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    Instagram data: learn how to download your photos and videos

    Instagram data: learn how to download your photos and videos

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 27, 2022 | Instagram |

    did you know you can download your instagram data? Yes, each user can request the download of their history in the app, since when their account was started.

    O backup two dice no Instagram protects published information from a possible cyber attack. In addition, it is an option to store important content.

    The request is made in the application itself. After requesting, a link is sent to the Instagram profile owner's email to start the download. The deadline for delivering the information is up to 48 hours and the file comes in JSON Formatter.

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    Data such as: posted photos and videos, with their captions, comments, list of followers, likes, search history, among others are available.

    Information from Instagram Stories is available as of 2022. Photos sent by direct, with momentary viewing, are not included in the file.

    See how to download data on Instagram

    Step 1. Open the Instagram app and click on the profile picture icon;


    Step 2. Then click on the sandwich menu, in the upper right corner of the screen;


    Step 3. In the menu, click on settings, at the end of the options;


    Step 4. Click the option Security;


    Step 5. Em Data and history, Click on the button Download data;


    Step 6. Enter the email in which you want to receive the information and then click Request or download;


    Step 7. Then just enter your password and click the button Advance;


    Step 8. Ready! Your Instagram history was requested to download. Now just click on the button Conclude and wait for the deadline for sending the data to the email.


    The functionality is a solution for those who want to store their Instagram content on their computer as well. In addition, it is an important resource for those seeking how to deactivate instagram account.

    As mentioned before, the feature was made available to recover the account more easily if it is modified or hacked. This security is even more important for business profiles or accounts that generate content.

    Did you already know this feature? Comment below what other resources do you use to protect your Instagram account?

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