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    How to activate WhatsApp self-destructing message?

    How to activate WhatsApp self-destructing message?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 17, 2022 | WhatsApp | 1 comment

    WhatsApp is constantly being updated, and some functions may end up going unnoticed by the general public. An example of this is the WhatsApp self-destructive message, function available since November 2022. Are you familiar with this feature?

    This feature is not really new, as other messengers use this function, such as Snapchat and Telegram. In this post, you will be able to better understand what this functionality is and how to use it.

    After all, what is the self-destructive WhatsApp message?

    Self-destructing messages is a feature that allows you to send messages that disappear after a while. When this feature is activated, new messages in a private or group chat will disappear after seven days. It is worth noting that messages will only be affected after activating this setting, that is, the history will not be affected.

    In private chat, both users can enable or disable self-destructing messages. In group conversations, only group admins can change the settings to enable temporary messages.

    With the function enabled, regardless of whether the user logs into WhatsApp, messages will be deleted after seven days. However, messages will appear in the notification bar until they are opened.

    It is worth noting if the person replies to a self-destructive message by pulling it, the text will be above your reply and will be visible even after the seven days. Also, if a temporary message is sent to a conversation in which self-destructing messages are turned off, that text will not disappear where it was forwarded.

    In case of backup, the self-destructing message will be included normally, but it will be deleted when the person restores the backup after the seven days time has expired. You can also take a screenshot of messages before they disappear.

    It is important to note that when activated, this function also applies to media files, that is, after seven days the items will disappear. However, if you use automatic download, the files will still be saved on your phone.

    How to activate a self-destructing WhatsApp message?

    Now that you understand what Whatsapp self-destructive messages are, it's time to learn how to activate this feature. Check out the tutorial below:

    Step 1. Open WhatsApp and choose the chat or group you want to enable self-destructing messages;

    Step 2. Tap the contact or group name;

    Step 3. Scroll down a bit to the “Temporary messages” option and tap on it;

    Step 4. Choose the option “Enabled”;

    Ready! The feature is already activated. A clock will appear next to the profile or group picture. It's also important to mention that the person will know if you've enabled this feature.

    To disable this tool, just do the same process, only this time choose the “Disabled” option. This tutorial is also for the web version of WhatsApp.

    What's New About WhatsApp Self-Destructive Message Feature

    According to news published on the WABetaInfo website, WhatsApp is preparing an update with the possibility to choose self-destructive messages within a 24-hour period.

    Also according to the publication, this will be a new option, not a replacement for the seven days in which the user can choose how often messages disappear.

    There is still no timeline for this update to be released. But, as usual, WhatsApp must release the new features of the application for the early access program for Android and iOS and only then reach the final version to the general public.

    While this new feature does not arrive, users can take advantage of the seven-day period of self-destructing messages and take a look at the news that the company has launched, such as WhatsApp Pay.

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