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    Is it good to have portable air conditioning?

    Is it good to have portable air conditioning?Is it good to have portable air conditioning?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 4, 2022 | Shopping |

    At some point, you must have already asked this question: after all, it is good to have portable air conditioner? Does it have the same function as conventional air conditioning? Which model has the lowest cost-benefit ratio? These and other questions we will help you answer in this post.

    Is portable air conditioning good?

    Gone are the days when you need to depend or just on a fan or just a split, inverter or window air conditioner. A portable device can be an excellent alternative, as long as you know its pros and cons before buying.

    If you live in warmer regions, are tired of using fans or live in your own or rented property without infrastructure for installing air conditioning, you need to know the list of advantages and disadvantages of having a portable air conditioner:


    No infrastructure needed

    Does the property not have the infrastructure for installing conventional machines? No problem! Just plug the portable air conditioner into the outlet and that's it.

    Can be used in different places and occasions

    As the name implies, it can be taken anywhere, be it office or home-office environments, apartments and also beach houses.

    Has accessories to help with transport.

    The most current models of portable air conditioning have wheels and carrying handles, which facilitate transport and use in different environments, according to daily needs.

    It has the option of hot and cold air

    Most current models have the option of hot and cold air, which can be a hand on the wheel if you need to use the device in winter and summer.

    Works on power BTUs system

    Just like a normal air conditioner, portable air conditioners have cooling systems using the 000 BTU system (British Thermal Unit, in Portuguese), which is nothing more than the air conditioning power of the device according to the footage of the desired area of ​​use.

    No extra expenses with installation, maintenance and hassle

    If you live in a rented property, you can count on the advantage of having a portable air conditioner, without requiring renovations or alterations to the facade of the building or inconvenience with neighbors.

    It has a variety of models for sale on the market.

    There are several models of portable air conditioners, both for smaller and larger environments. On the market today, there are models from 12000 BTUs in different values ​​ranging from R$ 1.500 to R$ 6.000. On the Amazon website, you can check out some available options.


    Adapts to smaller environments and not so much to larger environments

    It has a thermal efficiency for smaller environments, up to 20m2. If you want to use a larger footage, chances are you will need more than one machine to handle the air conditioning.

    Makes more noise than a conventional air conditioner

    When it is on, it makes more noise than a conventional air conditioner. Depending on the model, the best thing is to call and check the noise before buying.

    are not so light

    They are versatile, but they are heavy. The latest models usually weigh around 30kg each.

    It has greater added value due to its versatility.

    They tend to have a higher price compared to traditional air conditioning, due to the cost-effectiveness built into the purchase.

    They tend to consume more electricity than a normal air conditioner

    They have a lower cooling capacity compared to a normal air conditioner. Therefore, before buying, the correct thing is to use a BTU calculator, which will help you choose the most suitable model according to the area of ​​use. On Google, you can find several models of BTU calculator.

    Needs to be used near a window

    To have a better performance, it needs to be installed near a window, with an extension hose that throws the heat of the hot air out of the room. If you don't have a window near the place where you want to use it, portable air conditioning might not be such an interesting option for you.

    It's better than a fan

    It cannot be used as a normal air conditioner, but it replaces a ceiling fan, for example.

    Portable air conditioning uses a lot of electricity?

    There is a slight difference in energy consumption if we compare a normal air conditioner with a portable air conditioner. To calculate the exact value of consumption, it is necessary to know its power, indicated on the back of the device.

    In addition, another point to take into account when choosing a model to buy is to check the Procel Seal score, that seal that classifies the energy efficiency of an electrical appliance from A to G.

                                                                                    Source: Inmetro

    But the creation of the portable air conditioner was not enough, there is already a miniature version on the market: the mini portable air conditioner. This is another option for those who want to cool off and escape the fan.

    Which models have the lowest cost benefit?

    There is no rule to define which model is the most efficient: everything will depend on the footage of the environment in which the device will be used and the frequency of use. Therefore, before buying, the ideal is to have a pencil and pen in hand and calculate how many BTUs of consumption will be required to have an idea of ​​consumption.

    Is portable air conditioning worth it?

    If you want to escape the fan, but don't want to mess with your property's infrastructure, yes! The option of having a portable air conditioner can be very cost-effective, even more so if you add up all the expenses you would have to install and maintain normal air conditioning condensers.

    Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of having one, the decision is yours as a consumer. Now tell us: have you ever used a portable air conditioner? What do you think? Was it worth it or not?

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