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    How to use PayPal to receive payments?

    How to use PayPal to receive payments?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 3, 2022 | Finance |

    PayPal is one of the leading digital payment companies in the world, enabling fast money transfers and payments. But do you know how to use PayPal to receive payments? That's exactly what we're going to teach you in today's post. 

    In addition to its web portal, PayPal also has an application version, available for Android devices in the Play Store digital store, in the App Store for iOS mobile devices and also for Windows Phone in the Microsoft Store.

    There is more than one way to use PayPal to receive payments, and we will explain each of them below:

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    What is PayPal?

    Created with the aim of making it easier to do business and manage money online, PayPal has several resources to carry out transfers, payments and other national and international banking operations. 

    How to use PayPal to receive payments?

    PayPal is a platform that is accepted not only in our country, but also in more than 200 countries, thus showing its benefits and being a great option for those who work in tourist places, for example, since they will be able to carry out transfers international with ease.

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    PayPal registration

    The process to create a Paypal account has a very easy and practical functionality, as stated above, the process is completely free, and just access the website and click on the “Create Account” button, which will be right on the home screen. Afterwards, you will choose the type of account you want to create, whether personal or for your business.

    After that, just fill in the requested information with your data, informing your e-mail, address, name, telephone number, CPF or CNPJ. The company will send you an email to confirm your PayPal registration. The next step after confirmation is to register a bank account or credit card, allowing you to register up to 8 bank accounts on the virtual platform.

    How to use PayPal to receive payments?

    The best thing is that the service does not ask for any documents to be sent, thus avoiding bureaucracy. The platform will only verify your credit card and bank account, through the process that will be described on the website. The PayPal digital account also does not require any fees to maintain the account.

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    Rates and fees are the same regardless of service

    PayPal does not charge fees for those who use the service to make purchases, however, those who use it for sales will have to deal with these fees when receiving payment, and they will vary depending on the origin of the payment. But one advantage that PayPal still has is that there are no fixed costs and no monthly payments, that is, if you don't sell anything, you don't have to pay any fee.

    In our country, sales have fees charged by PayPal that take into account the payment method and the balance release period. If you want to receive the amount within 24 hours, then the fee charged will be 4,79%, with an addition of R$0,60 in the fixed fee that refers to cash sales transactions. Already in installment sales, the fee charged is 1,92% for each installment.

    Now, if you prefer to wait to receive payment money within 30 days, the fee charged drops to 3,60%, although you will need to apply to PayPal to purchase a plan that allows this.

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    Fees charged for international sales are slightly higher, being 6,4% of the transaction amount, plus a flat fee that will vary depending on the currency used for payment. If the customer does not pay the invoice you sent or makes withdrawals at national banks, there will be no fee being charged. Now, if the withdrawal is made in an international bank, abroad, there will be a 4,5% fee for currency conversion.

    Tracking your payments and your balance can be done both on the website and in the app through your digital account. 

    How to use PayPal to receive payments

    There are three ways to use PayPal to receive payments, they are: through email, through social networks and with PayPal Checkout, and below we talk about each of them, check it out:

    1. How to receive payment by email?

    More suitable for those people who just want to receive some periodic amounts or work in the service business, this is a safer and faster way to use PayPal to receive payments.

    How it works?

    Payment by email does not require a PayPal account on the part of your customer, all that is needed is a credit card and the company itself sends a tutorial on how to make the payment by email to the customer. 

    However, if the customer already has a PayPal account, then the process is even simpler, you only need to enter your registered email when creating your account. If the payment is made by a national bank, the amount can be withdrawn from the available balance, digital prepaid card, bank account, credit or debit card that is registered. 

    In payments with national banks, the customer has a wide variety of flags that he can use, they are: American Express, Hipercard, Elo, Visa and Mastercard. For payments with international banks and credit card, only American Express, Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

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    You can still request money from the customer without the need for an invoice, specifying only the email and billing amount, but if you want the invoice, it can be personalized with your name, logo and address.

    There are transaction limits

    In the first six months of use, PayPal establishes as a period when the transaction limits are lower, for security reasons, the values ​​allowed are: BRL 1.000 for monthly withdrawals and BRL 2.000 allowed for purchases. 

