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    Is Buser Trustworthy? How to travel by bus cheaper?

    Is Buser Trustworthy? How to travel by bus cheaper?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 24, 2022 | Technology |

    Do you intend to travel? How about paying a cheaper ticket than normal? You can really have this and you don't even have to run around after various promotions, coupons, discounts or anything like that. Buser offers prices that fit in your pocket and several possibilities of routes. But all these advantages raise the following question: is Buser reliable?

    In this post you will know the answer to the above question, understand how Buser works, the care you need to have, the main rules, how to buy tickets, and much more to clarify any possible doubts.

    What is Buser?

    Buser is a startup founded in 2022 with the aim of offering a way for customers to travel with cheaper tickets. Therefore, the service is a platform that offers collaborative bus charter.

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    It is important to make it clear that Buser does not have buses. This means that it is a tool that connects users with road vehicle charter companies.

    In short, Buser is not a transportation startup, but a technology startup. It is a platform that offers joint mobility services, aiming at inclusion and fair prices.

    How does Buser work?

    Buser brings together a group of people who intend to travel to the same destination, offering a more competitive transport cost than traditional companies. Because of this, it became known as the “Uber of buses”, for offering a similar service.

    In this way, the apportionment works as follows: passengers charter the Buser bus and the total cost is divided. Remembering that the apportionment is paid through the Buser app or on the website. Keep in mind that the value of the trip varies as long as the Buser traveler group is not closed.

    And using the app or the startup's website, a person can find these groups and make an online reservation from the bus seat. Remembering that the vehicles are comfortable, including cabin-sleeper, sleeper and semi-sleeper.

    In addition, it is worth mentioning that the entire ticket purchase process is very simple and practical, Buser makes all the connection between passengers and road transport charter companies.

    What is Buser Tickets?

    Buser Passages is an exclusive program in which tickets are resold to companies in the road segment.

    Travel is guaranteed according to the purchase of the ticket using the Buser website or application up to 3 hours before boarding, and the traveler only needs to go to the place where the bus will depart in advance to be able to print the ticket before boarding.

    Just stay tuned that purchases made on Pix can be made up to 4 hours before the trip, the same happens with payment via boleto. In case of any kind of problem, such as no payment, the trip is cancelled.

    It is also necessary to pay attention to the place of departure because it can be inside the bus station or in establishments pre-defined by the companies that will make the trip.

    Buser states that the entire Buser Passages process is the responsibility of the bus companies that are carrying out the transport. In addition, he points out that there is no relationship with the charter booking format that the startup uses.

    How does the Buser app work?

    In addition to the website, you can download the Buser application for mobile devices with Android or IOS system.

    The app is very easy to use and understand. In it you can search for available tickets just by entering the place of origin and the place you want to go, choose the round trip dates (if you want) and the options that are available will appear.

    In the result of your search you will see the groups in formation and you can see the following information: the name of the company, place of embarkation and disembarkation, estimated time for departure of the transport, the model of the seat and the value of the ticket. In addition, if you tap on “see details” you will be able to see the forecast of the time you will arrive at your destination and the number of stops along the way.

    If there are already closed groups on the day you selected, you will see a message of “seats sold out”.

    After choosing the travel group, you will go through a few steps, such as reviewing your information and making the payment. But don't worry, further on how to buy your ticket will be explained in detail.

    What happens if the group is broken up or I need to cancel the trip?

    Usually when a group is formed the possibility of it being broken up is very small, but there is always the probability of some kind of problem happening. But if the group is dismantled, Buser has a policy of giving passengers at least 48 hours notice and the money is fully refunded.

    If you paid for your ticket using your credit card, the amount is refunded back to your card. According to Buser, the refund is made immediately after the customer's request, but the deadline for the process to arrive on your statement will depend on the card operator.

    Startup states that in some situations, the refunded amount may take about five business days and, if the invoice closes in that time, the refund will be made on the invoice for the month following the request.

    Credit card refunds can be made up to 30 days after payment, after which the amount will only be available for withdrawal.

    Now, if you made the payment by boleto, you will need to enter your bank account details in the application and the refund will be made within two business days after the order is placed.

    And if you have paid for the ticket through Pix, the refund is made immediately after the request.

    If you need to cancel your spot, don't worry, Buser doesn't create bureaucracy in these cases. There is no charge for cancellation fees, as long as the request is made at least 1 hour before departure. If this deadline passes, you will not be entitled to a full refund of your reservation.

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    In this way, for you to cancel the vacancy, you only need to access the application, go to the “Travels” option, select the “next trips” alternative, now tap on the reservation you want to cancel, on the page that opens you will see information about the boarding, and at the bottom of the screen there is the option “cancel”.

    Please note that your reservation is non-transferable. If you want to change your seat to another user, you must cancel the current one and secure a new one. However, there is the possibility to change the date, time or class (if available). To do this, just follow the same path shown in the paragraph above, but instead of choosing “cancel”, tap on “change”

    Embarkation and disembarkation rules

    If you have secured your spot in the charter mode, boarding is carried out just by showing an original photo ID to the driver, which makes the whole process much more agile.

