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    Instagram Reels: what it is and how to use it in 6 simple steps

    Instagram Reels: what it is and how to use it in 6 simple steps

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 9, 2022 | Instagram |

    Instagram remains one of the main social networks for sharing photos and videos. And, in order to keep it up, the platform launched a new feature: Instagram Reels

    After the success of TikTok, which made the head especially of young people, Instagram decided to also follow the trend of short videos during the last year.

    As with Stories, which began as an alleged copy of SnapChat, Instagram has also invested in a tool very similar to its Chinese competitor.

    In this text, we will teach you what Instagram Reels is and how you can start creating your own.

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    What is Instagram Reels

    Instagram Reels is the feature launched in 2022 that came with the aim of competing with the TikTok app and allows you to create and edit short videos of up to 30 seconds directly on Instagram.

    With it, you can speed up, join several video clips, add music and a series of custom effects to your creations.

    The feature is already being used a lot by creators, especially those who had already fallen in favor of TikTok. One of the main reasons the launch is successful is that all Reels creations are grouped in a specific tab on the profile. In addition, Instagram is giving this content a lot of prominence.

    To help you start using this feature, in this text we will show you how to start creating videos with Reels. Check out:

    How to create videos with Reels on Instagram

    Step 1. Open your Instagram and start creating a Story; 

    Step 2. At the bottom of the screen swipe or click on the Reels feature option;

    Step 3. Now use the options available on the left side of the screen to customize your video. These are: music, speed, effects and timer. Once this is done, press the middle button to record; 

    Step 4. When finished, click on the arrow to proceed. Sharing options will appear, to add the video to your Reels tab add a caption, a cover and check the option “also share in feed”;

    Step 5. If you prefer to publish only to your Stories, select this option and click share. 

    Personalizing videos with Reels is simple, fast, and done directly on Instagram.

    How to get good results with Instagram Reels

    To ensure that your results with Instagram Reels will bear fruit for your business, you need to be aware of the type of content you are going to produce.

    Remember that your content needs to be suited to your persona and that you shouldn't abuse a trend just because it's on the rise.

    The same goes for adding a song to your Instagram Reels. Choose one that resonates with your content and your audience. Only then will you be able to communicate properly with your followers.

    Also remember to share your Instagram Reels. After the video is ready, share it in your Stories and ask people to share and spread it too.

    A user can share a Reels by clicking on the airplane icon just below the post. Remember that the more engagement your video receives, the longer it will stay in the explore tab for playback and this will make it appear more and more to new users.

    Leverage Reels and its popularity to creatively market stocks. An Instagram Reels video can be a great way to advertise a Christmas or Black Friday sale, for example.

    Why use Instagram Reels?

    It is known that the social network usually supports the use of new resources, giving more prominence to the content created with them. However, in the case of Instagram Reels, this has been even more remarkable.

    Videos created with it appear larger and more frequently in Explore. Quite an incentive for those looking for engagement.

    In addition, they gained a menu of their own in the application and an exclusive tab to gather the creations in the profile.

    Another big reason is that, despite being nothing official, videos created with Instagram Reels are registering a greater reach than other content.

    It is worth remembering that, as with every release and because it is in the testing phase, not always all features are available to all users. So, if this news hasn't arrived for you yet, keep an eye out that it should be enabled on your profile soon. 

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