your routine. 

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