    But if you bought it with Buser Passages, you must pick up the ticket at the counter at least 1h30 before boarding. When you arrive at the counter, you need to inform your name, show an original photo document, and then you will be able to take your ticket. If the ticket window is closed, the ticket will be collected directly from the driver.

    And as a tip, even if you have purchased the space in charter mode, try to arrive at the place at least 30 minutes in advance to calmly know where the boarding place is and find your bus. It is also worth mentioning that you need to use the Buser app to check the bus license plate and find it more easily.

    Another point that you need to be aware of is that the boarding on the charter is not done in bus stations as is the traditional one. Each destination gets its own boarding facility that can be viewed right at the time of booking.

    Is it allowed to disembark outside the destination point?

    Buser works along the lines that the driver has the freedom and autonomy to decide if he wants to stop at other points before reaching the final location, but for that, situations that violate the law and safety rules cannot occur.

    If you need to stop at a place other than the end, Buser recommends that you speak with the driver at the time of boarding, trying to reach a viable agreement. But in any case, if this happens, it is necessary that you only have carry-on luggage.

    Baggage size

    Each traveler is allowed to take one large, two medium or three small suitcases. In this way, the accepted formats follow, and the numbers are organized respectively in height, width and thickness:

    Large size: 70.5 cm, 45.5 cm, 26 cm

    Small media: 60.5 cm, 40 cm, 23.5 cm

    Small small: 49 cm, 34.5 cm, 19 cm

    Inside the vehicle it is only allowed to use bags and backpacks without wheels. And in case you need to transport any sporting goods or musical instruments, it is mandatory that they are packed in a box, using bubble wrap or in a case.

    In the case of Buser Passages, it is worth mentioning that each bus company follows its own luggage policy, so it is necessary to check the company's website and consult the rules.

    How to choose seats

    In the charter model, seats can be selected at the time of boarding on a first-come, first-served basis. Which is very good for those traveling with a partner, especially if you have children. So, if you want to sit close together, just arrive early to guarantee the most desired seats.

    Now, at Buser Passages, seats are automatically defined by the system used by the bus company.

    It is also worth mentioning that it is not allowed to book specific seats in advance.

    What types of bus seats are available?

    Buser offers five different types of seats, and this is determined according to the class of bus you choose when purchasing tickets. Therefore, the seats available are as follows:

    Executive: it is the basic model, being the cheapest, which can be seen in traditional travel bus models. They have a 135° recline, but they don't have a footrest and the armrest is shared.

    Semi-sleep: similar to the Executive, but the seats come with a footrest and recline up to 145°.

    Bed: this category is a level above the categories already mentioned, because the comfort is greater. Here the seats are more spacious and recline up to 150°, it still has the leg support and the arm support are individual.

    Bed: in this case the seats recline up to 180° and the footrest is at the same height as the seat, which can be considered a bed.

    Premium Bed: this is the most comfortable model among all the categories. It has all the benefits of the bed, it even comes with more positive points, such as a massager and individual screen where you can watch streaming programming.

    What regions is Buser available in?

    In 2022 Buser managed to expand its areas of operation and thus reached all 26 states of our country plus the Federal District. In this way, connecting several cities and municipalities in the country, the startup already has more than 160 sections on its platform.

    If you want to know all Buser boarding points, check out this link. Now, if you want to see all the excerpts that the platform has, click here.

    Minors pay half? Baby also need to pay?

    At Buser charter, the price of the ticket is full for everyone, always in an individual seat and using the seat belt, and babies up to 1 year and 5 months old need to use the baby comfort seat.

    So, minors who are accompanied by their parents or sibling only need to present a photo ID to board.

    Now, minors who are accompanied by grandparents, great-grandparents and uncles must present the minor's original birth certificate, and a photo document of the accompanying person and the minor.

    And if the minor is accompanied by a person who is not related, in addition to the aforementioned documents, authorization from the parents or guardian is still required. Then you need to download, print and sign the Authorization Template. Remembering that all signatures on the document must be notarized.

    It is also worth mentioning when the situation is a national trip, it is not allowed by law for children or adolescents under 16 to travel outside the border region where they live, unaccompanied by parents or guardians, without the document of judicial authorization, with signatures notarized and the original document with photo.

    Are pets allowed on the trip?

    In the charter mode, Buser only allows service animals, such as guide dogs for blind and deaf people, support dogs for people with reduced mobility, search and rescue dogs and emotional support dogs. In all cases, it is mandatory to present documents that prove the status of the animal as a service.

    Therefore, domestic pets, even if they are in transport boxes, even if they are small, that have all vaccinations and documentation up to date, are not allowed to transport them.

    In Buser Passagem, the rule of being able to transport animals is in charge of each road company. With that, check the information with the company responsible for your trip.

    Is Buser Trustworthy?

    With everything shown so far it is fair to say that Buser is reliable. But to justify this answer, you will check some factors that why the startup has credibility in its service offered.

    First, it is worth noting that Buser carries out a rigorous analysis of the operation to conclude partnerships with charter companies. Therefore, no vehicle integrates the platform without undergoing a quality check.

