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    How to watch UFC online, on mobile and more

    How to watch UFC online, on mobile and more

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 1, 2022 | News |

    The UFC, also known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is one of the biggest, if not the biggest martial arts competition in the world, and many people look to watch the UFC in different ways. Our country is usually very well represented in the various UFC weight categories, with renowned champions and belt holders, such as: Vitor Belfort, Anderson Silva, Rodrigo Minotauro, Lyoto Machida, Maurício “Shogun”, Júnior “Cigano”, José Aldo, Amanda Nunes, Cris “Cyborg” and several others.

    Due to this great success and constant presence at the top of the competition and in more than one category, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is quite popular in national territory. Because of this, many people tend to watch UFC whenever possible, but some may not know where to follow the fights. For these people, below we separate the main ways available to watch UFC and always stay on top of the results.

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    Ways to watch UFC

    There are several known ways to watch UFC, you can do it through streaming apps or pay TV, for example. Check out each of the options you have to watch UFC below:


    Belonging to Grupo Globo, one option you have from where to watch UFC live is through Combate, the first channel dedicated solely to broadcasting fights. In addition to watching UFC, users can also access official weigh-ins for fights and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). 

    How to watch UFC online, on mobile and more

    There are two varieties available to watch UFC in Combat, the first is through the Combat Channel, the second is with the Combat Play streaming. Check out more about the two options below:

    UFC Fight Channel

    As its name suggests, Canal Combate is the option intended for pay TV. In addition to the options mentioned above, subscribers can also have access to sports series and documentaries. After the live screenings, subscribers can check out the highlights and watch the fight again whenever they want.

    The subscription plan for TV can be done through the partners of Canal Combate, so the options of operators for subscription TV with the channel where you can watch UFC are: Vivo TV, Algar TV, Net TV, Oi TV and Sky TV .

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    Combate Play

    Containing the same benefits that we mentioned of Canal Combate, Combate Play is a streaming service aimed precisely at people who want to watch UFC live online, MMA and other sporting events of fights. Through your smartphone, mobile devices, computers, Smart TV or others, you can follow live events and programming 24 hours a day.

    There are two different types of subscriptions for streaming Combate play, which are: Annual plan worth R$39,90; and the monthly plan that costs R$ 69,90. However, it is important to point out that if you live abroad, or are traveling outside the national territory, you will not have access to the Combate Play catalog, as the service can only be accessed in our country.

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    How to watch UFC online, on mobile and more

    Amazingly, you can also use betting sites and platforms to watch UFC, and the main one we are talking about at the moment is 1xBET. Below, we separate some reasons for you to use the platform to watch UFC.

    1xBet broadcast quality

    1xBet is one of the few betting platforms that match service capacity with a good broadcast to watch UFC. To be able to follow along on the platform, just go to the list of sports listed on the left and click on the available section called “Boxing/MMA”. Then, select the UFC option, this way you will be able to view all available fights to follow.

    After choosing the fight you want to watch, go to the top right corner of the page and look for a rectangle with an arrow to “Play” the fight. After hovering, you will see a popup that will be indicating “Live Streaming Available”. In the next step, you just need to click on the arrow to be taken to a streaming window to watch UFC.

    The best part of watching UFC through a bookmaker broadcast is that it will be much cheaper, and you will be able to save more than if you had subscribed to your own streaming or a subscription TV to follow the fights, for example. To be granted access, you only need to meet some basic platform requirements.

    As a user, you need to have any amount of money in your 1xBet account, however, if you have placed a bet within the last 24 hours, your account may be zero and will still be free to watch. In addition to the savings to watch UFC, you will be able to access the betting markets of the MMA world on the platform. It is also worth mentioning that, for new users, registering on the site is super fast and convenient.

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    How is the quality to watch UFC on 1xBet?

    An important factor when watching UFC anywhere on the internet or off it is the broadcast quality. To watch fights, which usually have a rhythm with very fast blows, the worst possible thing for a fan is to have a delayed broadcast and with low quality, since you will practically not be able to see anything.

    In the case of 1xBet, it is to be expected that the quality of transmission is not comparable to that of a pay-TV or a streaming service dedicated solely to this. But for a betting platform, the broadcast quality is far above the average considered normal, you won't get a 4K image, however, you won't be able to watch the fight with quality.

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    UFC Fight Pass for those who live outside our country

    For those who live outside our country, but still want to watch UFC and not miss any details of the fights, the main option we can mention is the UFC Fight Pass. This is an American streaming platform that has its subscription and ownership based on the UFC matrix. It is worth mentioning that residents of our country do not have access to this service, however, those who live abroad can check if the platform is available in their region.

    Watch UFC on Globoplay

    How to watch UFC online, on mobile and more

    Grupo Globo offers another option for those who want to watch UFC in the comfort of their homes and on virtually any device, we are talking about Globo's streaming service, Globoplay. In it, fight fans can watch the fights live, follow weigh-ins, sports series, MMA and all the other programming that would be available on pay TV or in Combate Play.

    However, the fights are not included in Globoplay's free broadcasts, so those interested need to have a subscription on the streaming platform to be able to watch UFC. You can subscribe to Combate directly through Globoplay to have access only to this content. 

    Another option is to subscribe to one of the other plans available on the platform, being able to have access not only to Combate, but also to other types of streaming content, such as movies, newspapers, series, soap operas and much more. Combat-only subscription values ​​are the same as described above for Combat Play.

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    Watch UFC online free

    When searching the internet, you can easily find sites to watch UFC online for free, however, this type of online streaming tends to be illegal. Thus, not only you, but your computer can be at risk when accessing this type of content. Therefore, we are not going to mention any type of website that you can use to watch UFC for free, but we also strongly recommend that you avoid going after these options.

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