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    Instagram question box: the 94 best pranks

    Instagram question box: the 94 best pranks

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 6, 2022 | Instagram | 1 comment

    You use a lot Instagram question box? The social network stands out for its variety of tools available, such as Reels, IGTV and the feed that we all already know.

    Another function that the platform offers is Stories, and they by themselves also allow users to have a wide variety of content to post. You can post short videos, images, use filters, make polls, etc.

    One of the most used tools in Stories is the Instagram question box. This feature is perfect for you to increase your profile engagement and interact with your audience, posting more relaxed content or asking for an opinion on something, for example.

    Thinking about the great functionality of the Instagram question box for your business, we have separated some questions that you can use to interact with your followers on the social network.

    The best thing is that you can use it on other social networks as well. Check out:

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    Instagram Question Box

    Instagram question box: the 94 best pranks

    To help you choose the best Instagram question box, we have separated the indication of questions by categories.

    You can even use ready-made templates in these games. Here's how to do this:

    1. Instagram Question Box: Questions to Ponder

    1. If you had to trade your hands for something else, what would you choose?

    2. You have the power to replace all the grass in the world with something else. What would you replace it with?

    3. Assuming aliens came to Earth, how would you describe humanity to them?

    4. If for a year you had to say just one word, what would it be?

    5. Why is our age based on the number of times we walk around a burning ball of gas?

    6. If a vampire ends up biting a zombie, does the vampire become a zombie or does the zombie become a vampire?

    7. If you were successful at something you were trying to fail, did you succeed or fail?

    8. If you could undock and attach any part of your body, which part would you choose?

    2. Instagram question box: Questions for crush

    9. I have a lot of chest pain, do you think it's a heart attack or love?

    10. Are you interested in someone? Yes, I am single.

    11. Where would you take me if you won a trip somewhere?

    12. Is there someone you miss? And why me?

    13. What is my beauty level today? (post the question box on Instagram with a selfie)

    14. Using your nose to type, define me with one word?

    15. In an hour, where do you want to take me? I'm already ready to leave and waiting.

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    3. Instagram question box: “This or that?” questions

    16. Fight 50 duck-sized cows, or fight 1 cow-sized duck?

    17. Going without internet for a month, or not taking a shower for a month?

    18. Would you rather not brush your teeth or comb your hair for the rest of your life?

    19. For 24 hours, you can be an elf or a hobbit. Which would you choose?

    20. Would you rather eat a plate full of crickets or a plate full of worms?

    21. Which super power do you prefer: splashing meatballs or throwing pasta through your fingers? 

    22. For the rest of your life, can you just scream or just whisper, which do you choose?

    23. Do you prefer to shave an eyebrow or half of your head?

    24. Is it preferable to have fingers the size of your legs or legs the size of your fingers?

    25. Do you choose never to speak again or always say everything you think?

    26. Would you rather be deaf or hear everything others say?

    27. Would you rather have the power to copy and paste or undo everything in real life?

    28. If you had to choose, would you rather always have some green food stuck in your teeth or always walk around with a stuffy nose?

    29. Would you rather be invisible forever or can you fly but not land?

    30. Always going barefoot or never being able to take off your shoes?

    4. Instagram Question Box: “Disgusting” Questions

    31. What's the worst smell you've ever smelled?

    32. What was the longest period of time you went without showering?

    33. Among your quirks, which one is the most disgusting?

    34. Do you usually lick your plate when you finish eating?

    35. If your food falls on the floor, do you use the 3 second rule or don't eat anymore?

    36. If a strand of spaghetti accidentally came out of your nose, would you pull it out with your finger or sniff it back?

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    5. Instagram Question Box: “Zoeira” Questions

    37. But is there pavé or pacumê?

    38. Have you noticed that the most difficult packages to open are the easy-open packages?

    39. If there is a cookie made of water and salt, then would the sea be a great cookie?

    40. But do penguins have knees?

    41. Is it a cookie or a cookie?

    42. If the name is blackboard, why is it green?

    43. Why is dry wine liquid if the name is dry?

    44. Why is the name corn-green if it is yellow?

    45. If Halls is called black, then why is it white?

    46. ​​What is my arm support in the cinema?

    47. Since the Earth is round, then what are the four corners of the Earth?

    48. Why does Zeca Pagodinho play samba and Exaltasamba play pagode?

    49. Why is “separate” all together and “all together” separate?

    50. What is the difference between running slowly and walking fast?

    51. Can we cry underwater?

    52. If the duck loses its leg, will it be widowed or lame?

    53. Should we wake up the sleeping person if he has forgotten to take his sleeping pill?

    54. What are the voices in your head?

    55. What would you leave for me in your will if you died today?

    56. Does a Transformer need life insurance or car insurance?

    6. Instagram Question Box: Curious Questions

    57. Do you use toilet paper face down or face up?

    58. What is your most useless talent?

    59. Do you consider the hot dog a sandwich?

    60. If animals could talk, which one would be the most gossipy?

    61. While you're wasting time on Instagram, what should you actually be doing?

    62. What is your biggest source of pride that you can never talk about?

    63. Which words are insulting but feel like compliments?

    64. If you were to create a new species by joining two animals, what would they be and what would you name?

    65. What's the worst rule your job has ever had?

    66. Have you ever sent an embarrassing message to the wrong person? Which?

    67. What food do you refuse to share?

    68. If you were to create a holiday, what would it be?

    69. Something you've been asked to borrow but never seen again?

    70. What was your last internet search?

    71. Pick the biggest embarrassment your text corrector has ever put you through?

    72. What's the worst thing to say to a stranger on the street?

    73. What would you buy to make the cashier at an establishment uncomfortable?

    74. Which is the right side to start eating the coxinha?

    75. Which sequence do you follow: sock, shoe, sock, shoe or sock, sock, shoe, shoe?

    76. Could not returning something you borrowed be considered theft?

    77. What did you do for the first time recently?

    78. If you were forced to choose, would you never eat, sleep, or drink again?

    79. Which flavor would you choose to be?

    80. Who did you last message to?

    81. What color crayon would you eat if you could?

    82. What would you like to answer but have never been asked?

    83. What's in your browser history?

    84. What's the first thing you wash in the shower?

    85. If you could choose one sport to be played only drunk, what would it be?

    86. What would your friends and family think if you were arrested?

    87. Who would you want to sit on you if you were a chair??

    88. What do you do with hair that falls out in the shower?

    89. What would you do if you knew the world was going to end this year?

    90. What is your first memory of me?

    91. Daily, what time do you usually wake up?

    92. How is your mood today?

    93. What's the program for today?

    94. Who do you think I look like?

    Another alternative is to leave the question box itself open, allowing your audience to ask random questions about your brand.

    Thus, you will be giving them greater freedom and encouraging them to participate in the games even more.

    Likewise, you can set them to send you questions that you can answer with just an emoji rating, yes, no, or maybe, or even rating something they ask.

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