    About bus drivers, Buser also checks the history of drivers. In addition, it carries out constant checks on the need for new fleets, thus ensuring quality vehicles with optimal functioning, aiming to reduce possible human errors on the way to travel.

    Buser also uses technology focused on passenger safety, with a seat belt alert system. As for the drivers, they have a telemetry mechanism with the fatigue camera service that monitors drivers in real time, including the speed of buses. In this way, it is possible to check and analyze the performance of trips in order to make them increasingly safer.

    It is also worth mentioning that Buser is not a pirated service. Because it is a platform that is linked to technology, the startup does not fit into the regulation of the transport area. This is great because the state can't try to interfere with a private company's regulations as it has tried to do in the past with Uber and 99.

    With this, those who need the authorizations of the inspection entities are the partners who use the Buser platform and they are regulars. In this way, all vehicles registered with Buser have the authorizations determined to run according to the charter service with the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) and the corresponding state entities. With this, all transports comply with the legal requirements before the regulatory authorities.

    And by way of information, Buser is also linked to football. Startup was once a sponsor of Flamengo. In addition, it maintains a partnership with the two biggest clubs in Minas Gerais, Cruzeiro and Atlético Mineiro.

    Buser do not claim here

    If you want to take a look at the main problems that Buser users experience, a good alternative is to check out Reclame Aqui. The site helps verify the reputation of companies in delivering their services.

    Buser has an overall score of 8.3 on Reclame Aqui, which is considered excellent in the opinion of the questioning platform. With this, the startup has a rate of 97,1% of complaints answered and 7.57 of the consumer's note.

    However, despite having a good grade, the main complaints are due to support, travel delays and, mainly, canceled trips. Even with these complaints, 78.1% of people would return to using the platform after some inconvenience.

    Buser Service Feedback

    Because Buser offers cheaper tickets than usual, it can generate a certain distrust in the service. But as already mentioned, the startup is a serious company and has several security and legality certificates.

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    And if you want to check out some testimonials from people who have used the transport and reported their experience of the service, take a look at these videos: video 1, video 2, video 3.

    How to register on Buser

    Before you can use the Buser service, you need to register. The process is very simple, it can be done through the website or app, and you need to fill in the same information. So, regardless of the platform you use, the first step to open your account is to tap on “Register”, then enter your email, your cell phone number, and create a password.

    After filling in all the data, you need to tap your profile icon, which is in the upper right corner, and ask the platform to send you a link to validate your account. After that, you can easily use the transport technology tool.

    How to buy a bus ticket

    Now that you are on top of the subject, you have already registered your Buser account, learn how to buy tickets on the platform below.

    Step 1: As soon as you enter the app, you will immediately see the tab to enter your city of origin, the place you want to go, and the return date. After entering all the necessary data, tap on “Search”.

    Step 2: a series of travel options will appear, with all the information already mentioned in this content. When you find the passage that you like the most, tap on “Select”.

    Step 3: in the tab that opened you will need to enter the traveler's data. After filling in all the information, confirm the data and on the next screen, tap “Continue”.

    Step 4: finally, on the last screen you will once again see the shipment information. Check everything calmly and carefully. Once this is done, at the bottom of the page you will have a space to put the payment method information. After filling in all the data, tap on “Confirm reservation”.

    Step 5: ready! Now just wait for the day to be able to make your trip with Buser. Just be aware of possible messages from the app and in your email.

    In addition to the app and website, Buser also allows users to buy tickets via WhatsApp. You can access the chat and follow the service step by step. If you want to go straight to the messenger app, follow this link. The service is from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 00 pm and on weekends from 8 am to 21 pm.

    It is also worth mentioning that your ticket information can be seen in the “Travel” area within the app. In addition, Buser sends you an email with all your travel booking details.

    Main positives and natives of Buser

    Finally, throughout the text, the main benefits and points that need to be improved in the Buser service were explained. At the end of the day, the main advantage is the value of up to 60% lower tickets compared to traditional transport.

    Anyway, below you can check the synthesis of the positive and negative points of the platform.

    Positive points from Buser

    • Great value for tickets
    • The platform launches several promotions throughout the year, including giving free travel for your first trip (you need to check the availability of this promotion).
    • New and high quality vehicles.
    • It is possible to choose the type of armchair, and prices do not vary much.
    • The platform keeps passengers informed with messages before, during and after their trip.
    • The road companies registered on the platform and the drivers undergo a rigid analysis, which guarantees greater safety for passengers. In addition to ANTT certificates.
    • Refunds are made quickly and without bureaucracy.
    • The vehicles have wi-fi, socket and mineral water, and depending on the modality purchased, a streaming service is offered
    • Travelers receive KitKat on boarding

    Buser negative points

    • Because the platform works in apportionment mode, ticket prices may vary in price.
    • The purchase is made in a group, if you do not meet all the requirements, you run the risk of the trip being cancelled.
    • There is no possibility to buy assigned seats
    • The platform does not accept the transport of domestic pets.

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