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    How to watch NFL live and online?

    How to watch NFL live and online?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 22, 2022 | Technology |

    You know how attend NFL Live and online, without losing your favorite games?

    First of all, it is good to understand in detail what the NFL is.

    The National Football League, also known worldwide as the NFL, is the United States' professional sports league for American football. 

    As of this writing, the National Football League is made up of 32 teams, divided equally into two separate conferences: the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference.

    The NFL was founded in 1920 and its headquarters are currently located in New York, United States.

    Now that you know more about the National Football League, and you are a fan of the sport or want to start following it, we will list for you where you can watch NFL live, following teams like Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants , Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots and others.

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    Where to Watch NFL Live and Online

    The Disney Group is responsible for broadcasting the NFL in our country and owns the exhibition rights.

    About eight games are broadcast per week on Disney channels. 

    Three of these eight games are shown in prime time, being Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football, loosely translating the game days would be: Thursday Football Night, Sunday Football Night and Monday Football Night . 

    However, during Sunday, it usually takes all day. ESPN and Fox Sports, owned by the Disney Group, often air other National Football League games.

    The NFL also has a lot of prominence in special weeks, such as Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Day, in our country.

    On these dates, we can have 10 departures a week.

    With the viewing services available in our country, it is possible to follow live over half of the events of the National Football League, one of the most benefited countries when it comes to watching the NFL live.

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    ESPN e Fox Sports

    Taking into account the information mentioned above, one of the few ways to legally watch the NFL live in our country is with ESPN and Fox Sports.

    Below you will see the subscription TV channels that you will be able to follow the games:

    Sky TV

    One of the best-known pay TVs that also shows ESPN and Fox Sports channels for you to watch the NFL live is Sky TV.

    We separate the numbering of the channels for you to follow the games, they are:

    • 19 – ESPN
    • 198 – ESPN Our Country
    • 598 – ESPN Our Country HD
    • 600 – ESPN Extra
    • 600 – ESPN EXTRA HD
    • 597 – ESPN HD
    • 599 – ESPN+
    • 194 – FOX SPORTS
    • 195 – FOX SPORTS 2
    • 226 – FOX SPORTS 2 HD
    • 595 – FOX SPORTS HD

    Directv GO

    Directv GO is another subscription TV option that is available in our country.

    In its wide range of available channels, we have a wide variety of sports broadcasting, and Disney Group channels are also available, they are: ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN our country, Fox Sports and Fox Sports 2, to watch NFL Live.

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    Claro Net TV/Claro TV

    The companies Claro, NET and Embratel were integrated in 2022, and now have the Claro Net TV pay-TV, with a wide variety of channels available to its customers.

    To watch the NFL live you need to know the channels they show and their numbers on Claro Net TV.

    It is worth mentioning that the numbering will be the same for Claro TV Pay TV, and for both options the channels are:

    • 70 – ESPN Our Country
    • 570 – ESPN Our Country HD 3
    • 71 – ESPN
    • 571 – ESPN HD
    • 572 – ESPN 2 HD
    • 569 – ESPN+
    • 73 – Fox Sports HD
    • 574 – Fox Sports 2 HD 3
    • 573 – Fox Sports HD 3
    • 74 – Fox Sports 2

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    Hi TV

    Oi would not be left out and also has its pay TV, Oi TV, currently available in 24 Brazilian states.

    Before this expansion, Oi TV was called Way TV, and was only available in Uberlândia, Belo Horizonte, Barbacena and Poços de Caldas.

    You can also watch the NFL live on Oi through ESPN and Fox Sports, so the channels you are looking for are:

    • 501 – ESPN International
    • 160 – ESPN Our Country
    • 161 – ESPN
    • 162 – ESPN+
    • 163 – Fox Sports
    • 170 – Fox Sports 2

    Live TV

    Like Oi and Claro, Vivo also has its pay TV, which was founded in 2022, which at the time belonged to the Telefonica company.

    Several companies that were already in the pay TV market were integrated to launch Vivo TV, they were: Telefônica TV Digital, Fibra TV and TVA.

    You can also watch the NFL live with ESPN and Fox Sports channels on Vivo, the Vivo channels to watch are:

    Live Fiber
    • 569 – ESPN Extra
    • 570 – ESPN Our Country HD
    • 571 – ESPN HD
    • 572 – ESPN 2 HD
    I live DHT
    • 461 – ESPN SD
    • 462 – ESPN our country SD
    • 467 – ESPN 2 SD
    • 871 – ESPN HD
    • 875 – ESPN Our Country HD
    • 862 – ESPN 2 HD
    • 465 – Fox Sports
    • 468 – Fox Sports 2
    • 876 – Fox Sports HD
    • 877 – Fox Sports 2 HD
    Live Cape
    • 45 – ESPN SD
    • 44 – ESPN our country SD
    • 48 – ESPN 2 – SD
    • 344 – ESPN HD
    • 346 – ESPN Our Country HD
    • 345 – ESPN 2 – HD
    • 473 – Fox Sports
    • 474 – Fox Sports 2

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    Watch NFL Live on Streaming Services

    There are many options to watch the NFL live on pay TV, but there are other ways, using streaming service, for example.

    1. Star Plus

    How to watch NFL live and online?

    Disney already has its streaming service called Disney Plus, with movies, series and other programming for the young-teen audience.

    However, there are several Disney programs that are aimed at an adult audience, so the Disney Group launched its second streaming service, Star Plus, with series, movies and other programs, including sports, aimed at an adult audience. 

    As we have already mentioned, the broadcasting rights of the National Football League belong to the Disney Group.

    Then you can watch the NFL live on Star Plus too, without needing a TV channel.

    To access the schedule and follow the games in real time, just search the streaming homepage, in the search bar or click on the tab dedicated to “ESPN” and check out all the sports programming related to the NFL and the long-awaited Super Bowl. .

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    Game Pass NFL

    Last but not least, we have one more option to watch NFL live online, which is the NFL Game Pass.

    This is a video and audio service that works on a subscription basis and allows users to watch NFL games in real time or listen as a kind of radio.

    In addition to the live matches that can be watched on your computer or mobile and in HD, you can also follow reruns of past games, including from other seasons.

    How to watch NFL live and online?

    With the annual PRO subscription you will have seven free days of service, after which you will need to pay the amount of R$285,00.

    Já o weekly plan will go sair no value of R$47,99 per week.

    You can also choose the essential package, which lacks some features but still works great.

    The value of this annual subscription will be R$130,00 per year. But there is still the option of the Free plan, watching the American football championship for free, but it is very limited and can leave something to be desired for the most demanding fans when it comes to watching the NFL live. 

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