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    Dafiti Card: how to make the Dafiti credit card

    Dafiti Card: how to make the Dafiti credit card

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 21, 2022 | Shopping |

    O Dafiti Card is an ideal credit card for customers looking for practicality, savings and an alternative to a card with no annual fee. In this article, we will answer the main doubts of readers on the subject. 

    The most interesting thing is that you don't have to leave the house to apply for your credit card. All you need is a computer or cell phone with internet access. Follow our instructions below and enjoy all the benefits of the Dafiti Card. 

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    How to make the Dafiti Card? 

    Contrary to what most people imagine, making a card over the internet is not a complicated task.

    This process can be performed even by those people who do not have much experience with the digital environment, since the system is very practical and didactic.

    To make the Dafiti Card, you need to enter the official Dafiti website. Then, click on “Order my Dafit Card”, which is located on the first page of the portal, as shown in the figure below.

    Then authenticate and fill in the data requested by the system. 

    Dafiti Card: how to make the Dafiti credit card

    Then, wait for the order confirmation that will be sent to your email box within 72 hours.

    The next step is to wait for your Dafiti Card at home. Upon receipt, download the Banco Pan application on your cell phone, select the option “I am already a customer” and register a password to access the system.

    Finally, perform the card unlocking as guided by the tool. Ready! The process is complete.

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    Who can make the Dafiti Card? 

    The Dafiti Card is suitable for any individual over 18 years of age. It is necessary to have residency in our country. The network analyzes other customer characteristics, such as the CPF situation, which needs to be regular and whether the consumer's credits are up to date.

    To use the benefits of the Dafiti Card, it is important to have a mobile device with a system compatible with the Banco Pan application. 

    What are the benefits of the Dafiti Card? 

    The card offers several benefits to the consumer. The first of these is the absence of an annuity fee. In addition, the Dafiti Card acquisition process is free, facilitating customer access. 

    Another positive point is that the user has the possibility to buy products with the Dafiti card in other establishments that are accredited by the Visa brand. He is also international.

    Through the application, the user can control their finances in a very practical way. In a single system and with a few clicks, you have access to real-time invoice release, digital invoice information, invoice installment simulation and payment limit control.

    The functionality is available on Google Play and App Store. 

    Dafiti Card operates with the support of Banco Pan, which is considered one of the best options on the market when it comes to credit cards, ease and security for purchases. 

    The Dafiti Call Center is another advantage that cannot be ignored in this topic. The user has support available from Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 22 pm.

    Those who live in capitals and metropolitan regions can contact Dafiti SAC on the number 4003 0101. Other locations can get in touch by phone: 0800 888 0101. 

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    About Dafiti

    The Dafiti Card is a credit card provided by Dafiti. It is one of the best fashion e-commerces in our country. In its product portfolio, the customer can purchase both male and female items. It is possible to buy shoes, clothes, accessories, sports items, beauty products and children's clothing. 

    In addition to clothing promotions, the site also offers home decor items and furniture. That is, it is a complete virtual store of several brands, which meets various consumer needs.

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