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    Working Days Calculator: The 7 Best Day Counters

    Working Days Calculator: The 7 Best Day Counters

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 3, 2022 | Technology |

    A supportive working days calculator It may seem useless, but there are a lot of professionals who make use of it to get accurate information spending less time.

    When searching the internet for the term working days calculator, you will find approximately 31 results. Most of the time, the first result is the one that will get your click, but maybe you don't like what you see and so keep clicking on the other results until you find one that suits you.

    To help you save your time and be more productive, we have selected the best weekday calculators available on the internet and listed them in this article.

    We also prepared a bonus for you to calculate working days using Excel or Google. So, if you are somewhere that doesn't have access to the internet, just open Excel or Google and do the calculation.

    The best free weekday calculator

    This is the best weekday calculator you will find on the internet. It has information that goes far beyond counting working days.

    Through it, it is possible to know the number of weekends, the number of holidays and even the number of working hours between two dates.

    In addition to all these features, it is also multilingual, which makes it even more interesting. With a user-friendly interface, you won't have any problems counting working days.

    Another very interesting feature is that when calculating the number of working days between two dates, you can also see a list of holidays in the selected period.

    If you are a programmer and need to implement calculation routines for working days in your applications, they have an API that provides several operations with dates and support for different countries, which can speed up your work.

    To use this working days calculator, just access the Dias Úteis website and take advantage of all available resources, 100% free.

    More weekday calculators

    Below you will find a list of some working day calculators that appear among the best listed in searches and that have simple and objective features when it comes to counting days:

    • iMoney calculator

    • count days

    • Savers Club Calculator

    • free counter


    • Income our country

    BONUS: How to calculate working days in Excel?

    To calculate working days in Excel, you will need 3 cells in a worksheet: start date, end date and number of days.

    The calculation will be done using a formula that already exists in Excel. So you won't have to worry about creating any kind of rule for the calculation.

    Create a spreadsheet in Excel with the structure similar to the image below to get started.

    In line 2, in the Start Date column, enter the start date of the count and in the End Date column, the end date of the count.

    now in the column Working days add the formula =NETWORKDAYS(A2;B2;). This formula will automatically calculate the number of working days between the start date and the end date and will display the result in cell C2, in column Working days.

    See how easy it is to create a working days calculator to use offline?

    BONUS 2: How to calculate working days in Google Spreadsheet?

    You can also calculate working days between two dates in a Google Spreadsheet.

    The steps are the same as you use for a spreadsheet in Excel, even the formula name is identical: *NETWORKDAYS()*.

    Now that you already know how to calculate working days both in Excel and in a Google spreadsheet, you don't have to be held hostage by online calculators.

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