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Check out 10 digital compass apps to have on your Android or iOS phone! Buying a compass in a store is not really a priority for most people, except for those who really like to travel, for example. That's why there are some very good and functional applications to serve as a digital compass.

In addition to being useful for travel, they are great for us to be able to orient ourselves spatially and contemplate celestial phenomena, such as meteor showers — which occur every year! We've separated 10 digital compass apps for you to check out and enjoy all their features!


  • compass galaxy
  • Simple compass
  • Compass 360
  • Digital Compass
  • 3D compass
  • Compass
  • Smart Compass
  • minimalist compass
  • Compass
  • spyglass

compass galaxy

This app is super simple, clean and objective. You just need to calibrate normally before use and that's it. The developer sought to be cautious to create an application that does not access unnecessary data from your cell phone, respecting the user's privacy well.

compass galaxy is available for


Simple compass

It also values ​​simplicity and objective, it is ad-free and very practical. It has a very accurate sensor, captures the address of your current location and calculates the real altitude of your position. It has not yet been translated into Portuguese, but it has several symbols that make it much easier to understand.

simple compass is available for


Compass 360

This app promises to be a great utility for your outdoor walks; whether traveling, camping or hiking. Compass 360 promises accuracy anywhere on the planet, has a neat design, has a detailed decimal scroll, supports multiple languages ​​and much more!

Compass 360 is available for


Digital Compass

Another great compass app that also shows if your phone's location sensors are working normally. It displays the location, the magnetic force at the location and also the altitude.

Digital Compass is available for


3D compass

3D Compass has a great design, in addition to providing location information. You can customize your app by changing the themes, know the sunrise and sunset times and it is still ad-free

3D compass is available for



It's also a very objective app, with a completely dark interface — ideal for those who are uncomfortable with lighter themes. In addition to showing the location, it also shows the status of your smartphone's sensors, the device's tilt angle (as if it were an inclinometer) and connects to Google Maps.

Compass is available for


Smart Compass

This app is one of the most up-to-date, has a well-optimized design for Android and integrates compass, map and GPS in one. It has more than one unit of measurement option and has very few differences with other apps.

Smart Compass is available for


minimalist compass

This app is also super clean with a non-polluted interface like some compass apps are. Also, it has larger numbers size which is great for older users with visual issues.

minimalist compass is available for



It promises to be one of the most accurate virtual compasses, it's optimized, fits various mobile screen sizes and has six different themes to customize. It also works well on tablets and requires very little device to work, ideal for older versions of Android.

Compass is available for



It's a very interesting app; works offline and is full of tools that can serve as binoculars, altimeter, pedometer, GPS, angle calculator, inclinometer and also camera! With it you can save a place to find the location later too.

spyglass is available for

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Test out the different options and check out other tool tips below to improve your phone's functions!

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