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    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 2022

    Transferring contacts from iPhone to an Android phone may not be very intuitive because they have different operating systems. However, it is possible to transfer the data between the two devices easily. Whether through software such as iCloud, Google account, email, among other options.

    shows you several different ways to transfer contacts from iOS to Android. Choose your favorite!

    1. Use the same Google account on both devices

    This is undoubtedly one of the simplest methods to recover contacts from iPhone to Android. It is necessary, therefore, to have a Google account and add it to both smartphones.

    On Android, the inclusion process can be done as soon as the device is turned on for the first time. On the iPhone, it may be less intuitive, but that doesn't mean it's complicated. Just follow the path:

    1. open the app Settings. Scroll the next screen to the option Contact us and touch it;

    2. Then go to Accounts;

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 2022

    3. Now, choose Add Account;

    4. Choice Google from the available options and confirm in Continue;

    5. Then enter your email address and password and tap Próxima. Wait for your account to be verified;

    6. Activate the switch related to the option Contact us to sync with your Google account. Finish the process in Save.

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 2022

    If by any chance the desired Google account is already associated with your iPhone, follow the path Settings → Contacts → Accounts → gmail. Then activate the switch next to Contact us and ready.

    Syncing your contacts with your Google account means that you will have access to this data from any other device where you are logged into the same account. Even to any Android smartphone.

    If they don't appear automatically, just manually sync the account on Android. To do this, follow the path: app Configure → Accounts → Tap on the Google account used on the iPhone. Then go to: Account sync → three dots icon at the top of the screen → Sync now.

    2. Transfer contacts by combining iCloud and Google Contacts

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 2022

    iCloud is Apple's cloud storage service. Through it, you can backup data, including your iPhone contacts. In the following procedure, contacts are saved in the system in vCard format and imported into Google's Contacts service.

    Therefore, to do so, you must have an iCloud account and another Google account, linked to your Android smartphone. You also need to have Safari or Firefox browsers installed on your computer.

    The process is carried out in 3 simple steps. Check out!

    Step 1: Backup Contacts to iCloud

    In order for your iPhone contacts to be saved to iCloud, you need to enable the option on your device. To do this, follow the path: Settings → your name → iCloud.

    Check your Apple ID and then enable the option Contact us. In the box that opens, choose To combine and wait for the cloud storage process to complete.

    Step 2: Export iCloud Contacts to Google Contacts

    1. Open Safari or Firefox and go to the page If you are not logged into your account, log in to your Apple ID;

    2. Now, click Contact us;

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 2022

    3. On the All Contacts screen, tap the gear icon in the lower left corner of the screen. click in Select all;

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 2022

    4. When the selection process is finished, go to the gear icon again. This time click Export vCard;

    5. Save the file in format .vcf, which will be in your default file downloads folder;

    6. Now, open a new browser tab and access the Google Contacts;

    7. Please click Import and, in the box you open, in Select file;

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 2022

    8. Choose the vCard file you just saved and click Import.

    Step 3: Open Contacts on Android

    Now that your iPhone contacts are available in your Google account, just access them from your Android phone. We recommend that you carry out the process using a Wi-Fi network, to avoid excessive consumption of mobile data.

    1. open the app Setting and, in the next menu, go to the option Accounts:

    2. Tap on the Google account to which you imported iPhone data;

    3. Then choose account sync;

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 2022

    4. Tap on the three dots icon at the top of the screen on the right and go to sync now.

    Okay, now you can access your iPhone contacts on your Android phone.

    3. Send by email, SMS or Bluetooth

    If you only want to copy a few contacts from one smartphone to another, you can use more traditional methods such as sending via email, SMS or Bluetooth. To do this, just tap on the name of the contact you want to transfer. then go to share contact.

    Then choose the sharing method you prefer. SMS is only indicated if the devices use different phone numbers.

    If you choose to send by email, simply download and open the .vcf file that arrives in your inbox via your Android device. If you choose Bluetooth, the Bluetooth connection must be activated on both smartphones and they must be paired.

    4. Use of third-party apps

    How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 2022

    An alternative to transferring contacts from one system to another is to use backup applications, which facilitate the process. There are options that save data in the cloud and allow you to download it through a service's website. Others have the option to send the contacts to your email.

    There are also options that can be downloaded on both devices, facilitating integration. Check out the main apps on the market:

    • MCBackup (transfer via email): iOS
    • iDrive Lite (cloud storage and transfer from apps on both devices): iOS | android
    • NQ Contacts Sync (cloud storage. Download from service website): iOS
    • Contacts Sync for Google Gmail (cloud storage and Gmail sync): iOS

    And through the chip (SIM card)?

    Both Android and iOS devices use SIM cards. However, the iPhone does not support the storage of contacts on the SIM card. Therefore, if you want to copy contacts from one device to another, you really need to resort to one of the options above.


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