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    How to transfer money from Caixa Tem to PicPay?

    How to transfer money from Caixa Tem to PicPay?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 26, 2022 | Technology |

    The Covid-19 pandemic has left many people without income and in need of money to pay their bills. In order to reduce the impacts of job losses, the Federal Government created Emergency Aid, paid monthly in a digital wallet through the Caixa Tem app. but you know how transfer money from Caixa Tem to PicPay?

    Emergency aid was a financial benefit launched on April 7, 2022. The main objective of the program was to provide a type of emergency financial aid during the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

    The money is distributed by Caixa Econômica Federal, and you can receive and have access to its assistance through the Caixa Tem app. The app is available for Android devices on the Play Store and for iOS devices on the App Store. Payment is made monthly and the order to receive the aid follows the birth dates of the beneficiaries.

    When the money falls into your digital account, you may need a little more time before you can withdraw or have access to all the functions that the application makes available. This is due to security restrictions. However, there are some ways to have full access to the money received in the first few days that it lands in your account.

    The best option to have full and quick access to your Caixa Emergency Aid is to transfer it to other banks or financial applications, such as PicPay, for example. For those who don't know, PicPay is a payment app with the objective of facilitating financial transactions between users and receiving cash back, cashback. With that in mind, we separate this post to make your life easier and explain how to transfer money from Caixa Tem to PicPay:

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    How to transfer from Caixa Tem to PicPay

    To be able to transfer between the two applications, you will need to have the Caixa Tem Virtual Debit Card. See the step-by-step guide on how to get the card and how to transfer money from Caixa Tem to PicPay:

    Step 1. Open the Caixa Tem app;

    Step 2. Select the “Virtual Debit Card” option. In this way, the card will be generated and you will be able to copy all the data;

    Image: Techtudo

    Step 3. Open the PicPay app;

    Step 4. In the app, click on the “Wallet” option, which will be located in the bottom menu of the app;

    Step 5. Select the “Add money” button;

    Step 6. Among the options that will be available, click on “Cash Virtual Debit Card”;

    Image: Techtudo

    Step 7. After that, click on “I already have a virtual card”;

    Step 8. Add the card data you generated in Caixa Tem and tap “Continue”;

    Step 9. Put the full name of the holder and the expiration date of the generated card;

    Image: Techtudo

    Step 10. After that, add the security key. You will also have the option to create a name to save the card in the PicPay app. However, this alternative is optional;

    Step 11. Enter the cardholder's CPF and a contact telephone number;

    Step 12. You will need to select or add a home address in the application;

    Step 13. After carrying out the entire process, you must enter the amount you want to transfer from your Caixa Tem account to PicPay;

    Step 14. To finalize the money transfer, enter the card's security code. Check it out in the image below:

    Image: Techtudo

    After following all these steps, the money that was available for withdrawal in the Emergency Aid app will be transferred to PicPay. With that, the question: How to transfer money from Caixa Tem to PicPay is answered. Just make use of the emergency amount received. 

    Although this post explains how to transfer the aid to PicPay, you also have other options. How to send it to your account at some other bank, for example, or to Mercado Pago. 

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