    After this period, your account and credit card, as well as the information of the responsible holders will have already been confirmed, and this limited value situation may change. The limits will disappear in the case of balance transfers, now the purchase limits will depend on your credit card limit.

    If you want to verify your card through PayPal, just go to "Confirm Card", which will be in the wallet option in the app, then enter the code or amount of your invoice sent by PayPal. 

    Now, if you want to verify your bank account, you need to enable it and link it in your PayPal profile. After that, two minimum deposits will be made to your account and you will need to confirm the code referring to these deposits in your digital account.

    Under “View Limits” on the digital account you will be able to view your available limits. Now if you already have a verified account and want to increase the limit even more, just go to the “Increase Limits” option, there will be instructions that you need to follow to make the request.

    There are two apps available in our country

    There are two PayPal apps available in our country, PayPal Mobile and PayPal Business. Both apps can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.

    How to use PayPal to receive payments?

    The first, PayPal Mobile, is more suitable for users of a personal digital account, that is, for an individual, being used to send and receive payments. Now the Business version is more suitable for freelancers, freelancers and micro and small entrepreneurs. With it, users can create and send invoices, perform reimbursement via cell phone, create and share billing links via email.  

    2. PayPal Checkout in stores and virtual websites

    If you are an online store owner, the best way to use PayPal to receive payments is PayPal Checkout, also known as Payment Gateway, check out more details about it.

    How does PayPal Checkout work?

    PayPal Checkout allows you to create and associate a button in your shopping cart, being able to receive Mastercard, Visa, Hipercard, American Express, Elo and Hiper credit cards. It will be possible to split the payment up to 12 interest-free installments, but only on purchases made in Real, and not in other currencies. The options for receiving payment are within 30 days or 24 hours, this will depend on the risk and credit analysis that the company will do.

    To start using PayPal to receive payment in this way, you only need to register on the company's website online, insert the shopping carts and Checkout payment buttons in your virtual store and, optionally, add the PayPal logo in the other pages of your virtual store, informing your customers that this service is being accepted. 

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    At the end of the purchase process, the customer will need to click on the payment button, in addition to authorizing the charge made in this way.

    There are three Checkout options

    There are three Checkout options when using PayPal to receive payments, they are: PayPal Standard, which causes customers to be redirected to the company's website; Express Checkout, being the fastest among the options, the customer only needs to login and enter the password; and Transparent Checkout, where the entire process is done within an online store. 

    This last option also enables the PayPal Plus service, where the customer does not need a PayPal account to pay for their purchase. Although to get this service you need to go through an analysis in the commercial sector. 

    3. Receive payment through social networks

    If you work with sales but don't have any virtual store or website, you can use links as a way to use PayPal to receive payments through social networks. 

    For this, there are two possible alternatives: in the first one, you can use the option to “Create an invoice” and fill it in with the data of the customer who will make the payment, along with the amount that will be charged. With this, the payment link is generated and you can send it via social networks to the customer.

    The second way to pay on social networks is payment by email, where you will generate the same payment link/URL that we mentioned above, only by email, and you can also send it to customers through the social networks. social.

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    PayPal stands out for security

    There are several features and tools that guarantee security when using PayPal to receive payments and also in other functions, both for those who buy and for those who sell. 

    Some of these security guarantees include:

    • both the customer and the seller cannot have access to each other's card data;
    • there is 24/7 monitoring of all PayPal transactions;
    • the security system is focused on preventing fraud and theft of confidential and identity information;
    • there is a seller protection program, where it can always be activated in the event of Chargeback, purchase cancellation or complaints in the sale of physical goods. 

    But while these precautions can be advantageous, the consequences can be quite inconvenient. Sellers' accounts may end up being frozen, preventing them from making money transfers and withdrawals. This can happen when a sale with an amount much higher than the received usually happens or exceeds the transaction limits. 

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    To solve this problem, just send the documents that prove the transaction, so always keep your receipts and carry out transactions that have to do with your field of activity. 

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    How to use PayPal to receive payments?

    In Reclame Aqui, which is usually a mandatory platform when checking the reputation of a company, since it relies on the opinion of the users themselves, PayPal has a reputation considered Regular, with a score of 6,6/10. They have very good customer service, answering 93,9% of the complaints registered and solving 67,1% of them. In addition, 55,7% of customers said they would do business with the company again.

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