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    How to watch Olympics 2022 online?

    How to watch Olympics 2022 online?

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Jul 12, 2022 | Technology | 0

    The 2022 Summer Olympics are about to start. They will take place between July 23 and August 8, 2022 in Tokyo, capital of Japan. The event will be shown by several stations around the world and you will be able to watch olympics 2022 online.

    Thinking about the online broadcast of the Games, we made a selection with 4 channels so that you can stay on top of all the programming and be able to watch the 2022 Olympics online.

    Rede Globo is the only open channel that has the reserved rights to broadcast the Olympics and will air some events.

    But if you want to follow all the Olympic programming on TV, you will need to subscribe to a pay TV plan and watch the games on SporTV channels.

    In addition, Band announced its event coverage plan with BandSports (its sports channel on pay TV) with complete coverage of the competition together with Grupo Globo.

    The station will have a direct team from Japan and will provide 24 hours of content, with 12 hours of broadcasts and 12 hours of news with sports analysis.

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    This is the first time since 1986 that the sporting event has taken place in Japan and was scheduled to take place on July 24 of last year (2022), but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

    Even with the postponement, the organizers and local authorities had to veto the public from the competitions.

    The decision was taken after the Japanese government extended the state of emergency in the country's capital because of the increase in contagions.

    How to watch Olympics 2022 online?Watch Olympics 2022 online 

    1. GloboPlay/Globosat Online

    GloboPlay is Rede Globo's subscription streaming service, but it also offers free content, such as the live broadcast of TV Globo programming in the “Now on TV” tab.

    Therefore, it will be possible to check some Olympic modalities that will be shown on open TV even if you are not a subscriber.

    The platform will have an exclusive signal to show the games and created a channel called “Tokyo”, which will present all the coverage carried out by Grupo Globo and the signal emitted by OBS, the company responsible for generating the images of the transmission of the Olympics.

    According to the events director at Rede Globo, Joanna Thimoteo, they needed to restructure all the planning and rethink the coverage model to convey all the grandeur of the event, even in the midst of the pandemic.

    The broadcaster promises that it will be possible to follow the coverage of the Olympics for about 12 hours a day on TV Globo and 4 channels on SporTV, in addition to exclusive content distributed in 45 signals on GloboPlay + live channels.

    To learn more about Grupo Globo's work during the games and the content presented on the platform, see the GloboPlay website.

    How to watch Olympics 2022 online?

    2. UOL PLAY

    Another streaming platform that will also broadcast the Olympic games is UOL PLAY, which, despite being a recent service, already offers movies, series, cartoons, shows and other channels with live programming.

    Its customers will be able to watch the 2022 Olympics online on the BandSports channel, which is present in all 3 combos marketed by the streaming service.

    You can access the platform from your computer, as UOL PLAY is compatible with all browsers. However, the most recommended are Mozilla or Google Chrome for the best operation.

    It is also possible to access UOL PLAY through the vast majority of the most current mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If it's an app, at least the operating system on iOS 9.0 and version 7.0 on Android is required.

    The platform works with 3 different plans: Family, Fan and Cinema. All of them give unlimited access to 4 simultaneous screens and a 7-day trial period for new subscribers.

    If you do not want to continue with the package, simply cancel your subscription before the end of the free period. Check UOL PLAY's plans and offers on the official website.

    How to watch Olympics 2022 online?

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    3. FUTEMAX

    FuteMax is an unofficial streaming site that offers a large number of open and closed channels completely free of charge. This includes major sports channels such as SportTV and BandSports, which will cover Olympic Games events live.

    At first glance, it seems that FuteMax only offers sports content. But make no mistake. FuteMax also offers a wide variety of movie and series channels, as well as children's content.

    The platform does not require any type of registration, just access the Futemax website and choose the channel you want to watch.

    How to watch Olympics 2022 online?

    4. Our Country's Olympic Channel

    The Olympic Channel of our country is a streaming channel officially created by the COB (Olympic Committee of our country) in partnership with TV NSports, for the live transmission of at least one annual event of the calendar of each Olympic Confederation of our country , at no cost.

    The platform already has 100 days of transmission and exhibition of more than 90 own productions in 16 modalities. In addition to the competitions, special reports and videos about the modalities and athletes will also be available.

    The site has individual channels by Confederation and type of content, in addition to displaying videos already produced by the COB and currently available on YouTube from Team Our Country.

    To learn more about the project and watch the 2022 Olympics online, just check the Olympic Channel website and create your login to stay on top of all the news.

    How to watch Olympics 2022 online?

    Watch Olympics 2022 online

    As you can see, there are a few ways to watch the 2022 olympics online. Just stay tuned for the schedule of the latest broadcasts on these channels.

    Some TV channels such as Esporte Interativo usually broadcast live on their social networks and TNT Sports, our country, has already broadcast the Champions League directly on Facebook. It's worth keeping an eye out and checking out the latest news.

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